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Now we both have this stupid sinus cold, which is generally not a good idea given that we have a rule only one of us is allowed to be sick at a time and in this life, I'm the designated sicko. Granted, my chronic disease isn't half as debilitating as his back injury these days but still this is misery.

Unfortunately, I'm trying to get used to not only a new testing regimen (from 2 - 3) but a new dosing schedule (before meals). Doing this while sick is nearly impossible but I'm making some headway at switching over. Until yesterday, when Josh let me oversleep thinking it would be good for me and not understanding how dangerous that is, so when I woke up yesterday at 1:30 I was very low. Thankfully I keep pear juice in the fridge and I'm very good at lecturing. He WILL be attending the Diabetes Education classes with me in February. No more close calls.

We've been watching Netflix quite a bit to while away the days of coughing and sneezing. Our current favorite on the Geek Hit Parade is Deep Space Nine. I'd missed quite a few of the seasons when on tv then cable, so this is a treat. Unfortunately, I'm doped up on decongestants and dozing off from time to time.

A few thoughts:
The Starfleet Runabout is the Ford Focus of the Known Universe. Nobody really wants to drive it, but everybody seems to know how to no matter what species, corporeal status, planet or quadrant they are from. Except teenagers, but in a pinch they can boost one.

In all cases where the transporter would save the day, it will be unable to be used due to either: a) interference, b) biological complication or c) technobabble.

Technobabble is by far the greatest danger to space-going humanoids. All technological disasters are caused by it, few are fixed by it and further complications will be found later in the season because of it. its even infiltrated the medical department. Bashir is known for periodic fits of it.

Nobody gets laid in outer space unless it propels the plot.

When the scenery budget is running low, dim the lights. Shoddy lighting hides a multitude of flaws.

Artificial gravity + environmental systems = shiny hair.

Btw, Hobo doesn't like the theme music to DS9. He's been taking turns purring on us in shifts, so he's been our near-constant companion along with the Bassets.
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You change the colors on your weekly chores spreadsheet to lighter colors to celebrate Spring.

Yes, I did.


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