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Woke up with a horrid sinus headache and sore ears, a shower helped for a few hours, but I had to take something (an antihistamine/decongestant sinus combo) and still managed to fall asleep after making a few pans of enchiladas for the guys. They let me sleep out until it was time to go home and Josh set me up with a space heater to keep me cozy. Just an FYI: two Bassets and a Libby Kitty do a wonderful job of this, as well.

Doodle had an accident this morning and again this evening. Not sure what the hell is going on with that dog, unfortunately its likely a training issue. We've been putting him out the minute he wakes up and during the day, then again before bed - all while he has full access to the doggiedoor. So possibly he's going to lose house privileges during the day. We're considering crate training, as well.

Tomorrow we begin a week's worth of TAP classes to prepare us for military retirement. Josh has already warned me to bring my netbook so I can "look" like I'm keeping notes, etc. Ugh. These types of workshops, while necessary, tend to be very boring. Add a cold and its sheer misery.

That said, a few bright notes - our Spiritual Explorers group meets on Wednesday night and we've a Grange meeting on Thursday, followed by Jewish Shabbos on Friday. Not sure how many of those I'll make it to, but we'll give it a try.
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I'm putting this out there because I'm seeing a lot of judgment and *that* really bothers me.

To review:

1. Denial
2. Anger
3. Bargaining
4. Depression
5. Acceptance

Some of us have been thrown right back into those stages. That's perfectly appropriate. If you're comfortably in Acceptance, I applaud you. I'm happy for you.

For me, personally, this wasn't about one man's death. It was about Justice for the victims and survivors. For those who have stood before us and fallen overseas, for their families and for those of us who still rage at the senselessness of hatred.

Proverbs 11:10 - When the wicked perish, there is joyful song (Solomon, the Wise)
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Despite having our house number on EACH side of our driveway and up on the house, the UPS driver left the notice with my neighbor - who granted, hosts our mailbox on his property since we have post boxes on only one side of our street. This is fairly standard here on the Island.

Because my neighbor didn't get home until later, I didn't get that notice until late this evening. Not having that notice, I had called this afternoon and re-routed the packages to work (where I'll be when they attempt a re-deliver). Then UPS called at 9:30pm this evening to ask if I could pick it up tonight - in Burlington! That's 2 hours each way. No. So now we're trying desperately to get first thing delivery tomorrow morning before I go to work. They refuse to deliver to the bookstore where I work and receive UPS packages all day, anyway.

Meanwhile, the damn tracking number status states that I requested and agreed to pick the package up in Burlington. Which I never did. So I ask, where did that information come from? Oh, from the driver. THE ONE I NEVER SAW.

This beggers all logic. If I had seen him, I would have gotten my packages. Capische? But I never did, thus no packages. Therefore, no request and no agreement to pick them up tonight at the regional facility TWO HOURS AWAY! So not only is he incompetent, he's a liar. Which is pretty much our every experience with UPS.

Update: After waiting for a supervisor for over an hour, I think we've managed to get this organized to be re-directed to deliver to the store tomorrow after opening at 10am. *headdesk*
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Spent most of the day catching up on laundry, its always getting away from me somehow. 4 loads and counting, with various things like my delicate sweaters laid over chairs to air dry. Josh and Kevin left for a dump run and given the time, they're off on another one of their adventures. Which means Boo is over and napping under the ever-watchful gaze of Doodle.

I'm just about done with things here, having re-packed the box with our nieces' presents in it, which we will send off to Grandma Rose's so she can tuck things in their stockings and set things before the tree on Christmas Eve. We always send it to the grandparents so the wrapped presents don't drive the girls bonkers. Plus, some of their gifts aren't wrapped (the Blanket Buddies) just tied with bows and gift labels. So this is a better surprise.

I have a half dozen or so errands to run, not including finding myself a couple of new pairs of jeans. I've been putting that off too long, but there's always something else to spend the money on. *sigh* Like the roof repairs.
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Sadly, the In-Laws have headed home and we're on our own once again. Flash is despondent, he's fallen for Josh's mom. Doodle hero-worships Josh's dad, so it all works out. And, of course, they both loved Gracie.

Unfortunately, Gracie has a very bad hot spot on her flank. It appeared almost overnight and we were shocked at how fast it hit her flank. We cut the hair as tightly to the skin as possible, gave her a thorough bath and treated it with antibiotic ointment. We also bought her an inflatable collar, so we hope that helps. She's too good of a girl to remove her cone, but we know she can do it. We're also treating her with Rescue Remedy & Benadryl to keep her calm and help with the itching. We'll give it a few days and see how she does.

Poor Josh is also struggling. The repeated issues with his ankles and knees led a very curious doctor to run a bunch of tests from a needle biopsy to his knee and culturing it. Which is a good thing, because it turns out he has Lyme Disease. He's begun treatment with antibiotics, so hopefully his joints will start feeling better soon.
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Managed to move one of the bookcases from the living room, back to the home office. Don't ask. I can move mountains on a good mad. Re-arranged all of the books from that bookshelf and roughly half in the foyer. Then I dusted and wiped down everything in the home office and re-organized a bit in there. Still a bit more to do in there, but the home office is the least important area. Then into the Master Bedroom, picked out about a garbage bag worth of stuff to ditch. Mostly old clothes that are of no value to a thrift store. Found a stash of old holiday cards and ditched those, too.

Update: Moved the little white table with my cookbook collection into the dining room, then with Josh's help, we moved the two bookcases out of the living room and re-organized those books. Moved the Shinto Shrine into the foyer, as well. I like the changes - opens up the living room and makes it cleaner looking. The foyer is a little bit crowded but I'm finding it very hard to care, as its always been incredibly useless. Filling it with books and family pics is as good a purpose as any.

