Mar. 23rd, 2012

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Saint Lori and I are setting up a co-op wormery to raise mealworms for our chickens. *happy dance* These will be very happy chickens!

I've been doing research for the last two weeks and have figured out the system I think will work for us both, we're using her greenhouse to keep the worms warm and safe. I've got three opaque containers ready to go in a lovely blue to match her greenhouse decor (she re-tiled the countertops in there) and bought 4 pounds of wheat germ for the mealworms for their media.

Now, we just need to get Lori's approval of the containers (they are going in her greenhouse, after all), then once that's done drill air holes in them and move the mealworms in! From then on, its feeding them scraps (apples, potatoes, etc.) and once a week cleaning out and checking on them. They'll develop into beetles, which we'll remove from the worms and place in another container using tongs (no contamination), then allow the rest of the worms more time to develop. The beetles will lay eggs, then we'll remove the beetles once again to another container. The eggs will be allowed to develop to mealworms, extras will be placed in the fridge and used at our convenience while some will be retained for breeding stock.

And the whole cycle begins, again!


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