May. 28th, 2012

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Somewhere around May 17th, Saint Lori brought us a little male bunny she thought may have escaped from our home. *eye roll* While technically he looks a little like our Houdini bunny, Thistle, he wasn't ours or any of the other Houdinis in the neighborhood - there's a few!

Vinni was in very poor shape - malnourished, covered in fleas, with a horribly ripped ear, bite marks and missing fur all over his rear and another under his eye. We treated the infected bites, gave him a good washing for the fleas and put him in East Wing pen #3 to begin fattening him up. Which yanno, we're pretty good at. We've even introduced him to our Shady Lady, though heavily supervised, since Vinni isn't neutered.

I've been watching a few posts on Craigslist from someone looking for a rabbit but frankly, after a few back-and-forths, I'm thinking she's just too immature and flaky. And ignorant about rabbits. And not really listening to what I'm saying in the emails. For example:

Do I think he'd make good friends if she got another rabbit?
Well, sure, once you fixed them both, waited two months and worked really hard to bond them.

Does he come with a cage?
Lady, I explained twice he was found and living in a chicken pen. You want to try to dismantle that? Dig up the concrete?

Does he come with food, toys, etc.?
Why would I give you food I can feed my other animals? I guess I can understand this if he was the only rabbit around here, or yanno, if I hadn't already mentioned this was a farm. I'll send him with some hay so his tummy doesn't protest from all the new food sources. As for toys . . . mostly he's just been recovering from the ordeal. We haven't started introducing him to toys, which is really more of an indoor rabbit thing. Right now, he's out gossiping with the Rhodie chicks nextdoor and hoping for another visit from Shady.

At this point, I haven't a good feeling about her being good home for Vinni. He's likely best off staying with us in his pen, with visits from Shady.


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