May. 16th, 2012

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A very dear young Navy couple owns the Delightfully Deviant Etsy business and have become very good friends of ours, after making contact with us over our former rabbit rescue. We like to tease them that Ricky, given his Navy service is part-time Goth, while Pandora, as a woman of African descent, is full-time Goth. Neither has a business background and since both are of rather extreme artistic personalities, they haven't really the ability to organize themselves practically or financially.

This is where I come in. So when they decided to trade in their 2-bedroom apartment for industrial studio space, I headed over and organized it into separate working and living space. Their concept of organization seems to be throwing things on the floor and flinging crap everywhere, with a charming ability to pile crap everywhere, including garbage. Ugh. So we're working on that.

Fortunately, this space had MANY racks. So I had a wonderful time oraganizing all her fabrics, notions, etc. and she had a collection of tables for all her sewing machines, sergers, programmable patch making machine (dunno the official name of this), silk screener, and all the other things I've no idea the names of. A dear friend made Pandora a cutting table, so she's all set there now, as well. Cutting patterns on a industrial cement-floor wasn't really an option.

This week already, I've put in 25 hours putting together a portfolio binder of all her current products. If we'd had more time, it could have been fancier, with beautiful borders and more descriptions, but given the time (and toner costs), we went fairly simple:

I'm heading back over today to attach price tags, help them back the rental vehicle and make sure they take all the things they need to the Bats Day Convention in Anaheim, CA. While they are gone, I'll be making budget spreadsheets, cost analysis for their products, expense analysis for her products, etc. Things that make their brains explode, basically. I tried for about 5 minutes to explain where I got the csv file from their ETSY store before I gave up and showed them the spreadsheet with their current show listings. *eye roll* Having an accounting & light IT background is awesome, but I forget other people aren't oriented in that manner.

They will be paying for my time in a combination of hourly rate and product, so while I have no particular use for Delightfully Deviant's Burlesque items (sorry, no, I'm 40) or Cyber wear, there are some Steampunk and Craft products we will be adding to their store - my inspiration, their artistry and perspiration! So please stay tuned - we'll have Lord & Lady ritual lace crowns (perfect for folks like myself with migraine conditions who cannot stand heavy metal crowns), Greenman & Lady of the Moon masks, Rune bags (my design) and more!

And yes, once we can all catch our collective breath - they will be helping me get Triple Pillars up on Etsy. I've been working for them from 10:30am - 1:30am and I'm TIRED!

Meanwhile, this morning, Lisa called. Her babysitter called and cancelled. So I have her 5 month old infant. *slump* And the owners of DD's dog, because we're dogsitting while they are gone and I brought her home with me last night at 1:30am, so really this morning.


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