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Martha Grahamcracker is now bouncing around the Rainbow Bridge, no doubt disapproving of it all, nibbling on everything and bossing everyone around. I would expect nothing else of our fierce little force of Nature.


Josh buried her under the Rowan tree. I expect next year's berries will be especially tart.
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It looks at this point like we're going to need to bring Martha in to a vet to be humanely put down. We'd hoped, as you do, that she'd pass quietly in the night but while her body seems to be rallying, her brain has not.

I think she's had a stroke or similar neurological episode - one of her pupils is huge and she's blind, she doesn't respond to light or movement. She doesn't appear to be closing her eyes. She will eat when food is put in front of her, drink when an eye dropper is put in front of her. She cannot move to walk around and can barely move on her own violation. She has been soiling herself and I've been cleaning her roughly 4x a day, with a bath at least once a day. She jerks and over-reacts when touched as if she's being attacked. Only after speaking to her for some time and calmly rubbing her does she slowly relax. I'm not sure if she can hear (no response to snapping), though she does respond to vibrations. I'm not sure why, but she insists on lying on her right side, I've tried to turn her on to her left and she seems to have some kind of reflex panic, flopping around until I resettle her. She cannot rest on her belly. She does appear to rest comfortably and I am keeping her temperature constant by the temporary use of a heating pad on mild (it cycles on and off), which I move on and off her, with a towel as a buffer.

Today is Joshua's birthday. *sigh* And of course, this is one of his favorite rabbits. We'll see about getting her in tomorrow.
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Its a slow weekend here at the house. Yesterday, Josh yanked everything out from under the sink and put down vinyl shelf paper, doing the same for the glass cupboards. He's going to do the baking cupboard, possibly during the week. Then he'll do the dishes and cooking cupboard.

Deanna came over last night to learn to make the Neely Family fried chicken recipe. We ended up on an incense making spree, which was great - she made Bast incense. I'm still screwing around with a Samhain recipe for the site. Not particularly fond of most of the recipes I'm finding, which seem to be fumitory in nature. *shudder* I have found one that's nice, but it needs tweaking, which I'm currently working on.

Woke up with a fever. I take this as a good thing, as my immune system is finally taking on this stupid sinus thing head on. I'm sneezing like crazy and still feverish. Hoping this means the end of the cold is near.

Meanwhile, Martha is hanging on. Her digestive system is working again. This is a good sign, though she's still not moving much. We're feeding and watering her by hand. We'll see how she's doing tomorrow, see what the vet says, etc.
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More Flemie goodness: Obsidian, aka Sid, (formerly known as Bucky) with a Method soap bottle for scale, weighing in at 12 pounds! 29 inches, nose to tail. He's enjoying some sofa time in the AC right now. :D

BuckyII 007sm
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Meet the new guy - our Flemish Giant rabbit (buck, aka male). On the way home from the livestock auction I called him Bucky, Josh doesn't seem to think the double entendre is as funny as I do. But until we figure out a better name, I'll likely continue to think of him as Big Bucky. More pics on FB, here.


I managed to cover his winning bid ($13) with the proceeds from a friend's two Barred Rock roosters and my three Silkie cockerels (all three returns from the straight run Silkie sales), with a bit left over. *whew!* Josh is thrilled, we're thinking he's around 15 or so pounds. We really need to get a scale soon for the poultry and bunnies.

We have Bucky set up in the middle pen of the West Wing, surrounded on both sides by Silkies. We'll likely have to re-enforce the exterior fencing soon, as he may decide its a lot of fun to unravel the chicken coop fencing. We have a tougher fencing we can quickly staple in over that, if need be.

Bucky is friendly and very happy to be out of cages and in a pen of his own, he's experimenting with the possibility of climbing up the hutch. Whether he gets up there or not, only time will tell. He's already water bottle trained, though we did give him a water bowl just in case. I've given him some nose rubbins, brought his scent back to Shady and she seems to approve. She has another 3-6 months at least until she's big enough to even consider introducing the two.

Later this week, we'll put Shady in her own exercise pen and they can stare across the aisle and make goo-goo nose twitches at each other. :D
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Somewhere around May 17th, Saint Lori brought us a little male bunny she thought may have escaped from our home. *eye roll* While technically he looks a little like our Houdini bunny, Thistle, he wasn't ours or any of the other Houdinis in the neighborhood - there's a few!

Vinni was in very poor shape - malnourished, covered in fleas, with a horribly ripped ear, bite marks and missing fur all over his rear and another under his eye. We treated the infected bites, gave him a good washing for the fleas and put him in East Wing pen #3 to begin fattening him up. Which yanno, we're pretty good at. We've even introduced him to our Shady Lady, though heavily supervised, since Vinni isn't neutered.

