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All in all, it didn't go too badly though we did have moments of hilarity and terror.

First off was my glitch - I bought an expensive, fancy meat thermometer that apparently registers 80F degrees higher than actual temperature. Against my better judgment, I allowed Josh to pull the turkey out of the oven only to realize while carving that the inside was still cold. Ugh. Back in the oven for an hour. Thankfully, I follow an old trick my Grandmother taught me of pouring a few inches worth of chicken stock in the bottom of the roasting pan, along with potatoes and veg, so the stock steams the turkey while it cooks. Makes for a fairly moist turkey, even when there's a cooking snafu.

My famous stuffing turned out great and thankfully I made four bags of stuffing cubes-worth so there's plenty of leftovers. I brown Italian Sausage (four rolls), add several pints of chicken stock and along with sauteed white onions, celery, garlic, celery salt, oregano, etc. makes for a very tasty stuffing. Mashed potatoes were a bit too mushy but the menfolk didn't seem to care. Tryptophan won out, so the men napped for about an hour afterwards. I woke them up for pie and the annual watching of Pumpkin Chunkin.

This morning, the snow is almost all melted but for a few patches to which I am most grateful. Finding duck eggs is always a bit insane as they lay practically anywhere, then add finding off-white eggs in the snow to the formula and you have a real contest of wills. I unhooked the waterer heater, heat lamps and let the chickens out to forage. Life is back to normal (for us) around here.


Nov. 25th, 2010 11:05 am
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Next time, either leave Josh at home or swear him to silence. Thanksgiving shopping with hubby is really *not* going to improve my general grumpiness about the menfolk wanting a traditional Thanksgiving without doing any of the work! Add to that, Josh volunteered us to make 2 huge pans of Green Bean Casserole and buns to serve 30 for the Single Sailors Thankgsiving.

Notable Quotes:

"You're buying too many French Beans" - no, I bought just enough.
"You're buying too many rolls" - see above.
"That's too many boxes of stuffing" - *snort*
"Why do we need *this* again?" - see above.
"Do we really need all this?" (looking at the cart) - yes, shut up.
"OMG, that's our grocery bill?" - see above.

Its a small, informal three person Turkey Day. Snacks for before the meal - olives, chips, nuts, etc. Then one turkey, two starchy sides, two vegetable sides and one pie. And of course stuff to support leftovers during the weekend - turkey pot pie, turkey sandwiches, etc.
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We aren't terribly imaginative with holiday decorating at the house. I pull out and dust off the menorahs and set them in the windows. We hung a blue belled wreath on the front door. There's talk of blue & white lights. I'd ordered Hanukkah candles back in October but they screwed up the order. I have no idea when or even if they are coming.

In comparison, the neighbors around the corner have a very bright and very loud holiday display. It's 10:30pm as I write this and the Christmas tunes are STILL going. I've had to keep the Basset Hounds inside because otherwise they want to howl along. Which gets the ducks going as a sort of quacking choir. The basset duet was so enamored of the music, Doodle somehow got himself trapped inside the duck pen to be closer to the music. The rabbits massively disapproved. On the other hand, the chickens apparently are atheists. Or tone deaf.

It's no quite cold enough at night to freeze water, since it's hovering just over freezing. I've a bag full of replacement water bottles ready just in case, if it's not tonight it will likely be soon. I pulled the heat lamp down lower over the new chicks to protect them, hopefully that will be enough. I'm somewhat concerned about the Rhodies so I'll be bundling up and going out to add more hay to their coop and throw a few blankets on the top to block the sides of any draft.

I'm tempted to toss the gals in with the chicks to see how they do or tuck them away in a dog crate in the blue shed but for Bio-Security purposes I need to keep them separate for at least another week and a half. It's clear I need a better plan for them going forward.
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We had a lovely, if low key, Thankgsiving. I thought the turkey was a bit dry, the stuffing too moist but everyone else seemed quite happy with it. This was, believe it or not, my first time hosting Thanksgiving. Oddly enough, in 37 years I've always been invited to celebrate with family or friends. I made the Neely Women Infamous Pumpkin Bread (with dark chocolate chips), which is always a hit. I forgot to make the beans (hangs head in shame) and made too many biscuits.

