Feb. 19th, 2012

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Britt has done a great job cleaning out the coops and I've already tucked the Ameraucanas into the coop, though Napoleon and his ladies are in the pen. Cranky as all get out, I might add. They are waiting for the guys to finish re-installing the black pen doors, one's already done. I've prepped the coop and pen, so its all ready for them once I pop a waterer inside.

We're working to prep the West Wing pens for Silkie breeding. I've cut and installed one of the three of the back pen patches, the back fences didn't quite meet the roof line so for predator-proofing I've bee stapling in deer fencing. The deer fencing isn't really predator-proof, of course, but the racket any raptor would make would alert the dogs and me!

Josh and Kevin have installed the framing board for the poultry netting and are busy installing the individual pen gates. There's two patches I need to make for the front of two of the pens where the bottom doesn't quite meet the step over (they installed the bracer bar about 3 inches too high), so that's another set of patches I need to do today.

Taking a little break for a late lunch, my blood sugar got way too low from working (low 50s). Downed a few chocolate covered gummy bears and ate lunch, waiting on the guys to come eat theirs, then we'll all head back out and I'll get pics of our work. I'll likely hold off on spreading hay for now, more rain on the weather forecast.

Still need to get poultry netting, but that has to wait a payday. *sigh*


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