I've been watching a few posts on Craigslist from someone looking for a rabbit but frankly, after a few back-and-forths, I'm thinking she's just too immature and flaky. And ignorant about rabbits. And not really listening to what I'm saying in the emails. For example:

Do I think he'd make good friends if she got another rabbit?
Well, sure, once you fixed them both, waited two months and worked really hard to bond them.

Does he come with a cage?
Lady, I explained twice he was found and living in a chicken pen. You want to try to dismantle that? Dig up the concrete?

Does he come with food, toys, etc.?
Why would I give you food I can feed my other animals? I guess I can understand this if he was the only rabbit around here, or yanno, if I hadn't already mentioned this was a farm. I'll send him with some hay so his tummy doesn't protest from all the new food sources. As for toys . . . mostly he's just been recovering from the ordeal. We haven't started introducing him to toys, which is really more of an indoor rabbit thing. Right now, he's out gossiping with the Rhodie chicks nextdoor and hoping for another visit from Shady.

At this point, I haven't a good feeling about her being good home for Vinni. He's likely best off staying with us in his pen, with visits from Shady.
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We've moved Shady into the dining room, now that she's a bit older and better able (we hope) to cope with the comings and goings of our busy household. Flemish Giants are a very tolerant, calm breed, so we're watching carefully to see if she's old enough for this, as we don't want to needlessly stress her at this stage in her development. We've placed pet towels around her large cage in the hopes she'll feel a bit more protected in her space, plus have some shade. I'm a bit concerned that the noise will force her to be a bit more diurnal than she's been to date, its a lot quieter and darker back in my office. That said, I'm very grateful to have more room available back in there with her out here.

Additionally, given the three windows in there (a sort of faux bay window) that the area not heat up too much. Given our relatively chilly temps here in the Pacific Northwest, that isn't likely to be an issue until August. Facing West, the dining room gets a lot of late day sun, which leads to wonderful shots like this in the front yard:

Visiting folks are charmed by her. She's one of the first things that come up when they visit. Treats are more forthcoming now that she's handy, including fresh herbs and dandelions. I'm currently watching her stand with her front paws on her feed bowl (attached to the side of the cage) and nibbling away. She's a great eater, growing as fast as she is. Josh has hung several hay balls, as well as using additional hay in the cage as filler, the hay balls provide hours of entertainment as she works to free the hay and ring the attached bells. I take her kitchen trimmings, when appropriate, more often now that she's right there. We've begun giving her a bit of fodder, as well, now that the danger of her juvenile digestive system over-reacting is a bit less of an issue. We do need more shelves in her cage, we've had a few go missing, somewhere. Grr.

Meanwhile, I check several times a day for Wendy's eggs to hatch. Gracie will tell me when they are ready, but Big Blue has gotten so ferociously protective, he's no longer allowing Doodle to come down the dog slide I know the time is close! I shit you not, Big Blue has been standing at the bottom of the slide and not allowing Doodle outside. While that's a hoot, its a real pain in the ass! We're about THIS close to asking friends to watch Doodle for a week or so until Big Blue calms the EVER-LIVING-FUCK-DOWN - which generally happens a few days after hatch, when he takes up guard duty in front of the hutch. And its just Doodle. Gracie and Flash are exempt. *sigh* Mostly, I go running out there to get them to knock it off, I haven't thought to get a picture of it.
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Josh woke up from an afternoon nap with names for the new buns:


Mar. 18th, 2012 04:28 pm
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Josh has wanted Flemish Giant rabbits for years and we finally found some! These are very hard to find because anyone who has them, keeps them! Given they are livestock rabbits, they are very tolerant, very laid back and very lethargic bunnies, even as babies. These have been weaned for three days.

I knew they were babies, what I did not expect was for them both to fit on one hand. Oh dear Gods, are they cute.

The agouti is the female, she's about twice the size of the male:


The male is the runt, he's itty bitty:


Needless to say, Josh is thrilled. He carried them around in the bib of his work overalls for hours after we picked them up at noon. So far, the bunnies have visited several friends, including our friend John who is house-bound and his mother-in-law who has moderate Alzheimer's (they napped on her lap).

They'll be living in the house for at least a month, then likely moving into the coop with the chicks before they are large enough for a hutch. When they are big enough, we'll hopefully have a few pens ready for them. These rabbits can get upwards of 22 pounds and the Guinness record is 50 pounds!
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Our neighbor and her rescued rabbit, Tobey:

And why yes, that bunny is dressed up as the White Rabbit. :D
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A marvelous lady just adopted the two English Angoras, Winken and Nod. They are going to a wonderful home where they can live indoors and be spoiled rotten the whole while. I've always believe I'd failed the Angoras, so it's with mixed feelings I sent them out to their new home.

