Mar. 27th, 2012

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I made the sad realization that I really need to get selling ASAP before someone (aka hubby) begins accusing me of hoarding Silkie chicks. 25 Silkie chicks is really too many for our brooder as they continue to grow, though its acceptable right now. I'm also looking at the month-old Silkies running around the bottom of the blue shed, who need to start migrating outdoors, likely to the interim hutch with Snow. There's barely a week's growth difference between them so perhaps in the next night or two, I'll start moving the two month olds out with Snow for company and to allow them to acclimate to the weather.

To do this, I've put the black Silkies up on FB, CL and BYC Washington forum. I'll likely need to put them up on BYC Auction, perhaps even a notice on the local feedstore bulletin board. We'll give CL a few hours and see how things go.

I'm also strongly considering selling off the Birchen pullets. I'm giving them until Monday morning to begin laying then they are off to the auction. Lay or else!



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