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Really. Never again. Folks with Costochondritis shouldn't sneeze. Its painful. It takes entire minutes for the initial supernova of pain to subside. So two months worth of sneezing is really not acceptable.

So I went to the doctor who was sort of tolerantly amused at my symptoms and told me its not a cold. Its autumn allergies. She also told me that Zyrtec is not a miracle and its obviously not enough, nor are the other medications I'd been given in the past. Also, she took away my Afrin. As in physically removed it from my possession. Rebound concerns. So now I have a nasal inhaler. And simple saline nasal spray. And Sinutab. And a referral to an ENT surgeon because that deviated septum looks "HORRIFYING!" and "no wonder you can hardly breath!", "that must make you snore!" so its time for surgery. Possibly.

Which means, Gods help me, my mother's dream may be coming true at long last. I may actually be getting a newish nose. Or something. I'm not sure how much they can do without screwing up my nose. Last time we discussed this with an ENT surgeon (back in 1990) they told me the surgery would change the shape of my nose so I may as well choose a new one. And how the hell do you choose a new nose? I can barely choose a new sweater. Seriously. Or a new haircut. I am not built to make these kinds of personal appearance decisions. Really, I'm not. I dress in classic yuppy for a reason, folks, its SAFE and I understand the rules of that fashion sense. Choosing a new nose is *off the rails*.



Oct. 18th, 2012 05:42 pm
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Josh is participating in this and heading up the campaign in his shop at the Navy.

The Movember Effect: Awareness & Education, Survivorship, Research
The funds raised in the US support prostate cancer and testicular cancer initiatives. The funds raised are directed to programs run directly by Movember and our men’s health partners, the Prostate Cancer Foundation and LIVESTRONG Foundation. Together, the three channels work together to ensure that Movember funds are supporting a broad range of innovative, world-class programs in line with our strategic goals in the areas of awareness and education, survivorship and research.

For more information on the programs we are funding please visit the following:
Prostate Cancer Foundation
Awareness & Education
Global Action Plan

Obviously, there is a wicked joke (many actually) about growing out a mustache to support testicular and related cancer research, so please go ahead and make yours in the comments below.
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Its a slow weekend here at the house. Yesterday, Josh yanked everything out from under the sink and put down vinyl shelf paper, doing the same for the glass cupboards. He's going to do the baking cupboard, possibly during the week. Then he'll do the dishes and cooking cupboard.

Deanna came over last night to learn to make the Neely Family fried chicken recipe. We ended up on an incense making spree, which was great - she made Bast incense. I'm still screwing around with a Samhain recipe for the site. Not particularly fond of most of the recipes I'm finding, which seem to be fumitory in nature. *shudder* I have found one that's nice, but it needs tweaking, which I'm currently working on.

Woke up with a fever. I take this as a good thing, as my immune system is finally taking on this stupid sinus thing head on. I'm sneezing like crazy and still feverish. Hoping this means the end of the cold is near.

Meanwhile, Martha is hanging on. Her digestive system is working again. This is a good sign, though she's still not moving much. We're feeding and watering her by hand. We'll see how she's doing tomorrow, see what the vet says, etc.
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Somewhat on schedule, the post-adrenaline crash has set in with a low fever and massive body aches. I called in sick today and am spending as much time resting today as possible. Tonight, we're scheduled to head to the mainland for ritual so I really need to get over this, if at all possible.

Napping shall commence.
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I tripped again in the backyard. I shall wait for your curse words and statements of incredulity. *inert Jeopardy music here*

With my bifocals, I can't see the damn holes. So I put my foot in one and went down. Bam! But without yummy goodness afterward. This time, its my left ankle. Doesn't hurt really, but its swollen to hell and the ER pronounced its not broken. It just won't rotate left, as in can't. I tell it to and it sits there, awaiting instructions. Or my knee tries to take on the duty. So I have to see an orthopedist. *eye roll*

Meanwhile, I'm hobbling around with an ace bandage and one of those blow up splints. Again, it doesn't really hurt. But I'm trying to stay off of it and keep it elevated as much as I can. I'm already on "rest" for the dang enlarged spleen to propping up a leg isn't too much more trouble. *eye roll*

On that note: Please don't tell me to use crutches. I have no idea what it is about crutches but the minute I start using them I get severe vertigo, then I speed up when I walk because it seems to lessen it so I can get to a seat faster and that freaks everyone out. All I can figure is there's some nerve or blood vessel in my armpits, perhaps an inner ear thing. I just get woozy as all hell even just standing on them and BAM! I'm falling over. Very much not in the spirit of healing. Those who have hung around have seen the secondary injury action before. Maybe its related to the migraines. We don't know why, its just Trista speshulness.