Goodbye, my bunny boys. You will be missed
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The old rabbit pen has been flipped upside down, netting attached on the top to keep the cheekins in our yard and set on the far side of the East Wing of Bunhalla. The old rabbit hutch is set in front of it against the fence, the bottom section now has a passway sniped out so the cheekins can get into the coop. I left the front facing out so I can use the front doors to feed, water and grab chickens. That little doorway cut in front on the bottom section can be used when we want the gals to forage in the yard. Especially important since one of the cheekins loves to hang out with the Home Flock.

Martha, predictably, is horrified to be living next to Cheekinheim (That's all [ profile] alfrecht's fault, btw). We'd rescued her from a tiny wire cage inside a coop, so we'll nee to be especially generous with her. Cheekinheim is truly ugly, but we'll be improving that soon as the grunt work is done.

Once the Dinner Flock is taken care of next week, I'll get the rabbit rescue volunteers over to re-fence it and then I'll move her and the Bunboys back into the West Wing which should improve her attitude quite a bit. We've been asked to rescue another little girl bunny - a chinchilla and former rabbit show winner! We can likely do this next Thursday the 22nd after we fix the West Wing, anyone who wants to come by to volunteer - we hope to start about noon. The roofing project is scheduled for the 24th, same volunteers and same plea. :)

The boys managed to move the fence, though we need another section to complete. The guys are going to grab another section at Home Despot. In the meanwhile, the dogs are completely wiped out and so am I!
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This little gal, a chestnut agouti mini-lop, was brought in today by a nice pagan gal who caught her on the Naval Air Station. Predictably, she was covered in fleas, really underweight and dehydrated. After a flea shampooing, toweling off and introducing myself she gladly submitted to a half dozen syringe-fulls of cool water.

Here's a pic of her being bathed in our kitchen sink to show you how tiny she is:


Here she is grooming after her bath, protected by Cthulu - destroyer of SPOs:


As to her name, Kevin who has built and repaired many a rabbit enclosure asked to name her.
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I try to get up somewhere between 7:30 and 8am, otherwise the disapproval of the ducks reaches near-biblical proportions. While I can easily sleep through an alarm clock, that "Muh-HA-ha-ha-ha!" of the loudest of them wakes me up every time. Ducks, I've found, are oddly dutiful - they know their job is to forage and they want to get going. Fortunately, it's a gorgeous, if chilly day here at 55F with plenty of sunshine.
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In celebration of the beloved lady, we've got a huge Furkid Friday to share. So enjoy!

The adorable [ profile] synapsepi came over, along with her munchkin Stephen (sp?), to help me with Farm Day. We emptied the duck pond, cleaned out the rabbit pens, scoured the waterers, etc. Brenda came by that evening and groomed Winken, much to his dismay.

Starting with a very wet, bedraggled and disapproving Winken mid-bath:


Winken asks "Who you looking at?":


After a very tiring day, Doodle & Libby curl up together on the sofa (I took dozens of these, but this one was selected due to kitten belly) for a nap:


This morning, a very annoyed pair of English Angoras were taken back outside to Bunhalla after spending a night in the Temple: Winken because he was still a touch damp, Nod because he was still a bit groggy from the anesthesia for the sutures:


In other news, Bunhalla has seen a few changes. Martha has been giving Mufasa's old pen (hopefully she won't figure out to get out of that one, fenced as it is in chicken coop fencing) between Thistle (aka the Pirate Bunny) and Noir. And where, you may ask, is Mufasa now? He got adopted! A beautiful little girl, the daughter of Erin, the Hay Lady has wanted a bunny to spoil rotten. And the very indulgent, sweet and infinitely laid back lionhead was the perfect match. Thankfully, I'll get to see him every month when we get hay!

Yay, for Mufasa!

Head shot
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The rabbit groomer hasn't so much quit, as she's just pulling constant no shows then making up excuses afterward. I can't really fire a volunteer, but I've found a replacement, thankfully. Turns out our Goth friend Brenda was not only raised with rabbits, she was a groomer for years. Bingo!

Brenda came over last night and helped me groom Nod who needed a puppy cut, bath and nail trim. Poor guy. I kept him inside overnight since he was still a bit damp and while we'll need to do another brush out and trim. There was some disapproval.


Due to a few mats, he does have some nearly-naked spots but he's much more comfortable now. And such a good boy, especially after I drugged him with a few drops of Rescue Remedy. Nod's blind eye looks a bit inflamed, so we'll have that checked out tomorrow at the vet, in the meanwhile we're treating with eye drops.


