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Philosophically speaking, should the Wii Chicken Blaster game have an Uzi setting? And should there by a chicken uprising, where would they get so many machetes and beanies? I'm still somewhat confused over the ghost chickens who can launch rotten eggs at you.

Inquiring minds.
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So tonight at dinner, Kevin announced that he wanted to host Thanksgiving at his place. Which is a great idea, but it still means I'm doing all the cooking. And baking. Which means, I have to sort out what I can do here, pack it up, take it to his place, then finish it up there.

Which is fine, except he hasn't got a full kitchen. Or perhaps more appropriately put, he hasn't got a functional kitchen - the kind someone who actually cooks would need. So we took him to the NEX and kindly spent $300 of his hard-earned money to finish out his kitchen - cutting board, utensils, serving bowls and platters, And more. We still need trivets and timers, so I'll likely bring my own.

So now I'm pouring over my To Do List and adding a packing list. And a schedule. Kill me now.

Kevin's also asked me to get him a Kitchen Aid mixer for the holidays, so I have to get up to be at the NEX at 3:30am to get him a red Artisan!

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Another day without snow, hovering at freezing or nearby. The hubby and 2nd hubby are off getting mocha and shavings for the coop, with Doodle and Gracie, Flash and I are running the house and keeping the woodstove going. After town errands, they will be going out on a dump run.

Hobo has successfully transitioned back to an indoor-outdoor cat. While the shaved patch on his flank will need a few more weeks to re-grow, he's definitely back to his old self. He's pretty much sorted out how the doggiedoor works, though he's hesitant about the flap. Fudge and Libby are still concerned about him, but at least they've sorted out what zones of the house to inhabit. Fudge gets the kitchen and dining room. Libby gets the foyer, laundry room and the den. Hobo gets the living room when Libby isn't about and the entirety of the back of the house (Master Bedroom, Bathroom and Meditation room).

In other news, I'm on the mend finally. I'm still taking cold meds around the clock, but I'm definitely feeling a bit more like my old self. Which means, there should be chick pics today!
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Yesterday afternoon I was out running errands, when Kevin texted me and asked me to run over to the Navy Exchange to find out if the gal in housewares was married. *blink* So, I dropped what I was doing and raced over only to confirm that she was, unfortunately. But its a step. He's starting to look around and consider his options.

I came home, with the poultry feeds, only to walk in the house and hear the oven timer going off. So while the guys unpacked and put away the feed, I was yanking a pizza out of the oven and turning off the blasted alarm. The guys walked in chuckling, we got the pizza cut and when I went to get the everyday dishes I saw it.

A brand new huge brushed chrome microwave. *goggle* The guys began hooting with laughter, enjoying my surprise.

Now, we didn't really need a new microwave. Why Kevin decided we needed one, I will never know. But its here, taking up a hell of a lot of space on the kitchen counter and its staying.
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Hubby is home! Picking him up at the base was a ruddy pain in the tuchus given I've lost my ID card, but after swearing not to bomb the place (at the guard's insistence) I was allowed to drive on. Kevin met up with me for the wait, quite surreal watching him walk over from a hanger to the waiting room.

In other hubby-related news, his face is healing well and the Navy doctor had removed the stitches thankfully before Josh got home. He's covered in bruises, and has several gashes to heal up. *sigh* He really took a pounding when the plane exhaust blew him across the deck. His CO even came up to check on him when he got off the plane today and assured me they took great care of Josh while on the boat - told me all about them calling in the plastic surgeon on the boat, etc. I was very impressed with him as a CO for doing this, its a real gift to have one so concerned about his men.

We've had a lovely afternoon hanging out, playing with the dogs and playing a gag on Kevin which is always good fun. We'd promised Kevin our big over-sized green leather chair and matching ottoman when he got divorced, so before meeting up with him for dinner we drove over to his place and set it up in his garage. Complete with side table with banana ketchup (he drives around with a bottle of it in case local restaurants don't offer it and they generally don't) as a surprise. So after a lovely dinner at Zorba's, we sneakily followed him home and parked across his driveway as we watched him throw up the garage door and stand there laughing his ass off. We helped him get it set up in his living room (quite posh now), before heading home. Making Kevin laugh and hugging the Boo, not a bad dessert all things concerned!

Not sure what we're going to do with that space, at the very least we'll be tinkering with the living room setup. Moving the bookcases out is first priority but after that, I've no idea.


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