Jun. 18th, 2012

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Shady continues to grow and she's developing quite the crush on Hobo. I'm not sure if its because he's the closest male to her size or that he's content to let her nap near him, but its very cute.

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She's been courting him in a very uniquely (but obvious) bunny way, by zooming around him in circles, sticking her nose under his chin and sniffing his butt. He's fairly amused by all this. But the nose sticking thing can get a bit . . . dangerous.

One of the cuter bunny behaviors is their demand for nose "pettins" (a sort of grooming style of petting rabbit owners do to their nose). Rabbits will flatten out on their stomachs and push their nose forward in a bid for pettins. Should you fail to immediately begin petting, you are likely to vastly insult said rabbit (only the dominant rabbit gets to demand pettins, generally) and worse, they will nip you to gain your attention to their need to be petted. Shady loves pettins. Shady wants pettins/grooming from Hobo, who seems somewhat alarmed at this request. How he'll handle being nipped, I'm not sure. I'm hoping he might recognize it as a variant of what he does to us when he wants to be petted, which is bop us with his paw in the lips or jaw.

He's an easy-going guy, but inter-species dating doesn't seem to be his thing. He doesn't even groom the dogs, which Libby will do. Of course, she holds on to them while she grooms them with her claws, so its against their will, but she does groom them. So I'm not sure how this will go.

Meanwhile, Hobo is zonked. Apparently, rabbit crushes are exhausting.
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It only took about a year of unsuccessful stalking of the CL Free section, but I did manage to find a beautiful free desk AND nab it. Free desks are tough, especially nice ones, but nabbing them is even harder. This weekend I managed to do both:


The guys are picking it up. I'm thrilled at this first step in re-doing my home office. I still need to find a large organizer for the wall opposite the windows, which I may end getting from IKEA. But this is a great find! :D

I'll take my old desk over to Delightfully Deviant's studio. I'm sure they have a sewing machine or similar equipment that needs a new desk. Maybe even a little corner one like that.


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