Oct. 18th, 2012 05:42 pm
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Josh is participating in this and heading up the campaign in his shop at the Navy.

The Movember Effect: Awareness & Education, Survivorship, Research
The funds raised in the US support prostate cancer and testicular cancer initiatives. The funds raised are directed to programs run directly by Movember and our men’s health partners, the Prostate Cancer Foundation and LIVESTRONG Foundation. Together, the three channels work together to ensure that Movember funds are supporting a broad range of innovative, world-class programs in line with our strategic goals in the areas of awareness and education, survivorship and research.

For more information on the programs we are funding please visit the following:
Prostate Cancer Foundation
Awareness & Education
Global Action Plan

Obviously, there is a wicked joke (many actually) about growing out a mustache to support testicular and related cancer research, so please go ahead and make yours in the comments below.
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Philosophically speaking, should the Wii Chicken Blaster game have an Uzi setting? And should there by a chicken uprising, where would they get so many machetes and beanies? I'm still somewhat confused over the ghost chickens who can launch rotten eggs at you.

Inquiring minds.
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Another day without snow, hovering at freezing or nearby. The hubby and 2nd hubby are off getting mocha and shavings for the coop, with Doodle and Gracie, Flash and I are running the house and keeping the woodstove going. After town errands, they will be going out on a dump run.

Hobo has successfully transitioned back to an indoor-outdoor cat. While the shaved patch on his flank will need a few more weeks to re-grow, he's definitely back to his old self. He's pretty much sorted out how the doggiedoor works, though he's hesitant about the flap. Fudge and Libby are still concerned about him, but at least they've sorted out what zones of the house to inhabit. Fudge gets the kitchen and dining room. Libby gets the foyer, laundry room and the den. Hobo gets the living room when Libby isn't about and the entirety of the back of the house (Master Bedroom, Bathroom and Meditation room).

In other news, I'm on the mend finally. I'm still taking cold meds around the clock, but I'm definitely feeling a bit more like my old self. Which means, there should be chick pics today!
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Josh has been in contact on a regular basis, to which I am most grateful. He did have some specifics for us - his cranial has Cookie printed on the back bottom, along with 5T on the front and back, his green vest and a blue jacket with a red stripe along the left sleeve. He has not yet been up on deck for helio packing, but his turn is coming. They are taking shifts of volunteers to minimize exposure. *sigh*

Tonight, the VAQ-139 Squadron is hosting a Town Meeting to discuss the entire situation. There's a lot of rumor, I assume the signal to noise ratio is minimal at best.

Meanwhile, I'm out of dog food (the horror) and need more poultry feed, which means I must go to the feedstore. Where they might have chicks. Beautiful, fluffy, sweet little chickies. Pray for me.


Mar. 2nd, 2011 01:49 pm
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Hubby's finally hit the 18 year mark in active duty with the US Navy. Only two years left to go - that's 730 days!

*happy dance of joy*
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Joshua's attorney is driving me bonkers. I wanted a barracuda. Josh hired a gopher. Things the lawyer does that piss me off:

I call, I identify myself as Mrs. Cook. He then asks *twice* if I'm Josh's wife. Why, yes, yes I am. I am his wife. He and I have met. Josh introduced us. *headdesk*

Then he asks twice if I'm sure I have Power of Attorney. Yes, I'm sure I have PoA. I'm a military wife. This is what we do. Finally, I offer to fax him a copy so he can be certain.

He continually interrupts me. I'm not sure if this is a lawyer thing, a man thing or a jackass thing. Either way, I started to make a gentle reprove and he INTERRUPTED ME AGAIN so he heard none of it.

He asks for the name and number on the settlement offer. I spell the man's name - the lawyer interrupts. I recite the phone number - the lawyer interrupts. Then he tells me there's not enough numbers, I repeat it again. He interrupts me, again!

I'm going to fax the settlement letter to him. I have absolutely no idea if he managed to even hear what I was reporting about the letter, given how many times he interrupted me.
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6 years ago today, Josh and I chose to be together, legally.

We should all have such a choice.


Dec. 30th, 2010 12:59 pm
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My husband is a sneaky bastard.

He'd written I love you on my FB wall and while I was answering, he stole my cookie!
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Somehow, we've actually managed to finish sending out our holiday cards. I think for possibly the 2nd time in our marriage. I filled out all the addresses and handed them to hubby to fill out. Hopefully, this will become our annual ritual so we can ensure this is taken care of. We don't send out many, barely a dozen - everyone else gets electronic wishes.

I also managed to send out WSU cheeses to our parents. Cheesy? Yes. But a tradition, nonetheless.

Just in time to freshen up and head out the door to meet up with friends for dinner, then caravan over to the Grange meeting tonight.
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Josh's eye has been getting worse, his undereye swelling and without the stitches to hold it together, the newly healed skin is pulling apart. Then there's the pain issue, which OTCs weren't covering. So I nagged him into going to Sick Call yesterday where they finally ran a non-contrast CAT scan. It showed tissue damage, but thankfully no broken bone or sinus issues. They gave him Tramadol for the pain which knocked him on his ass for a few hours. We'll continue to use ice packs to bring down the swelling and hope this passes quickly.

Now to a little off topic whining: Meanwhile, we have the Command Holiday Party tonight. *sigh* I'm probably dreading this more than its worth, but there's nothing I want to do less than spend the 2nd night of Hanukkah with a bunch of strangers playing Navy Wife.
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Hubby: What are you doing?
Me: Cooking the potatoes.
Hubby: But we're having mashed potatoes!
Me: o___0
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Hubby is home! Picking him up at the base was a ruddy pain in the tuchus given I've lost my ID card, but after swearing not to bomb the place (at the guard's insistence) I was allowed to drive on. Kevin met up with me for the wait, quite surreal watching him walk over from a hanger to the waiting room.

