Jul. 25th, 2012

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I'm sitting around waiting for the day to begin, like usual. Lori has a prolapsed hen, who may have reversed itself overnight. I love that I get these calls at night, btw. They explain what's going on, I tell them what it most likely is and we decide if its an emergency or if its a first thing in the morning scenario. Rural Poultry Medicine on the Island. :D Update: Lori has rainchecked me (and not a cloud in the sky). I'll likely hear from her later today about her hen, meanwhile she was able to get her mother in for an eye appointment at the last minute. Much, much more important.

In a few minutes, I'm leaving to pick up a dozen Coturnix (aka Japanese) Quail. Bob has decided he's done with them, so I'm picking up "around" 12. Hopefully, more female than male. I'm having to crunch study on them. Quail are great fliers, so I'm trying to sort out how we're going to keep them here, how to properly maintain them and how to set them up for breeding purposes! And eggs! That should be a fun project for me. Those freebie rabbit cages we picked up a few months back should make for good quail cages, I'll hopefully have something ready to "go and show" later today.

This afternoon, I'm heading over to talk to the new owner of the Wind & Tide Bookstore. She wants me to come work for her! So that's marvelous. I've already set up Delightfully Deviant/Pandora with a photoshoot there yesterday, so I'm networking like crazy!


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