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Really. Never again. Folks with Costochondritis shouldn't sneeze. Its painful. It takes entire minutes for the initial supernova of pain to subside. So two months worth of sneezing is really not acceptable.

So I went to the doctor who was sort of tolerantly amused at my symptoms and told me its not a cold. Its autumn allergies. She also told me that Zyrtec is not a miracle and its obviously not enough, nor are the other medications I'd been given in the past. Also, she took away my Afrin. As in physically removed it from my possession. Rebound concerns. So now I have a nasal inhaler. And simple saline nasal spray. And Sinutab. And a referral to an ENT surgeon because that deviated septum looks "HORRIFYING!" and "no wonder you can hardly breath!", "that must make you snore!" so its time for surgery. Possibly.

Which means, Gods help me, my mother's dream may be coming true at long last. I may actually be getting a newish nose. Or something. I'm not sure how much they can do without screwing up my nose. Last time we discussed this with an ENT surgeon (back in 1990) they told me the surgery would change the shape of my nose so I may as well choose a new one. And how the hell do you choose a new nose? I can barely choose a new sweater. Seriously. Or a new haircut. I am not built to make these kinds of personal appearance decisions. Really, I'm not. I dress in classic yuppy for a reason, folks, its SAFE and I understand the rules of that fashion sense. Choosing a new nose is *off the rails*.

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Kevin let us know that BooBoo's cancer has progressed to the point where his quality of life has taken a pronounced downward curve today. So tonight we're celebrating BooBoo with a pizza party (he loves pizza and having friends over) and then on Monday, we'll release BooBoo to the Rainbow Bridge. Where his friends, Tracker and Glory are waiting for him to show him the ropes, balls and treats.
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My father taking his Golden Retriever, Phoebe, for a walk during the big storms in New England Sunday night. She looks miserable, she's a bit of a pampered pooch, if you couldn't tell from the raincoat.

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Caroline has arrived and there is much excitement and merriment. Vicky, as the younger girl at 14, was very concerned that Caroline at 16, would be the "boss". This I found hysterical, as Vicky is very much the dominant personality around here. Caroline is happily following around her new friend, having her first taste of Working Momma Enchiladas and basically, relieved to have something familiar.

At the pickup today, one of the other host mothers has adopted two Chinese girls which Vicky found fascinating. I'd seen this coming, so I had explained this to Vicky ahead of time as she always finds kids everywhere we go. Turns out she's very aware of how her country treats girls, and despite the fact that she's obviously from a wealthy family she reports she knows friends who have been "sold" by their families. She went on to say that's why its so important for her to study hard and get a good education. I'm truly afraid to ask much about that. She also told me I should adopt a Chinese girl so they could have "better American life for girls". Wowsa.

Caroline barely brought any clothes, so there must be much shopping. Kill me now. I'm so tired of taking one teenager shopping, now I must take two! Vicky is anxious as all get out that she find her Paul Frank t-shirts, Samsonite luggage and gifts for herself before she leaves in 9 days.

As I type, I'm eavesdropping on the girls as they nuke enchiladas, listening to your life explained by teenagers is really quite humbling. I likely shouldn't keep insisting they speak English. Turns out, I only know homosexuals and we have many farm animals. All in one sentence, mind you. Also, I broke my meat so the girls need to help out in the kitchen and with chores.

Meanwhile, my sinuses are killing me, I'm cranky and I want a nap.

As Vicky says, poor Ma.

The joys

Jul. 10th, 2011 04:14 pm
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We were watching one of the other exchange students today, so its been especially hysterical around here with the two of them. They vacuumed the house, screaming with laughter and vacuuming each other. Then they made sandwich wraps, which meant more yelling and laughter.

Karen wanted an iPad so we headed into town to find one (failed miserably), at the NEX I stepped in a pothole (damn bifocals) and went down somewhat lightly. Landed on my right hand and left knee (yep, the bad one again). Nothing serious, just a bit of a limp and bleeding knuckles.

Karen shrieked and ran over, asking "Did you bruise your meat?" While I was blinking and trying to form a coherent sentence, she saw my bloody hand and yelled "You broke your meat!" The nice folks who saw me go down and had run over to help were doubled over and covering their mouths trying to control themselves.

So yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have somehow managed to break my meat. Thankfully, I have had a chance to clean, medicate and bandage my meat.

I have not laughed like this in years!

Also, we spent nearly a hundred dollars on Nerf guns and ammunition because my husband asked me to on video conference. *grin*
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I'm learning that with teenagers, there's only two speeds: none at all and full bore, straight out.

