Mar. 18th, 2012


Mar. 18th, 2012 04:28 pm
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Josh has wanted Flemish Giant rabbits for years and we finally found some! These are very hard to find because anyone who has them, keeps them! Given they are livestock rabbits, they are very tolerant, very laid back and very lethargic bunnies, even as babies. These have been weaned for three days.

I knew they were babies, what I did not expect was for them both to fit on one hand. Oh dear Gods, are they cute.

The agouti is the female, she's about twice the size of the male:


The male is the runt, he's itty bitty:


Needless to say, Josh is thrilled. He carried them around in the bib of his work overalls for hours after we picked them up at noon. So far, the bunnies have visited several friends, including our friend John who is house-bound and his mother-in-law who has moderate Alzheimer's (they napped on her lap).

They'll be living in the house for at least a month, then likely moving into the coop with the chicks before they are large enough for a hutch. When they are big enough, we'll hopefully have a few pens ready for them. These rabbits can get upwards of 22 pounds and the Guinness record is 50 pounds!


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