Jul. 6th, 2012

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I was on such a roll today!

I sold all but the two Frizzles chicks I wanted to retain for the breeding program, so all Wendy's chicks have been sold. She'll be reunited with Napoleon this afternoon. The two chicks will be relocated to Pen #4.

The Silkie cockerel bachelors will be relocated to Pens #5 and #6, since I'm awash in extra cockerels, having taken back 3 from a customer. I did manage to rehome 1 with a customer today - gave him away as a freebie for her having bought 8 chicks. The others are up on Craigslist, if they don't sell I may end up taking them to the auction a week from Monday.

I also sold the two so-so Frizzle pullets I wasn't thrilled with, as well as Salt's pullet. Salt has been returned to the main flock. I made a wonderful deal for the Lavender Orpingtons because frankly, I'm just tired of them and wanted them GONE. So they are. Abracadabra, I'm $20 richer for having done so!

Now, we just need to get the Rhodie pullets moved over to the main flock tonight and tucked in the coop to acclimate. Otherwise, we're doing pretty well on our goals. And yanno, those Silkie eggs to hatch!
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Sold 16 chicks/adolescents today. Thank Gods Rachel could come and do a thorough cleanout of the pens. Whew!

Pen #1: Fizgig is down two Frizzle pullets and is *most* concerned. Once the new Frizzles are older and if female, they will be (hopefully) moved in with him.

Pen #2: currently vacant now that the Lavender Orpingtons have been sold. Woot-woot! Plan: Partridge breeding program.

Pen #3: Wendy is back in with Napoleon. Gods, are they ever happy about it. *wince*

East Wing:

Pen #4: The white Silkie mamma, Ivory, is currently in the hutch in East Wing #4 with her new chick! She has 6 more eggs. *fingers crossed* The two Frizzle chicks I'm keeping for my breeding program are growing out in the pen, still using the Rubbermaid coop as they are accustomed to it.

Extension: Currently hosting the two Geo-Bachelors (cockerel returns from previous sales). I'm going to keep the Partridge because he's GORGEOUS. Selling/bartering the black, though. Already rehomed (as a freebie w/ today's sales) the B&W barred. Slumming it with a dog crate coop until I can get them rehome/auctioned, etc. He'll likely be moving into West Wing #2 then with Evie (Partridge hen in the Rustic Roost with DB chick).

Pen #5: The B&W Barred and two black Silkie cockerels needs to be rehomed/auctioned. They share the dogloo.

Pen #6: currently vacant. Shady uses this as her day pen for exercise. She needs a few accoutrements to her pen, poor thing. Everyone has a sandbox and coop but her. :D

Yeah, yeah, this is me taking it easy. Sore as hell (sunburn, too), but feeling very satisfied about the day's work and glad to have money in my pocket for an hour and a half of selling.


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