I picked up all three girls and took them to the store to buy bedding for the new bunkbeds & extra towels. They picked out a bright, dotted pattern set which will certainly brighten up the room. I've got the sheets in the laundry now, we'll/I'll make the beds when they are done. We then dropped off the shy one Cindy, who wanted to go home then I took Karen and Vicky for their first ever manicure! Lots of fun, took them forever to pick colors (light green and neon yellow, respectively) and allowed myself to be talked into having my own done. Its likely been over a decade since someone else has done my nails as I used to do my own acrylics, so this was a treat. I picked an overly safe metallic beige, almost flesh tone, I may actually get more adventurous next time as I'm sure I'm at least two decades behind the curve fashion-wise.

I then picked us up a pizza at Papa Murphy, a stuffed crust since they'd never had one. Big hit with the gals, who scarfed down a slice and a half each, then scampered off to play at the other host mother's home. They like having their own cottage where Vicky can play the piano for them. Plus, I'm always teasing them to "SPEAK ENGLISH!" They get away chattering in Chinese at Tena's home. :)

Meanwhile, I'm catching up on the day's chores: feeding and watering the flock and the dogs, washing the dishes and the new linens.

I'm learning all sorts of marvelous things from these girls: Kevin is too old for a girlfriend, I'm very funny and look like my husband, I'm not allowed to eat sugars (Vicky watches me like a hawk) and Kevin is young at heart and will live very long. Also, my hair is too short and I need to wear more dresses like the other moms. *eye roll*
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After an afternoon spent buying perfume and a very expensive Movado watch for her father, we took Vicky out for Hibachi and Sushi. Hibachi unfortunately sounds too much like Hitachi, so guess which one I keep saying, much to everyone's amusement? Yep. I asked that we be sat in the Hitachi section. *headdesk* Sadly, there's absolutely no one who knows me who doesn't know I am capable of repeating that mistake over and over, again.

Tonight, we were invited over to Linda's for another evening of singing and drumming, chanting and fellowship. We had a lovely time with everyone: Louise, Netsa, Michael, John, Westley, Suzanne and little Janaea. Plus, two folks whose names I didn't get. *hangs head in shame* I absolutely promise to learn them next fire circle. I swear!

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day: chores, dump run and chosen family BBQ.

*smooches all*
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Our Chinese exchange student arrived safe and sound late this afternoon. As befitting an American host mother, I've already fed her ice cream and bought her candy! We also, in a fit of normalcy, went to the grocery and bought her a few things for lunch at school. :P Vicky is quite tall (I always get the tall ones) and very outgoing, she wants to know where all the cute American teens are! She speaks quite a bit of English, so we're actually able to talk. She's a bit confused as to where my husband is, which is fitting as I'm not sure where he is at the moment either! Unfortunately, she's afraid of the dogs, but she's game.

Two classmates are staying four houses down, so we've had a wonderful time getting the girls together to walk around the neighborhood this evening. The ladies will be carpooling, so that's a load off of my mind.

Flash is despondent that she's afraid of him, but given she's laughing as she pulls away I figure this is a stage we'll get through like we did with Jason last summer.

More to come!
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At some point during my visit back East, we quietly celebrated the Halfway Mark of Josh's deployment. We were fortunate to hear from him via phone, both on the boat via satellite phone and from port via rented cell phone several days in a row.

After one such call, my mother made the remark that my voice and body changed entirely while talking to Josh. I was joyous, instantly relaxed and entirely focused on listening to Josh. I truly think that was the first time she saw me as a wife, instead of as her daughter.

Its a big thing in a little package.
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For the holidays, Josh's folks sent him a remote control set comprised of a semi truck and helicopter. Each unit can be controlled from the remote, but only one at a time. Which is a good thing, as he has to choose between chasing the Bassets around the house with the semi truck or attacking Libby from above with the helicopter. There's a lot of barely controlled descents, given he tends to fly it into the walls, ceiling and me. *eye roll* The kit comes with spare parts for fixing the helicopter, apparently lack of flying control was a known entity.

They also sent us the entire family train collection. Four huge boxes worth of N-scale & American Flyer S-scale towns, tracks, trains and accessories. Four HUGE boxes. We've repacked most of it into one of Josh's Navy footlockers, but there's several boxes left over. Thankfully, we've been told that there's no sentimentality attached so what we decide to do with all of this is completely up to us. No strings attached.

