May. 2nd, 2012

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Last night a friend called in a panic because she's in the middle of a move from their tiny apartment to an industrial space and she has no organizational skills. So Josh and I headed over and too over. He brought the moving dolly and helped her hubby get a few big things moved in our pickup, while I took her to the store to buy ten bins and two area rugs. Within a few hours, we've got her sewing area (she owns Delightfully Deviant, a lovely goth-inspired Etsy shop) up and running. She can fill two bins with additional material, notions, etc. and fit them in the back of her Smart car, while the other 8 can be packed in her hubby's hearse. Or my crossover. :D

I've got their new space entirely mapped out. She has living space, a showroom/photo area for customers to visit, an idea for privacy screening (bamboo garden screening) and even an area for her rabbits. We'll see how well the plan works for them, you won't know until you know.

She's very much an artist-type mentality. All creativity and inspiration, but she just locks up trying to plan, organize or strategize. I'm very good at the latter, so I just looked around the new space, saw the resources and rolled up my sleeves, starting directing folks and got things done. Lists were made of priority purchases, priority items to pack, priority research, then non-priority items for those three. She's in awe. Cute kid. :D

Today I was supposed to head to the Peninsula to pick up chickens, but I received a message stating she was sick and wanted to reschedule. Sort of. Given the time constraints and not being able to get in contact with her, I just went ahead and canceled. We can reschedule when she's better.


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