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Much needed cleaning was done, as guests are expected much of the weekend. Josh managed the floors and back porch. I did the dusting and kitchen cleaning before heading into town to pickup our first visitor.

Had a lovely day yesterday with [ profile] alfrecht, who is always an easy guest and gentleman. The dogs adore him and Hobo, the Ambassador, had a wonderful petting session on his lap. While we watched True Blood episodes, I managed to get caught up on laundry.

Neighbors dropped in with a refugee chicken from the other side of the neighborhood. *eye roll* Apparently, someone in the neighborhood is missing a Buff Orpington. The little girls brought it by Thursday afternoon, then bought a dozen eggs (always a bonus!). This is, you may recall, how we ended up with the Pot Belly Pig, Spike. So now we have Honey. I've checked with the folks in the neighborhood who have chickens that we have contact information for. I've also told the community office! We're discussing the need for a chicken club and possibly a database of breeds for the neighborhood.

Karen asked that I switch days so I could spend the day with her bookkeeper tomorrow, so I unexpectedly have today off. I'm finishing up on a few household chores (cleaned off the front porch, dog nose art on the front windows, etc) and trying to get things ready for the weekend. Lisa's sister is in town, helping her get ready for her upcoming move, so they'll be over to see the critters. Knowing our place, we'll have a few folks by to meet Honey. *eye roll*

Meanwhile, its time to go visit/check on/help with Tiger. See you on the flipside.
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