There's a model train conference at the Pacific Science Center in January we'd like to attend. We're thinking to get the entire collection cleaned up, cataloged, get digital pics, run prices against Ebay and see what we can do about selling these sets off to someone who will really appreciate them. We've got someone's dream sitting in there, we just need to find that certain someone.
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I've been insanely busy with the In-Laws, my profoundest apologies for not being able to keep up with anything electronic. I didn't get online but for a moment yesterday and about the same today. I'm incredibly grateful that Josh's folks are so incredibly vibrant and energetic, so few are at their age. But I'm finding I'm drooping after we drop them off at their hotel. *splat*

Small worlds - one of Josh's cousins has moved from Maryland to Everett, WA which is just over the water from us (roughly 20 minute ferry ride and a short drive). Today, she and her fiance drove up to visit. Josh's father hasn't seen his niece since she was 19, she's just a handful of years younger than we are, so this was huge stuff reunion-wise. An incredibly easy-going, informal hangout of an evening: dogs on everyone's laps, good food and great stories.

Speaking of good food, I had gotten myself wound up a bit worrying about hosting, having enough food and beverage, etc. for 5 guests (Kevin, the In-Laws, Cousin + 1). Then, wonders of wonders, my Father-in-Law showed up this morning with all the fixings for his famous Kielbasa stew. He prepped the whole thing, popped it in the crockpot and set it to cook all day. With nothing else to do, I had plenty of time to bake 6 loaves of Beer Butter Bread, which went great with the stew. The stew was absolutely delicious and best of all, I had very little to do but pop a few snacks in bowls for munching, then the same for cookies, etc. for desert.

I am a truly blessed daughter-in-law.
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I was just drunk dialed by my folks on another one of their seemingly endless holidays. It's their wedding anniversary, so they are off on a grand adventure somewhere. I'm not quite sure where they are at present, could be the resort in Connecticut, the big house in the Berkshires or their new vacation home in Dorset, VT. Honestly couldn't tell you. I know Phoebe, their spoiled Golden Retriever, is with them and since Da described her as laying between the two of them, I'm going to assume they aren't in the Berkshires. Phoebe has her own bedroom in the Berkshires, which is why I'm guessing the resort. Apparently, they are shopping for home entertainment technology for Dorset. Something I'm not quite up to speed on, given I haven't bought a tv since the last century. Frankly, I think it was sometime around 1995 or thereabouts. I bought a clearance set at a NY pharmacy for my dorm. I am so not the go to gal for this sort of thing!

Da is thinking he'd like to use up some frequent flyer miles and pop over (across the entire continent) to Whidbey for a visit. Mum cannot make it, but Da's always a hoot. He'll likely not do so, but the opportunity is always there. We'd likely drag him up about the San Juans, as we haven't done so as yet. A weekend isn't really enough time to hit Victoria Island, though I know he's always wanted to go there. I wonder if Darth Vader still busks with his violin outside the Parliament building?

Other little updates:

Had a marvelous and all too short time to hang out with Phil for a few hours. We met up at the Wind & Tide to chat.

Hoping I can talk folks to going to the Snohomish County Fair with me to see the chickens. There's still a few birds I'd like for my flock and the hatcheries are mostly out of stock on everything. *sigh* Might be time to hit up the 4-H folks to see if anyone is selling!

In other news, Luca now has 6 ducklings. Picy goodness to come, I swear!
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Josh came in to the store to hang out for a few hours while I worked today. At one point, he pulled out his cell phone and asked when we were going to call my mother to wish her a happy birthday since it was her birthday today.


My mother was born on Friday the 13th. You'd think a son-in-law would have no trouble whatsoever remembering something like THAT!
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The flowers I ordered (Bells of Ireland) arrived in time for my parents' annual St. Patrick's Day party!

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I spent about $80 and the better part of an hour at Hallmark today buying things for my nieces' Easter baskets. I still have a few more places to go to fill their baskets, which are these darling old-fashioned cloth bags. I had to call my MIL to verify a few likes and dislikes, since the last time I saw Lilah she was still nursing. :(

Torie, our pretty princess niece loves pink, she's one of those freakishly adorable blondes. Lilah, our adventuress niece loves animals and swashbuckling, she's a tomboy with a penchant for engineering. When Torrie went Trick-or-Treating she went as Queen Cleopatra. Lilah went as Cleopatra's younger sister who just happened to also be her personal body guard, complete with sword (and tiara, too). Gods, I love those girls!