Soon, I'll be off to the bath for a nice long hot mineral salt soak.

In completely unrelated news, I made a few deals on my excess drakes (KC/Runner mixes and Swedes) in exchange for 3 little brooder/tractors. Should work great next breeding season, each lady will have her own setup, complete with mini-coop and mini-pen. I even have a place scoped out in the West Wing of Bunhalla. Unfortunately, the swap isn't going to happen until after the in-laws visit. Oh well. It will be a huge relief to get the freeloaders off onto new adventures in my friend's Freezer Camp.
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I have absolutely nothing of any real consequence done to get ready for my in-laws visit next week. The curtains I washed and ironed? Only 2/3 done. Vacuuming is done in the front of the house, so that's something. I still need to get Josh organized to finish a ton of projects around the house and get the den sorted out. He now has three bureaus, surely now he can get things organized in there? Please, Gods. We haven't the room for another bureau in there. *sigh*

I knew this week would be a killer (meetings, command holiday party, more meetings) week, but added to that a very dear friend of mine's health is deteriorating and she's needed rides all week. So far, we've gone to: her doctors in Burlington, the hospital in Mt. Vernon, the drugstore, the handi-access medical store, two banks (okay, one may have been a credit union), the market and a bit of holiday shopping. At this point, Tiger is using a walker with a seat to get around and my Mazda5 is one of the most convenient of vehicles to drive her and her equipage around. I just pop the back seats down, pop her in the passenger seat, pop her walker in the back and we're ready to go. Plus, I'm only working one day a week. So I'm handy. And we adore each other, so that helps, too.

Thankfully, my in-laws know and adore Tiger. She spent a day with my mother-in-law and several meals with all my in-laws when her husband was sent to Pensacola for training. My in-laws are exactly the sort of people you can call and say "so-and-so is stationed at Pensacola and he's all alone, would you be able to check in on him?" and they would answer "Well, bless his heart, all alone out here, of course, we'd be delighted!" Plus, they are former military folks. They get it. So few do.

The in-laws are coming Thursday and I've a thousand things to do between now and then. Please forgive me for any and all lapses in friendom until we're there.
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I'm overwhelmed with projects at the moment, too many really to go into. The Grange dictionary project that I voted against, I'm stuck doing. Labels are designed, this afternoon I need to get them printed and placed in the dictionaries. That's roughly 100 labels, so I'll be watching a C.S.I. marathon while doing so.

This evening is the Rock'n Doodle 4-H Poultry Club, which thankfully I have absolutely no responsibilities for other than to show up and even that is optional. Josh wants to go because he wants to see inside the firehouse where the meeting is held. Men, gotta love them.

My darling friend Tiger is doing quite poorly. She's having to use a rolling walker with a seat to get around and cannot drive. Not that she has a car since her husband is on the Peninsula during the week so whenever she needs to run errands, etc. she rings me. I'm always happy to help, but the timing has meant I've had to delay a few projects and shuffle things around. No one is particularly happy with me for ding so (see dictionary project above), but since none of them are offering to take on the projects or even help, I don't feel particularly bad about any of it.

Meanwhile, its Hanukkah tonight. We'll be lighting the Shamash (servitor candle) and 1st night candles tonight before heading to the meeting. I've ordered Josh and Kevin's presents so now I'm just waiting for things to arrive, so I can wrap and gift. We won't be seeing Kevin until this weekend, so I'm hoping the prezzies have time to arrive. I've gotten a few pre-gifts already: a new oracle deck from one of my favorite artists and a DVD. What I really need is a new home desktop pc and I've let the boys know. I asked Mum for cash, to go towards the pc. I have my fingers crossed on both accounts.

Monday night is Hanukkah at the Chaplain Center, to which I am thrilled to have on the schedule. Anyone local who would like to go, I have a few extra Menorahs to loan you for this.

Meanwhile, my abdomen is having one of those really rough days. Pain, swelling, etc. and likely making me anemic in the process. I already take extra iron, but I may need to add more red meat to the diet until this episode is over.
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Woke up this morning absolutely exhausted, but needing to get moving. One of Josh's crew members from the Lincoln is deployed and his new wife, Krista, is driving up to the Island to spend the night and day. I get to play Elder Navy Wife for awhile and give her the tour. Should be a hoot. We're trying to get the house up to visitor standards, which we're gonna fail. Diane had me come into the store today for a few hours, mostly to play with her Corgi while she went to an appointment and to vacuum. As the only employee (other than the owners) of the Wind & Tide, vacuuming has been added to my job description. Joy. Damn vacuum has no suction.

I did manage to get a Rhubarb Crisp in the oven. Josh is in love with Rhubarb. Go figure. Thankfully, our friend has had a bumper crop and is sending it home with folks who come by. Can't say I'm fond of the stuff, but it's in the oven. The recipe is pretty simple, so here's to crossed fingers.

Kevin will be joining us for dinner in town tonight. He knows Krista's hubby, so now he gets to meet his cutie patootie wife (she's on my FB). I'm getting hysterical texts from him in pseudo-spy speech - "the Rhubarb sings at midnight, tell no one". "The Eagle rides a refrigerator at dawn, wear mittens".

I think I accidentally volunteered to buy a few Rhodies. Someone asked me for breed recommendations, I recommended Rhodies and now they are coming by with two. Since same guy is gonna take a few of our ducklings, should be interesting - just not sure what age he wants the ducklings. Most folks around here want them at 1 month or so, independent, mostly feathered-out, etc. And I still need to get pictures of the new ducklings! Maybe Joe can hold Babs while I do so. Josh is a wuss when the ducks start attacking.

So that's my day today. Hope everyone else's was considerably more normal, with plenty of rhubarb and mittens galore.


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