Mar. 26th, 2012

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Saturday, we finished the West Wing pens! Unfortunately, it was a bit overcast so I waited until Sunday when we had better weather (and more sun) to take pictures. And of course, when the chickens were settled in. We did end up moving the chickens mid-pictures when it became obvious that the two roosters were going to fight at the fence, so we separated them by putting the Orpingtons between them.

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So for those wondering why I'm working on the pens, breeding and getting two rabbits when we're planning to move when Josh retires, good questions all. The thing is, its looking more and more likely we're here for a few more years at the minimum what with the economy. I'd rather be enjoying the property, putting good energy in and having the use of it, then frustrated and bitter. And certainly, the house is better off on the market with completed pens. After speaking with folks in Josh's industry, real estate folks, doing a lot of divination, etc. we've decided that its in our best interests to stay active in the community and continue to improve the house and property. Which of course includes seeding the damn yard. Ugh.


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