Jan. 20th, 2012

trystinn: (Bright TOL)
Yes, it is snowing. We're not really used to snow here, at least not to this level of accumulation. And there's topography, too! And no salt on the roads due to ecological concerns. Cabin fever has set in. Very bad cabin fever. And folks are getting frustrated. I understand that, I do. Being from New England/New York, I've been through this a few decades, so I'm not surprised by this, nor particularly frustrated. Nor am I emotionally impacted by it. Its just snow. And I find it pretty.

That said: I AM NOT YOUR EMOTIONAL PUNCHING BAG! And the next damn one of you who attempts to unload your frustrations on me will get bitch slapped. I'm done tolerating your little outbursts, snarling jags and petulant shit fits, you snotty little twits.

Grow up. You are adults. Go outside, build a snow man scene a'la Calvin and Hobbes, make a snow angel go sledding, etc and play out your pent up energy.

You have been warned.


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