You know you've gone poultry crazy, when the highlight of your Thanksgiving is taking the kitchen scraps to the birds to scratch about in. *WEG*

The dogs, of course, had a marvelous time. An entire house of people to adore them, even Libby got in on the fun - lounging out in the middle of hallways and melting in front of the woodstove, which charmed everyone. *eye roll* Boo has been a delight and we're fortunate to have him and Kevin for the 4 day weekend. Tomorrow we're having a post-Thanksgiving dinner with the Jewish lay leader from the boat, I'm still no sure if we're celebrating Havdalah together or not. There's a fine line here with regards to guesting during the Sabbat.

In odd body news: I've developed an allergy to the tennis elbow cuff. I'll likely try another brand to see if there's one out there that doesn't give me hives. Not sure what will happen if that doesn't work as I'm already on anti-inflammatory meds.
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Quite a few of you know about Josh and I's ongoing war to "out tacky" each other. For some reason, the trappings of paganism and Judaism feature heavily in this.

I mention the above to alert folks to the upcoming creation of a yard menorah by Josh.

Be afraid. Picture goodness to come.
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It's been a very wet, very windy day here on the Island. Not generally good weather for a Bookstore. Not a single car has been parked anywhere near us, though we've had a few walk in folks. Poor Flash is despondent. He even wore his new Halloween bandanna for the girlies! Pout, Flash, pout!

I pulled all the Halloween decorations out of the windows this afternoon. Tucked the little gargoyles around the store, mostly in the dragon section, where they seem quite appropriate. The witches, jack o'lanterns and gravestones are packed for the trip home.

The windows look a bit bare, but in a nice bright and simple way. Re-positioned half the autumn jelly self-stick leaves to the other window so both store titles are decorated. One of the autumn garlands is now wrapped around the little orange lighted black tree, so now the tree has gone from spooky to oddly endearing! The cornucopia filled with Indian corn is now the main focus of the holiday window, can't seem to find much more but a pumpkin to join it. I did leave the full moon, we'll see if anyone complains.

Not that anyone has asked me to do it, but I'll check the dollar and party stores next week to see if we can find a few items to fill it out.
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The Halloween box arrived this afternoon from Mum. Fabulous goodies inside:

Leaves from their trip to Dorset, VT "for your seasonal altar".
a roll of Halloween candy corn ribbon
a lovely kitchen witch (she's on a micro-broom) that was my grandmother's
a card with explosive holiday themed glitter inside
three wood centerpieces, one with candle (old family decorations)
a huge Jack O'Lantern bell (old family decorations)
a flying pig (kid you not, this was from Dad!)
a bag full of "Ghost" Dots
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Received this from my Mum, she wanted me to share this with my friends:

"This link should take you to three sheets to print that put together form the word EEK - I think they'd be cute wrapped around glass cylinders w/candles in them for Halloween - just thought I'd share - Thank goodness for the simple pleasures! Much much love to all - xoxoxo"

I'm also thinking of attaching them to Luminaries, wouldn't that look great alternating down the driveway and up the front steps?
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Somewhere there was a communication glitch. I was invited to join the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers for 7am. Apparently the ritual is for 7 pm, unlike previous years where we circled at dawn.

Needless to say, the hostess was completely gracious, as she always is. Just a bit surprised to see us pull up at her home a bit before dawn. Thank Gods she was up and about, setting out dawn water, feeding her goats and letting the chickens out of the coop.

Oy. We'll try this again in a few more hours.

Wishing you all a joyous and timely Autumnal Equinox, without any kerfuffles.


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