Jun. 9th, 2012

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Update: I forget the simple things these days! Still in their infancies, but they will be growing!

The Triple Pillars Etsy Shop!

And our Facebook page.

As many of you know, what ultimately killed Triple Pillars was my inability to get either of the two websites to work seamlessly - at the last, the damn shopping cart program was refusing to actually give me the orders. So I'd essentially get a notice from PayPal telling me you'd order, the money you'd sent and your address, but not what you'd ordered. Then I'd try to sort out what the hell you'd ordered by sheer divination. It was maddening!

So Etsy makes sense, because I have a local mentor to guide me through the process and assist with any roadblocks I come across. I've also created a Facebook to announce new products and will likely be working on a blog (though the FB cover the needs) to handle the essays, etc.) that the website used to host. We'll see how that works, going forward.

I'm working with the Etsy calculator, my own spreadsheets and various tools all while trying to sort out various other issues such as the realization that going forward I'm likely going to be changing my packaging. Personally, I'd rather not spend a bunch of money on labels and containers, preferring to concentrating my efforts on the ingredients. But then, I'm a really pragmatic soul. Perhaps though, I'm missing out on something. And I may be short-changing the customers and losing customers in the process. I'm not sure how important packaging is to people - would you like the option perhaps for a discount for your item to be sent in a plain ziplock envelope vs the fancy jar?

Right now, we're using a white plastic pot container. Its easy to store, but hard to stack due to rounded edges. Lovely for a clear label but you cannot see the product. And we're running low, so we'll need to buy more containers at some point soon.

I've looked at clear plastic pots but the acrylic is VERY fragile and in my experience shatters easily. What a mess if it does so during shipment and expensive for me to replace?

Glass is heavy for shipment and drives costs upwards. I like the glass test tubes but everyone seems to be doing it and again, fragility. Those are better for events, which I don't do. I do like the frosted glass bottles, though.

Ziplock envelopes have huge pros and cons. Most local companies use them - huge problems. They use a cardboard tag which they staple through the bag, which leaks forever afterwards. Plus, once you remove the label, you can never match it to the bag. A printed adhesive label is great, but drives up printing costs - color, design, etc. Cellophane bags are great and you can staple the folded up portion, which will handle some of the issues with the staple holes. I personally prefer to re-locate purchased incense to glass jars at home. Not sure what others do at home.

I'm really not fond of those metal mint cans, plus its been done and its very hard to get a full ounce in them for some of the larger, lighter incenses. Plus, I find them somewhat difficult to get incense out of.

I'll be looking around for unique ideas. And of course, all ideas and preferences wanted.


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