Feb. 18th, 2012

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We're hard at work in the almost pounding rain. Derek is working his ass off burying boards with the fencing stapled to it in the hopes this will secure the bottom so the chickens cannot escape the breeding pens. Chickendom shall rise! But maybe not this weekend from the looks of it.

I started a roast this morning figuring a hot solid meal would do the boys well, though at this rate they haven't yet started working and its nearly 3. They've been running errands. *eye roll* Update: And they just pulled up!

Meanwhile, I've cleaned out the Lavender Orpington portion of the Blue Shed coop, re-organized the chicken supplies, cleaned and sanitized the feeders and waterers (yuck), done two loads of laundry, cleaned and tidied the front of the house, made Derek and I sandwiches for lunch, cleaned up the laundry room, and checked the expiration dates on all the condiments (yuck x 10).


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