Winken will be getting his puppy cut, bath and nail clipping Tuesday when three of us will descend upon Bunhalla for the quarterly clean up, nail clipping and grooming of all the bunnies.

You may start praying for us right about . . . now.
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Headed outside around 9pm tonight to finish the night prep for the critters: herding the ducks back into the pen, making sure the ducks and bunnies had water and food. For the bunnies, this includes a Summer treat of apple branches (the non-apple bearing ones) and additional hay. Feeling charitable, I then fed the dogs and cats so they aren't prompted to get creative during the night.

Which reminds me, I need to buy more rabbit pellet. It's time to start supplementing.

Next week a few friends are coming over for the Summer Farm Day Clean Up. This includes:
cleaning out the pens in Bunhalla
scouring the waterers and de-bogeying with white vinegar
emptying the pond, cleaning it and refilling it (rock retrieval, too)
grooming the rabbits
fixing Bunhalla West so Martha can't wiggle free

Needless to say, I need to prepare a good lunch for all of us!

Meanwhile, my idiot neighbors are setting off fireworks down the street.
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Covering a shift at the Bookstore today, likely report in often as a 70F day here means fewer folks walking around downtown due to the heat. *WEG*

Now that things are back to normal, after the Gods had their way with us yesterday, I can entertain you all with our newest fur & featherkid adventure.

Miz Martha, the Mafia Bunny, has taken over the duck hutch. Oh yes, she has. And she's not willing to share it! One of the Rouens tried to go in there yesterday afternoon and Martha pitched such a fuss I was almost afraid for the duck's safety.

So now we've got two options, as I see it:
1) Fix the damn Bunhalla fence so she can no longer sneak out into Duckgard (likely she'll just find another way, as rabbits generally do).
2) Build another hutch for the ducks and hope Martha doesn't decide to upgrade to it.

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A few of your favorite things~

Ms. Martha (the big Mafia bunny) has decided, in her typically bossy way, that she'd like to hang out in the duck enclosure (Duckgard). Which caught us completely by surprise, she's never gotten out before now she's slipping easily back and forth between the two pens at her leisure. Martha apparently has two main objectives for doing this: 1) she can eat their cracked corn feed & s) she gets to chase Libby out of the duck's pen.

Which, predictably, is driving the other rabbits nuts. Why does Martha get to eat the ducks' corn and they don't? Cue the mass disapproval. Even my darlings Mufasa & Nod are avoiding eye contact! Frankly, we're just surprised that the Khaki Campbells are allowing this thievery, likely they will attend to this post haste. The Campbells adult feathers have mostly grown in, a few still have downy tufts of down on their heads making them look a bit bewildered and balding. Their new feathers are gorgeous - glossy, beautifully marked with just enough individuality to help us tell them apart. Bernard, in particular, has gorgeous almost vibrant silvery embossing on each feather.

Our little mixed duck flock (Rouens & Runners) are getting big. The Rouens in particular have really begun to put on some decent heft. So much so that during a supervised mingling of the flocks, one of the Rouens (Brutus) chased off a Campbell some 4 times his size! Unfortunately, one of the Runners is the Runt, so we have to take particular care to ensure she gets ample food and isn't bullied too much by the Campbells. We're only allowing supervised mingling at this point, which ensures both flocks are joined in their contempt & complaining of my herding skills. I hear far less gossip when Gracie herds them, which she's getting remarkably skilled at. Brutus and Nero (Rouens) I don't really worry about, they will hold their own. The Runners (Beatrix & Luca) are my main concern, they haven't the padding or body weight and easily get knocked over like the bowling pins they resemble.

Picy goodness this afternoon!
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When not writing more scintillating ongoing correspondence between Oog, Ogra & Ak-Nar - we've been hard at work clearing the yard. Poor Josh got stuck with the worst job in the yard, raking the fir cones, clearing up branches and de-pooping. I had the relatively easy job of spreading sand around the duck pond, cleaning the winter rabbit gear and re-organizing the garden shed/rabbit infirmary.

The Bunhalla gals (Martha & Foxy) are having a blast in the duck enclosure, which needs a suitable nickname worthy of it's future glory. Bonus points for sounding good with Bunhalla!

Foxy, the Houdini bun:

Foxy heading back to Bunhalla

The Ducklies are getting so big! Aw, little wing feathers:


Gracie, on duty:

Gracie considers her ducklies

Martha is quite taken with the ducklies, going so far as to keep Libby (our calico/tortie kitten) away from them. So when Gracie needs a break, Martha goes on guard duty. Her technique is quite simple, she just charges Libby until the kitten runs out of the pen.

Out, foul cat!

There can be only one!

Libby stalking the ducklies


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