May. 12th, 2012

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I very, very rarely ask for my Flist to help. But I'm asking now, folks. Action and spreading of the word. You don't need to use my name when you do so, this isn't about me. Its about Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.

As a military wife, I've gotten a bit numb to the civilian folks who seem quite happy to wave the flag in my face but don't seem particularly concerned about actually supporting the troops or their families.

So when I noticed that one of my favorite sites was using the acronym POW to reference Picture of the Week, I wasn't particularly shocked. When I asked them to switch it out to POtW or POTW and they assured me that "wasn't necessary", I was.

Listen, I get it. It seems like a little thing. Except, yanno, it really isn't. We have thousands of POWs/MIAs, proud men and women who were held and died in foreign hells. We have families wondering where their loved ones are who are MIA/POW and that acronym means something to military folks and I don't think it ought to refer to pictures of a chicken.

Yep, this is a chicken site I'm talking about.

And a POW ain't no chicken.

I understand some of you might not care about this. But I'm a Patriot Guard Rider and I know POWs and I know folks with loved ones who are MIAs and this is very personal to me. So this Memorial Day, I'd like to do something. Some little thing. For our POW, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. I want to reclaim a little respect of the term POW. I want to remember their sacrifice. I want to raise a little awareness this Memorial Day.

If you agree with this, perhaps you'll take a moment to send a polite email to the site owner at with the subject line "A POW ain't no chicken". Tell him a little about Sgt. Bowe Beghdahl. Or about your loved one in the military and how we honor our POWs. Or what the military has meant in your life and how we live in fear of our loved ones going missing, how even a communication blackout raises our deepest fears of them becoming POWs. Or maybe just remind him that we're Americans and we Remember. Whatever you have, share with Ron. Because he doesn't get it. Be polite, be respectful, be honorable.

I understand this may just be a whole lot of mess over an acronym for some folks. I do. But I'm frustrated and I'm angry and I feel hopeless. And I hate feeling hopeless. We've given a lot to this country and we've gotten a lot of self-indulgent prattle in return from folks like Ron. It is necessary to remember our proud military members and their sacrifice. And when we lose sight of this, we become unworthy of them.

If you cannot support this one very little stand on behalf of POW on Memorial Day, and I do understand if you cannot, please do remember Sgt. Bowe Beghdahl in your prayers and his family, too. Pray for his continued safety and his safe return home.

Update: My very politely worded request for support on their forum has been deleted by the moderators and I've been warned not to do it again, as its considered TROLLING. Support for our troops is TROLLING, folks. Ugh. While I've not yet been dinged in their penalty system, its likely a matter of time before they do so. *eye roll*

I'm also building a FB if you could like and let us know about your efforts (or just like)


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