May. 10th, 2012

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We've moved Shady into the dining room, now that she's a bit older and better able (we hope) to cope with the comings and goings of our busy household. Flemish Giants are a very tolerant, calm breed, so we're watching carefully to see if she's old enough for this, as we don't want to needlessly stress her at this stage in her development. We've placed pet towels around her large cage in the hopes she'll feel a bit more protected in her space, plus have some shade. I'm a bit concerned that the noise will force her to be a bit more diurnal than she's been to date, its a lot quieter and darker back in my office. That said, I'm very grateful to have more room available back in there with her out here.

Additionally, given the three windows in there (a sort of faux bay window) that the area not heat up too much. Given our relatively chilly temps here in the Pacific Northwest, that isn't likely to be an issue until August. Facing West, the dining room gets a lot of late day sun, which leads to wonderful shots like this in the front yard:

Visiting folks are charmed by her. She's one of the first things that come up when they visit. Treats are more forthcoming now that she's handy, including fresh herbs and dandelions. I'm currently watching her stand with her front paws on her feed bowl (attached to the side of the cage) and nibbling away. She's a great eater, growing as fast as she is. Josh has hung several hay balls, as well as using additional hay in the cage as filler, the hay balls provide hours of entertainment as she works to free the hay and ring the attached bells. I take her kitchen trimmings, when appropriate, more often now that she's right there. We've begun giving her a bit of fodder, as well, now that the danger of her juvenile digestive system over-reacting is a bit less of an issue. We do need more shelves in her cage, we've had a few go missing, somewhere. Grr.

Meanwhile, I check several times a day for Wendy's eggs to hatch. Gracie will tell me when they are ready, but Big Blue has gotten so ferociously protective, he's no longer allowing Doodle to come down the dog slide I know the time is close! I shit you not, Big Blue has been standing at the bottom of the slide and not allowing Doodle outside. While that's a hoot, its a real pain in the ass! We're about THIS close to asking friends to watch Doodle for a week or so until Big Blue calms the EVER-LIVING-FUCK-DOWN - which generally happens a few days after hatch, when he takes up guard duty in front of the hutch. And its just Doodle. Gracie and Flash are exempt. *sigh* Mostly, I go running out there to get them to knock it off, I haven't thought to get a picture of it.


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