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I was re-organizing the Western section yesterday, removing some tired and worn out paperbacks and replacing them with newer ones. While I was alphabetizing the authors, much to my surprise, I found a non-Western title among them. Or so I thought.

T: "Hey, Ginger, here's one that needs to be re-shelved in general fiction."
G: "How do you know its not a Western?"
T: "There's a mermaid on the cover!"
G: "No mermaids in the Old West?"
T: (considers this) "Not that I've ever read about and I've read a metric ton of Zane Greys. There's no genre crossing of Mermaids and Westerns."
G: "Leave it there, give the old duffers who buy Westerns a thrill"
T: "Now that I think about it, there really should be some mermaids in the old West. Between all the booze, dehydration, sunstroke and lonely cowboys."
G: "You've already put some bodice rippers in there, haven't you?"
T: "A few 'A hard man is good to find, yes' just to fill out the section, qualified by actual Western content. No actual bodice rippers, a true cowboy tosses your skirts."

These conversations, my dear, is how we spend our afternoons when there are no customers around.
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