In completely unrelated news: I have successfully networked for friends. Renee and Shelli had an apartment over their garage for rent. Lisa needed an apartment. They have been introduced and hit it off. So now, at some point in the future, Lisa will be moving in, with her infant son Liam, into the above the garage apartment. *grin*

I, Zebra

Jul. 18th, 2012 01:59 pm
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So - the biggee - I'm still inconclusive for Lupus or anything specific. So tentatively, they are saying "Mixed Connective Tissue Disease". Which from what little reading I've been able to do basically is a place holder diagnosis until something definitive presents or the patient gets sicker.

The inflammation test for a regular person is 8, I'm 28. So yes, something is definitively WRONG within my tissues. ANA is still positive, speckled, etc. Lupus titers are off, but not definitively Lupus. Inconclusive for Lupus, yadda-yadda on several other tests. It is absolutely NOT arthritis, though.

Basically, the doctor agrees, my tests come back zebra, not horses. I'm off on several things, I'm too healthy to be very sick, but sick. And he won't give me any treatment because what he could give me is toxic. He needs to know why the spleen is enlarged and how it is affecting the body, so he knows what results to rule out. So he's referring me to a Gastro-enterologist in his practice and wants to see me again in a month. Treat the pain in the meanwhile.

For everyone who has wished me well, thank you. Much gratitude and zen hugs. Staggering but not out!

Off to do more research!
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I'm getting very tired of having to prop my left arm up on chairs, sofa backs and pillows. At some point we'll sort out why my spleen is enlarged (which is why my left ribs are too tender to touch and send pains shooting through my torso from the pressure) but in the meanwhile, I'm having a tougher time being patient about this crap.

That said, its not quite so painful in the evenings. Which is a good thing.

The couch

Jun. 6th, 2012 09:06 pm
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Taking it easy is boring the shit out of me. Friends are kindly dropping by and trying to amuse me or at least, distract me for a few hours.

Tomorrow I'll be working on setting up the Etsy shop, re-organize the products and set up scenes, Thursday Pandora is coming over to do principle photography on the sales items and finish setting up policies. Friday will be tweaking and more organization.

I'm hoping we'll be good to go live by Friday. *cross fingers*

Yes, this is my idea of taking it easy.
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I will be of course calling in every other day to remind them I'm prioritizing myself and I'm on the overflow list in case someone cancels. I had a nice little chat with the gal who answered the phone and mentioned fun terms like "ruptured spleen", "doctor thinks its organ-involved Lupus", etc. so I'm hopeful.

We may be lighting candles for an earlier appointment.

*cross fingers*
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Still taking it easy, on dose #4 of the antibiotics which thankfully haven't screwed up my digestive system at all. Or yet, I suppose.

There's a strange pressure in the left ribs, but otherwise that's an improvement. We'll see how I feel at the end of the day, but otherwise I'm fairly impressed.

I'm about 80% convinced I need to ask for a new doctor, given how little this moron at NHOH did (no blood or urine tests). In 2 months the new Internists show up and I'll be transferred anyway, but I don't think I want to wait.
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A1C = 5.9! Woot-woot!

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Yesterday, Josh and I volunteered for the 4-H "Coop-ville" Tour. Basically, we were to help distract folks between the Chicken Olympics by bringing showy chickens and answering chicken questions as an on-site chicken expert or 'chixpert'.

We brought Big Blue (our gorgeous Splash Cochin roo), one of his blue daughters, Fizgig, Fooz, Fuzz, a selection of Silkie chicks, and some Frizzles. We also brought a pen so folks could see the Silkies and chicks run around, which kids really loved. As we do, we had a great time giving folks are big friendly rooster to hold and walk around with! Its a sight to see! Everyone had a blast holding Silkies and chicks, asking questions and I handed out ALL of my business cards, hopefully that will lead to some chick sales this week because our budget is tight this week. *sigh* Gotta sell some eggs!

Our friend, Synda came with a beautiful silver pin of a rooster, hen and their chicks. Its beautiful! Now, I just need an apron or something to wear it on at these events! She's just gotten her first set of chicks, so she's gearing up for her own chickens.

Today, unfortunately, I'm all out of spoons. So we're hanging around the house and taking it easy. We have some housework to catch up on. And a computer to screw with - a Windows Update likes to screw up the communication with the printer, so I had to do a system restore which seemed to set Windows back about a decade. And I need new business cards printed for the farm. Grr.
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Purification through sweat, I suppose you'd call it.

