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A very dear young Navy couple owns the Delightfully Deviant Etsy business and have become very good friends of ours, after making contact with us over our former rabbit rescue. We like to tease them that Ricky, given his Navy service is part-time Goth, while Pandora, as a woman of African descent, is full-time Goth. Neither has a business background and since both are of rather extreme artistic personalities, they haven't really the ability to organize themselves practically or financially.

This is where I come in. So when they decided to trade in their 2-bedroom apartment for industrial studio space, I headed over and organized it into separate working and living space. Their concept of organization seems to be throwing things on the floor and flinging crap everywhere, with a charming ability to pile crap everywhere, including garbage. Ugh. So we're working on that.

Fortunately, this space had MANY racks. So I had a wonderful time oraganizing all her fabrics, notions, etc. and she had a collection of tables for all her sewing machines, sergers, programmable patch making machine (dunno the official name of this), silk screener, and all the other things I've no idea the names of. A dear friend made Pandora a cutting table, so she's all set there now, as well. Cutting patterns on a industrial cement-floor wasn't really an option.

This week already, I've put in 25 hours putting together a portfolio binder of all her current products. If we'd had more time, it could have been fancier, with beautiful borders and more descriptions, but given the time (and toner costs), we went fairly simple:

I'm heading back over today to attach price tags, help them back the rental vehicle and make sure they take all the things they need to the Bats Day Convention in Anaheim, CA. While they are gone, I'll be making budget spreadsheets, cost analysis for their products, expense analysis for her products, etc. Things that make their brains explode, basically. I tried for about 5 minutes to explain where I got the csv file from their ETSY store before I gave up and showed them the spreadsheet with their current show listings. *eye roll* Having an accounting & light IT background is awesome, but I forget other people aren't oriented in that manner.

They will be paying for my time in a combination of hourly rate and product, so while I have no particular use for Delightfully Deviant's Burlesque items (sorry, no, I'm 40) or Cyber wear, there are some Steampunk and Craft products we will be adding to their store - my inspiration, their artistry and perspiration! So please stay tuned - we'll have Lord & Lady ritual lace crowns (perfect for folks like myself with migraine conditions who cannot stand heavy metal crowns), Greenman & Lady of the Moon masks, Rune bags (my design) and more!

And yes, once we can all catch our collective breath - they will be helping me get Triple Pillars up on Etsy. I've been working for them from 10:30am - 1:30am and I'm TIRED!

Meanwhile, this morning, Lisa called. Her babysitter called and cancelled. So I have her 5 month old infant. *slump* And the owners of DD's dog, because we're dogsitting while they are gone and I brought her home with me last night at 1:30am, so really this morning.
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Last night a friend called in a panic because she's in the middle of a move from their tiny apartment to an industrial space and she has no organizational skills. So Josh and I headed over and too over. He brought the moving dolly and helped her hubby get a few big things moved in our pickup, while I took her to the store to buy ten bins and two area rugs. Within a few hours, we've got her sewing area (she owns Delightfully Deviant, a lovely goth-inspired Etsy shop) up and running. She can fill two bins with additional material, notions, etc. and fit them in the back of her Smart car, while the other 8 can be packed in her hubby's hearse. Or my crossover. :D

I've got their new space entirely mapped out. She has living space, a showroom/photo area for customers to visit, an idea for privacy screening (bamboo garden screening) and even an area for her rabbits. We'll see how well the plan works for them, you won't know until you know.

She's very much an artist-type mentality. All creativity and inspiration, but she just locks up trying to plan, organize or strategize. I'm very good at the latter, so I just looked around the new space, saw the resources and rolled up my sleeves, starting directing folks and got things done. Lists were made of priority purchases, priority items to pack, priority research, then non-priority items for those three. She's in awe. Cute kid. :D

Today I was supposed to head to the Peninsula to pick up chickens, but I received a message stating she was sick and wanted to reschedule. Sort of. Given the time constraints and not being able to get in contact with her, I just went ahead and canceled. We can reschedule when she's better.
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After speaking with Rainbear, it turns out I was doing something a bit possibly dangerous with my insulin out of confusion and good intentions gone awry. At his directions, I went in this morning and spoke with the Diabetes Educator and she agreed, so I've been given a new testing regiment and new dosing levels which have effectively doubled by dosage.

Too often, I think, when our friends tell us when we're doing something wrong and instead of listening with love and hearing the good intentions, we listen with shattered egos and anger. He didn't approve of what I was doing because he knew better and he wanted better for me. So he told me I was using poor judgment. And he was right. And that's what good friends do - they save you from yourself.

For his care and his knowledge, his ready willingness to correct my ignorant ass: a very public thank you, love and kisses, to Rainbear. *smooch*
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Tiger and I are driving in the car yesterday.

Tiger: *begins to snicker*
Tris: What?
Tiger: *giggle*
Tris: What the heck are you braying about?
Tiger: *laughter*
Tris: I'm going to leave you by the side of the highway if you don't tell me what you're giggling about over there.
Tiger: You know who has your hairstyle?
Tris: Shit. Who?
Tiger: *laughter* Josie and the Pussycats, the Josie character from the movie.
Tris: *looks in mirror* Oh shit, I do!
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Saturday evening hubby (in absentia) and I were invited by four friends to go on a cruise with them in June 2012. Every year, this group goes on Disney cruises. I'm not much for Disney, but Josh has always wanted to go on a Disney cruise and this one is going to Alaska, something I've always wanted to do.

So while, granted, Disney isn't my thing and cruises may not be either, the opportunity to go on a last big trip with all of them before we move is really too good of an offer to pass up. Yes, its a silly idea and the more I hear about the whole Disney cruise cult the sillier it seems. But maybe something silly is exactly the sort of thing I need to consider doing more of.

Apparently, there's this tradition of decorating your stateroom door with crazy decor so you can find your room easier. And its a huge deal. Buy a Cricut kind of huge deal, which fortunately Renee' owns. So the ladies had me over this morning to discuss and make arrangements. Together, they'd come up with the perfect theme for my door - Rebel on a Cruise. So my door will feature MARVIN!

I can't really explain why, but I've always adored Marvin the Martian. Alien in a kilt, what's not to like? I even have a Marvin the Martian riding a Love Rocket hanging on my rearview mirror. So while they are going Mickey Mouse and Disney Princess, I will instead have a Looney Tunes door featuring a galactic scene with Marvin the Martian.

This may not be Positive Movement in the traditional sense, but I'm thinking it might just work.
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I have the cutest little hat
Made for me by Jax
And you don't!


P.S. I've been frightfully late in getting yours out, mea culpa!
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Tonight, I showed up two days early to take care of a friend's bunnies. I checked my records, seems I copied it down incorrectly from my written event calendar to my computerized one. And had it in my head that way, as well. An unusual mistake for me. Ugh. Poor Tina. Scared the ever living hell out of her. *Sorry!*Sorry!*Sorry!*

Ladies and Laddies who've been on Flexeril, is this the norm? If so, any advice?


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