May. 5th, 2012

trystinn: (Obey the Basset)
We have three broody mammas who should be hatching chicks (not counting, just planning) sometime soon.

Salt, our grumpy Cochin, is sitting on a solo egg. We tried to sneak more eggs in, but she would carefully push them out from under her.

Wendy, our marvelous smooth-feathered Silkie cochin mix, should be giving us a huge clutch of Frizzle and other chicks.

Ruth, our delightful Ameraucana Cochin mix, has a nice group of green eggs that should be hatching lively feather-footed Ameraucana mixes.

The trick is finding places for all these mammas and their chicks. And of course, keeping Big Blue from going crazy. He's already insanely protective, trapping the dogs under the porch for vast quantities of time! We've got an idea to section off the Blue shed pen and possibly the middle section of the blue shed.

We're also going to move Napoleon to one of the new pens, Pen #4 this weekend. He'll have some new hens to keep him company, Silkies courtesy of my breeder buddy on the peninsula. Just waiting on confirmation we're good to go. We may end up moving the Orpingtons, as well, to Pen #5.

Picy goodness once movements have been made.


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