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Another day without snow, hovering at freezing or nearby. The hubby and 2nd hubby are off getting mocha and shavings for the coop, with Doodle and Gracie, Flash and I are running the house and keeping the woodstove going. After town errands, they will be going out on a dump run.

Hobo has successfully transitioned back to an indoor-outdoor cat. While the shaved patch on his flank will need a few more weeks to re-grow, he's definitely back to his old self. He's pretty much sorted out how the doggiedoor works, though he's hesitant about the flap. Fudge and Libby are still concerned about him, but at least they've sorted out what zones of the house to inhabit. Fudge gets the kitchen and dining room. Libby gets the foyer, laundry room and the den. Hobo gets the living room when Libby isn't about and the entirety of the back of the house (Master Bedroom, Bathroom and Meditation room).

In other news, I'm on the mend finally. I'm still taking cold meds around the clock, but I'm definitely feeling a bit more like my old self. Which means, there should be chick pics today!
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Doodle woke up this morning, bright and early at 7:30am. Since no one was yet awake, he took on the solemn duty of jumping up and down on his Uncle Kevin until he woke up. We're not sure why Doodle has elected himself Waker Upper Extraordinaire, but he certainly has and he excels at it. There are very few things more effective at waking a man up than 45+ pounds of Basset Hound walking all over their crotch while licking their face.

Once Doodle is awake, it is extremely important that he go outside immediately. Doodle tends to forget about his bodily functions and often finds himself releasing his bladder while running around the house, wrestling with his brother Flash and just generally hanging about. Yes, Doodle is apparently that unaware. Uncle Kevin took him outside, fed the demanding ducks, let the chickens out and brought the ever-enthusiastic Doodle back inside. Instead of waking us, Doodle watched his Uncle Kevin make coffee, check email and get the fire started. By the time Gracie woke us, Doodle barely remembered we exist.

Through breakfast and even after the obligatory Christmas calls, Doodle shadowed his beloved Uncle Kevin. This is gift enough for Doodle. A quiet morning with someone to adore. Kevin left a few moments ago to drive downtown and see what's open, perhaps grab a mocha while he's at it. Only then did Doodle waddle over to say Good Morning to Josh and I, resting his crooked little elbows on the sofa cushion while we flipped his ears about. When he'd had sufficient attention, he went back to worshipping the napping BooBoo.

We should all be so content with our lives and take such obvious delight in those around us.
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We've noticed a lump behind Gracie's right shoulder over the last few weeks. It seems to cycle through sizes, which makes me think it's a swollen gland. So it's time to get it checked by the vet, possibly a needle biopsy.

Gracie's getting older now, 7.5 years for a Border Collie is decidedly middle aged. Especially, as she works part-time as a herder. She's been slowing down for some time, pulling a muscle here and there, straining a tendon, etc. so we've been limiting her time herding and chasing balls. When Josh is in and out on the boat, she has a tendency to get depressed when he's gone.

Update: The vet has assured me that a needle biopsy was sufficient. Her analysis says this was just a fatty tumor due to her being roughly 10 pounds overweight. So diet and exercise is the treatment. We went ahead and updated one of her vaccinations, then had her micro-chipped for good measure.


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