Jul. 17th, 2012

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Rachel, our farmhand, came by to do the regular farm chores and yard work. I'm thrilled by both, frankly. The yard was a complete mess what with the fir cones, branches, etc. down all over the place! She tried to do some weed whacking but was stung by a wasp and had to head home, so I sent hubby out to find and destroy the nest. Which hopefully, he's managed to do. (Update: No) Ugh. So the weed whacking is half done and poor Rachel managed to back up over the glow-in-the dark turtles (not a loss, honestly) that marked the side of our driveway.

Folks may recall that the turtles are part of Josh and my epic battle to out-tacky each other. On that note, I *must* post a pic of the new decorative cocks he bought me. Yes, decorative cocks. For my decorative cock collection. :D

I'm scouring the DIY sites via Pinterest to find cheap ideas for lights to line our driveway with something fun and easily replaced, since so many of our friends seem to run over things in our driveway. You know who you are. Yes, you do!

Lisa came by to drop off empty soda bottles so I can make some mosquito traps tonight and help out with the chickens. She and her baby ended up staying for dinner, which thankfully hubby was able to enjoy some of as his belly is almost back to normal (on meds).

From the feathered corner, Salt (our speckled Cochin) is still desperate to have more chicks and Big Blue still seems remarkably uninterested in her. I'll be tucking her in with Napoleon, our Frizzled rooster. Frizzled Cochins sound like fun.

Also, on that note, I managed to sell 126 eggs today (7 packs of 18s)! And I still have more eggs! Gah! Local folks, come by and buy eggs, you know you need some. I have a new trick to try out for boiling fresh eggs to remove the shells neatly and I will be trying that out tonight and reporting back!

Tomorrow is the Rheumatologist appointment, I have the lab tests from the NHOH (FOOKING FINALLY) after an epic battle. I'm nearly out of Vicodin from the original ER visit, so I'm most grateful! My body reacts so oddly to narcotics, with Vicodin - it either knocks me out, covers the pain or doesn't seem to help at all. I can't figure it out, honestly. I need more commitment and stability from my painkiller of choice.


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