We're looking at mostly a midweek schedule of classes on base. We're hoping for a few dog walks and trips to the dogpark, which figures out to be a couple miles of walking when the weather is good. Which granted, isn't often.

Tuesday - Yoga
Wednesday - Diabetes Bootcamp
Thursday - Yoga

Three hours, three days a week. We'll be extending the Bootcamp exercise program to 1 hour a day each day of the week, but its likely going to take awhile. Anyone interested in that, I can type it up on here - its low impact, stretching and isometric exercises. Designed to strengthen while you become more flexible and improve your balance.
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With the snowdays, we've been sleeping in past our usual 6am weekday and 8am weekend wake up. And knowing this, I've been taking my insulin at midnight instead of at dinner time (as the doctor requested), and I'm still waking up low.

Not quite dangerously low, but on the border of dangerous. To the point where I'm having to drink apple juice to jump start things.

Today I got up around 9am and I was at 60. Not good.

No more oversleeping!
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After speaking with Rainbear, it turns out I was doing something a bit possibly dangerous with my insulin out of confusion and good intentions gone awry. At his directions, I went in this morning and spoke with the Diabetes Educator and she agreed, so I've been given a new testing regiment and new dosing levels which have effectively doubled by dosage.

Too often, I think, when our friends tell us when we're doing something wrong and instead of listening with love and hearing the good intentions, we listen with shattered egos and anger. He didn't approve of what I was doing because he knew better and he wanted better for me. So he told me I was using poor judgment. And he was right. And that's what good friends do - they save you from yourself.

For his care and his knowledge, his ready willingness to correct my ignorant ass: a very public thank you, love and kisses, to Rainbear. *smooch*
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Hiccups. Third time tonight.

Did I mention that due to being born with an immature epiglottal valve and having near-immediate surgery to correct it, I'm not supposed to swallow them? Yeah. Gonna be a long, loud night.


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I took today off from the workshop, thankfully because I'm coughing up a lung at present. Ugh. I've taken a nap and want another one already, even though Nyquil did a really good job of quieting down things last night.

I need to run out to the Commissary for a few things, which I'm trying to get up the energy to go. Meanwhile, the doggies are desperately trying to get in their napbomb without my interrupting them.

Otherwise, if you need me, I'll likely be in bed. *slump*


Sep. 30th, 2011 11:21 am
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Could not sleep last night due to a burning, itching sensation in my knees. What the hell? I wasn't being active, just lying in bed trying to sleep!

Thankfully, Flash came in to curl up with my legs and the applied heat of his body seemed to cool whatever the hell this was right down.
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After getting my "missing" prescription refill filled yesterday after much kerfuffling, I was happy to run into Lynn (my doctor's nurse) who assured me she'd handle it. Given how incredibly she's taken care of me over the years, I had every confidence everything would be fixed post-haste.

Today she called to tell me that I have 5 refills in the system and to apologize again for "that damn pharmacy!" We shared a good laugh, then this conversation ensued:

Lynn: Now, cher, when I saw you yesterday you were knuckling your ear. Are you feeling all right?
Me: I've been congested for a few weeks and my ear started crackling and popping yesterday morning.
Lynn: Damnit, well I figured. You've got yourself another ear infection, don't you? So are you in pain?
Me: Not yet, just pressure and that stupid crackling.
Lynn: I'll have the doctor put you in a script for that. You come pick it up today and if its still bugging you on Monday, you come on in and see us, cher!
Me: Yes, ma'm.
Lynn: You bring us eggs, too, cher.
Me: I'll try, its chick and duckling season here so we're not getting many eggs.
Lynn: Then you bring us pictures!

Gods, I love that woman! :D


Jun. 15th, 2011 10:51 pm
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Had a miserable day with the asthma, mostly my fault because I'm having trouble remembering to take the preventative inhaler. Its going to take me awhile to bring this into my daily routine. I must remember to take two puffs before starting my day tomorrow, because its a marathon!

While Derek was here, I asked him to really trim back the trees and bushes around the house. Its likely going to make the house look a bit isolated, but at this point, I just need a bit of relief from the pollen! Given the relative warmth of summer here, I simply must open windows from time to time and now the pollen won't be able to rest on top of the branches then get through the window screens. Speaking of which, I really need to hose the window screens down SOONEST!

Derek, the landscaper, left me an absolutely wonderful surprise! I'll take a picture of tomorrow and post, its too dark out there now. Its been a long while since someone surprised me. So this really made my week. And likely my weekend, too!


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