Mar. 25th, 2012

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Gearing up for my Flame Keepers schedule and wanted to take inventory on what's going on vs what's been completed.

Silkie chicks - we have LOTS of Silkie chicks. Honestly, I've no idea how many, its roughly 35 or so. 24 I picked up last week, the 6 we hatched here (mostly Frizz), then the ones we purchased earlier. I will take an inventory! Update: 33 :D

Orpingtons - the waiting until they are old enough to breed has begun. Geesh. This will take until roughly July.

Ameraucanas - I'm THIS CLOSE, to pulling eggs out to have Silkies brood, since the Silkie mixes aren't laying anyway.

East Wing - Kevin dug the fence trenches, so we'll need to staple boards to the bottom of the fence and bury it, then back fill the trenches. From there, we need to finish the upper fencing (i.e. between the pens so they can't fly from one to another), connect the upper to the lower fencing (likely tightening the lower fencing in the process), then hang the gates (after purchasing them, budget ouch) and procure 2 additional coops. I'm thinking a minimum of 2 more work days here. *cross fingers*

Flash's ears - poor guy, he's had yeast infections on and off all winter. We've finally found a natural herbal product that seems to be working. He's not thrilled by the process, but he's definitely finally on the mend. Hopefully, this time the treatment will last awhile. The prescription stuff never seemed to last long.

Denim bench pad: I still want to decorate it with a few stars, but otherwise its holding up well. Proud of it and its likely to get a few matching pillows at some point.

Wormery: Josh is finishing up as I type by drilling holes (in fact, doubling the number) in the other two Sterlite containers for air circulation. Lori is coming by to see them around noon. I'm tapped out budget-wise, so the rest of the worm purchasing is on her.

West Wing: Up and running, all we need is warmer weather to paint the coops! I'm pretty thrilled to have it good to go. We'll be moving around some chickens (an eternal process) but its great.


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