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My Bissel needs a break. I accidentally got the control buttons wet while trying to dislodge a clog in the sprayer, so I'm going to have to wait a day or two before attempting to use it again. Geez. Screws my whole schedule up, but I cannot allow the magic gray smoke to escape!

Meanwhile, we're getting a few other things done. Its drizzling and the weather report states it will do so for the next week, so we're working indoors. Josh is finishing in the front panels around the dishwasher and building a drawer unit under the kitchen desk.

He wonderfully bought me a new heat register unit for my bathroom, as the other sits right under where the open shower door rests (great planning that, eh?) and so has rusted completely. Now I have a lovely bright white shiny one. And a new toilet seat! We'd replaced the one in the guest bath, but hadn't gotten a replacement for my bathroom. Shiny white is wonderful!

Given the Bissel Debacle, I will instead be washing and ironing the curtains.
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Despite the many who claim otherwise, the military spouse leads a
different life from most. This harsh truth becomes most evident when your
family prepares for a deployment. A deployment is a scary, emotional, yet
liberating journey for the spouse left behind to take care of a home,
finances, and a family.

There are 7 identifiable stages that the majority of military spouses
go through.Stages )


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