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We've been crazy busy here today -
I cleaned off the back porch and moved the larger Metroshelving into the blue shed. The wood shelving unit is now on the back porch holding our yard shoes. We use the shelves for holding food, coolers, etc. when we BBQ in the summer, so they are useful.

I moved the brooder chicks into the blue shed coop, then Scarlet to the old hutch coop where Ruby was already asleep. I hooked up an LED sensor nightlight in there to keep the gals company. Scarlet didn't seem too interested in taking care of the chicks, but then she didn't attack them either which is a good sign. There's now two heat lamps out there to keep the chicks warm, which should be fine. It's 44F out there right now and it's almost 70F where they are in the coop.

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New ducks

Oct. 13th, 2009 01:03 pm
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Found a fabulous deal on Craigslist - 7 ducks (females) for $20, a combination of Khaki Campbells and Blue Swedes. Making arrangements to go get them this afternoon, the lovely [ profile] synapsepi is over to help. We're going to keep them about a week or so to figure out who the layers are, likely do some swapping out for better layers from our own flock. Sam, the Savior, is happy to process ducks for us @ 1 duck for him, 2 for us.

For the week or two the new ducks will be living in the West Wing of Bunhalla. The two Bunboys, Winken & Nod, will be temporarily sharing Martha's pen - something they may all enjoy as they got along great before. I'll have to figure out how to temporarily band the new ducks, the Poultry Queen [ profile] keastree recommended zip ties, I may see if I can find those spiral cord keepers for computer cords locally.

Should make for an interesting few weeks, glad I bought more feed last week! Can't wait for duck meat. Yummy!

Update: Looks like we're getting another 3 ducks for free, mixed flock. Already arranging to have folks come over a week from tomorrow for butchering.

Yes, yes, picy goodness to come.
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Had a very busy afternoon and am suitably tired, likely smelly. Josh and Kevin were kind enough to go get the hay themselves while I cleaned waterers, water bins and took the old hay at the bottom of the hay pile to spread around the duck pen. Each of the solar lights need to be cleaned off, so the solar panels can charge up the small batteries. 6 beautiful fresh bales showed up and were promptly stacked in place in the aisle of Bunhalla. Every single bunny was standing on their back legs, excitedly smelling the air. Josh and Kevin pulled off leaves of hay to toss them in.

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