Jan. 28th, 2012

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I've been told to stay inside to save my sinuses from further offense. Meanwhile, Josh is out repairing the fence from our Winter storms while his friend Tim empties a few of the rabbit pens to collect the soiled hay for his own compost. Next he'll clean out the coop for the soiled shavings. When that's done, if there's time, they plan to move the hay barn near the north fence. Should make for easier loading and unloading. Doodle has been grounded, so he's quietly hanging indoors with me so the menfolk can work outside without their ears bleeding from his constant barking.

The yard seems oddly quiet and empty without the ducks. Josh keeps asking if I'm all right. *sigh* I miss the quackers. I know we've done the right thing, but I miss their comedic antics. Even the chickens are quiet today.

Update: I'm incorrigible. But you knew that. After the menfolk cleaned out the coop, I went ahead and spread fresh shavings around, then re-organized it a bit. A few of the mini-Boombas are now tucked in under the roosts with shavings in hopes a few broodies will decide they are great opportunities for chick making. I still need to spread DE around, but I'll wait until later.

Tim collected the soiled haybale from the banty pen and the blue shed pen, so fresh hay has been spread in the banty pen (much to the delight of the banties!) and a fresh haybale has been put in the blue shed pen for safe keeping for Thistle. We'll be using that for storage until we can re-assemble it.

The chicks continue to grow. I've let them out of their brooder and am letting them run about in their section of the coop today. We'll see how this works. As long as they don't get too cold and stay near the lamp, they'll be okay. I may end up having to hang another lamp, just in case.

To thank the menfolk for their labors, I'm baking chocolate chip cookies with dark chocolate chips!


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