Apr. 22nd, 2012

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Yesterday, Josh and I volunteered for the 4-H "Coop-ville" Tour. Basically, we were to help distract folks between the Chicken Olympics by bringing showy chickens and answering chicken questions as an on-site chicken expert or 'chixpert'.

We brought Big Blue (our gorgeous Splash Cochin roo), one of his blue daughters, Fizgig, Fooz, Fuzz, a selection of Silkie chicks, and some Frizzles. We also brought a pen so folks could see the Silkies and chicks run around, which kids really loved. As we do, we had a great time giving folks are big friendly rooster to hold and walk around with! Its a sight to see! Everyone had a blast holding Silkies and chicks, asking questions and I handed out ALL of my business cards, hopefully that will lead to some chick sales this week because our budget is tight this week. *sigh* Gotta sell some eggs!

Our friend, Synda came with a beautiful silver pin of a rooster, hen and their chicks. Its beautiful! Now, I just need an apron or something to wear it on at these events! She's just gotten her first set of chicks, so she's gearing up for her own chickens.

Today, unfortunately, I'm all out of spoons. So we're hanging around the house and taking it easy. We have some housework to catch up on. And a computer to screw with - a Windows Update likes to screw up the communication with the printer, so I had to do a system restore which seemed to set Windows back about a decade. And I need new business cards printed for the farm. Grr.
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My father taking his Golden Retriever, Phoebe, for a walk during the big storms in New England Sunday night. She looks miserable, she's a bit of a pampered pooch, if you couldn't tell from the raincoat.


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