Apr. 16th, 2012


Apr. 16th, 2012 11:02 am
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Hubby was a busy guy this weekend, thankfully managing to get quite a few projects done in beautiful weather.

The back porch and walkway has been power washed and looks great. Its a temporary condition but for now its awesome. We re-arranged the furniture and removed a few things, to make room for the new fodder system. In cleaning out the hall closet, we'd found a cute string of outdoor lights and hung them on the poor, but it still needs some additional prettying. I'll be on the lookout for more things to brighten it up like seat cushions and windsocks. With the windstorms around here cute candles and the like are generally out of the picture, they'd be dashed to the ground but there may be some other things we can do.

Josh also used some PVC tubing to make a frame for the top of the rack so the tarping hangs better and doesn't gap and bind up. The better the fit, the better chance the seeds and roots grow. Speaking of which, the roots and shoots continue to grow, slowly now that the temperatures have dropped here. We'll be lucky if we can get up to 63F here today. I'm starting to wonder if a small heater might be a way to go.

Mingled in with all that as a dump run and a farm visit to buy hay from Erin. Poor Gracie was exhausted by then. She had a delightful time sniffing dogs at Home Depot and charming people and kids. Gracie is a bit concerned because we moved the young outdoor Silkies to the Rustic Roost - the wire bottom hutch was bothering Snow's feet, so we moved all four to keep them together. We'll keep an eye on them and hopefully, he'll get better soon.

Three doctor appointments this week, and we're still dogsitting BooBoo, so busy week. We'll also be bringing an East Wing pen online, as well. I need to find 3 coops or easily convertible items, so that's a huge time sink. *cross fingers*


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