Mar. 2nd, 2012

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At 8:30, Tiger called and asked if I could come over and pick her up off the floor. She'd fallen sometime after 6am and couldn't get up. And of course, she didn't want to bother me. *teeth gritting* So of course, this is when the cleaning crew pulls up, needing to get into the house. So I told Josh that Tiger had fallen again and to get back in the car, then I left the house open for the crew and we left. We zoomed over (she's around the corner from our house) and picked her up in a reverse firemen carry. She likely tore a ligament in her shoulder, she wanted to wait until her hubby got home before she went to the ER and I couldn't see anything wrong with her so I texted him from the bathroom, then stayed at her house for 6 hours to keep an eye on her while Josh was stuck at the house alone.

Possibly for the best on some levels. The specialty cleaning products these folks are using are absolutely horrifying my allergies. I'm doubling up on my antihistamines (with doctor's permission)

Thank God Josh was coming home to supervise today's work, because Tiger is taller than I am and very frail. I'm 5'7" and she's 6 feet tall. So even while she's on the floor, that's a lot of hauling. I can pick up her weight, I'm not worried about that. What I was worried about was hurting her in the process, there's a point where levering someone up on your own yanks the other person when their torso is so much taller than your own.

The cleaning crew is returning on Monday to finish the last few rooms. Dang are they thorough. The ducts and vents have been professionally cleaned by a specialty contractor and filters put in place to catch particulates. The heater company came this evening and installed the new heater, which works great. We'll need to build a ventilated cabinet front of some sort to hide it in the laundry room, but otherwise we're nearly good to go now.

This whole week has been exhausting.


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