So their gifts are entirely color and/or personality coordinated. Small bunnies with hidden jeweled necklaces inside, Easter egg colored Woodstock in bunny ears, Zhu-Zhu B&W Hamster and White Rabbit, with matching carriers & blankets, holiday stickers, etc.

So, all my dear parents and grandparents, aunties and uncles - anything I really need to tuck in there, too? Do the kids needs more candies or more fun stuff to play with? I'm thinking markers, bubblers, etc.

Inquiring, mischievous minds wanna know.
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No really, I have no idea. *scratch head*

Ran to the Commissary today with Alicia, with yet another market list. Alicia, if you were wondering, you were right - I should have bought more milk! And P.S. the dancing goddess statue you liked at the Exchange was Oshun, I double checked.

And just for fun, today's phone call with Mum while I was at the liquor store:

T: Hiya, Mum, just need to verify - you still drink Hendricks Gin, right?
M: Why yes, yes I do. How on earth do you remember that? *completely amazed*
T: That's sort of what I do, Mum. What type of Vermouth do you like?
M: Oh anything is fine, honey, your father and I aren't that picky. It's so wonderful that you're already thinking of us.
T: So Gallo Vermouth? *teasing*
M: Absolutely not! *sounding horrified*
T: Martini & Rossi? *eye rolling*
M: Yes, but only a very small bottle or you'll have it forever! Now, what are you paying for Hendricks, I don't want you buying retail for us.
T: About thirty for the standard bottle.
M: Oh well, that's fine, then. *completely relieved*
T: It's still Spanish olives?
M: Why yes, but just pimentos, nothing silly like stuffed with almonds or anything.
T: Check, standard martini olives. Gotcha. With lots of olive juice because you like your martinis dirty.
M: I just don't know how you remember all this. *perplexed*

Alicia has met my folks, she understands. Poor dear.

FYI: I worked my way through college bar tending. I could tell you the regular drinks of nearly everyone in my very Irish family at the drop of a hat. Then there's all those memory workshops, subliminal memory builder tapes, etc. Mum had me go through as a kid. Some days I think she cries herself to sleep wondering why I'm not working for some government think tank. Sorry, Mum, too busy practicing witchcraft! Speaking of which, yes, I promise an occult-related post this weekend *cross both my hearts*.
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I come by it honestly, as it were. Behold my parents' golden retriever Phoebe - wishing you all a lovely Valentines Day.

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The problem with cellular technology is not that its undependable, its that it works when you'd rather it didn't and not when you'd rather it did. Irony or karma, your choice!

Today's examples:

(insert sound of Muppet Show jingle)
Mom: "Hi, sweetie, we're at Ivar's!"
Me: "In Mulkiteo? There's several Ivar's, its a chain."
Mom: "Yes, Mulkiteo, we're having a wonderful lunch."
Me: "That's great, take your time the ferry comes every half hour."
Mom: "Does it? That's brilliant. Let me put your father on the phone."
Dad: "Honey? We're having lunch at Ivar's!"
Me: "So I've heard!"

(Muppet Show jingle)
Mom: "Hi, sweetie, we're on the ferry!"
Me: "That's great, Mom, you're making good time."
Mom: "Which one is your island?"
Me: "Well, its the one on the ... err..where's the ferry in the channel? Northern route or southern?"
Mom: "We're still at the dock."
Me: "Oh well, then you probably can't see it from there, its really foggy today. Once you've left the dock and are underway, you'll see Camano on your right, we're straight ahead in the Northwest"
Mom: "Let me put your father on the phone"
Dad: "Honey? Tris? So what's the rule here? Can we get out of the car? Is there a pretzel stand or something up there?"
Me: (rolling my eyes) "Yes, you can get out of the car. Which ferry are you on?"
Dad: "Where would that information be?"
Me: "On the side of the ferry, Dad, look for a lifesaver - its on the lifesavers."
Dad: "Oh, good idea. Kith-it-it-uhm..ask?"
Me: "Its phoenetic, Dad, KIT-It-tas"
Dad: "What? Kittyass?"
Me: "Sure, why not? Yes, the Kittitas has hot food served upstairs"
Dad: "Can we go outside on the top deck?"
Me: "Yep, gets windy up there. Mom won't like it."
Dad: "I'm beginning to realize that...(sound of wind)..."
Me: "Dad, its only a twenty minute crossing so you'd better hurry and get your pretzel"
Dad: "Great! Let me put your mother back on"
Me: Oh Gods..
Mom: "Honey, we're going to go to the Inn and call you from there."
Me: Sounds great, Mom, have fun."

They're not even on the island yet and look at all the fun we're having!



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