In other hubby-related news, his face is healing well and the Navy doctor had removed the stitches thankfully before Josh got home. He's covered in bruises, and has several gashes to heal up. *sigh* He really took a pounding when the plane exhaust blew him across the deck. His CO even came up to check on him when he got off the plane today and assured me they took great care of Josh while on the boat - told me all about them calling in the plastic surgeon on the boat, etc. I was very impressed with him as a CO for doing this, its a real gift to have one so concerned about his men.

We've had a lovely afternoon hanging out, playing with the dogs and playing a gag on Kevin which is always good fun. We'd promised Kevin our big over-sized green leather chair and matching ottoman when he got divorced, so before meeting up with him for dinner we drove over to his place and set it up in his garage. Complete with side table with banana ketchup (he drives around with a bottle of it in case local restaurants don't offer it and they generally don't) as a surprise. So after a lovely dinner at Zorba's, we sneakily followed him home and parked across his driveway as we watched him throw up the garage door and stand there laughing his ass off. We helped him get it set up in his living room (quite posh now), before heading home. Making Kevin laugh and hugging the Boo, not a bad dessert all things concerned!

Not sure what we're going to do with that space, at the very least we'll be tinkering with the living room setup. Moving the bookcases out is first priority but after that, I've no idea.
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I've been trying to clean up a few messes from Josh's accident this summer, mostly with billing mistakes. Radia has been the biggest problem because they are so ridiculously understaffed that all you can do is call and wait 2 business days for a response, only to be asked to get yet another piece of information (they won't do any investigation themselves) then call them back, leave the voicemail, then wait another 2 days for them to call back. No emails, no direct phone numbers. And yes, I've already filed a BBB complaint against them.

Spoke with our insurance company who paid one of the bills Radia is attempting to collect on (the lesser one, 4 months after the appointment), but claims to have not received the other. Really, we're at that level of unprofessionalism that Radia never even bothered to confirm that Geico had the bill to pay.

But the real fun this morning was talking to Geico. I'm going off Josh's notes, which are sparse let me assure you. I didn't yet have the claim number and the only contact number and name I had at Geico turned out to be for property damage. He spent half the call asking "but I don't understand how you got my name and number" and I would once more walk him through: trying to clear this up for an active duty service member, so working from his notes. Your name and number were in them. That call went three times as long due to his incessant "now tell me how did you get my number again?" I am not known for my patience, but I am known for my determination.
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Josh's birthday is next week and I still have no idea what to get for him. Unlike ordinary folks, Josh refuses to do anyone the favor of giving us a hint or just saying "wow, I'd really love to have this" or "that'd look great in my den". *seethe* Honestly, if he doesn't start being helpful and I mean NOW he's going to end up with a new sheet set and comforter set because I need to buy those anyway. Oh, I'll go ahead and wrap them up pretty, yanno.

I may even threaten to get him his own chicken. :)

I, of course, have already given him a list of three things I'd adore for Hanukkah. 3 of 8 in early October, see I'm a treat to buy prezzies for! I'm also, if history repeats itself, going to have to get those at least two of those three things for myself. *sigh*

Anyone with better intel? Or suggestions?
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Going out for mocha, they tell me.

Then they come home with an air conditioner.

This officially makes up for them forgetting my blended Chai Tea.
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We've finally made the deal to buy the Silverado, now we're just waiting for the insurance check to clear at our credit union.

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We managed to sort out the rental car issue today. The insurance company is going to send us a Quick Claim form to transfer title to them, once that is done, we will get our check. And until we get our check, they will continue to pay for the rental. We have this in writing and a copy has been sent to the rental car company, which in this case is Enterprise!

Update: Once again, our attorney was incorrect. Seems we're going to end up signing the damn thing and getting back the totaled pickup.
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This afternoon while I was painting the front porch steps (from a hideous dark green to a lovely sand color), Josh was running our friend's teenager home after helping with the sanding. Josh stopped at the gas station, the bank, grabbed a pizza and was headed with home with Doodle on the front seat with him.

In the town south of us, a teenager was celebrating with her friend after having been given a Jeep for her birthday. She immediately set off from home with her friend in the passenger seat for Oak Harbor. Where she blew through a light and t-squared Josh's big truck right behind the driver's seat.

Josh is fine (but sore). Doodle is fine (but sore and confused). The truck is likely totaled - loads of side-panel damage, drive shaft was knocked out of the transfer case, the rear axle is bent, the driver's rear wheel is torqued and the emergency brake cable snapped). The teenager drove away with a smooshed front end and a ticket for running the red light at speed. Kevin, Josh and I got to spend a few hours with Whidbey General's Finest in the ER, waiting for CAT scan results.

The story I gleaned listening to the men in the teenager's family talk among themselves. One of their comments was "she doesn't pay any attention to her teachers or parents, I don't know why they thought she'd pay attention to traffic signs!"

Which really pisses me off. There's a lesson here, but I doubt anyone learned it.
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Josh came in to the store to hang out for a few hours while I worked today. At one point, he pulled out his cell phone and asked when we were going to call my mother to wish her a happy birthday since it was her birthday today.


My mother was born on Friday the 13th. You'd think a son-in-law would have no trouble whatsoever remembering something like THAT!
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I've finally figured out the correct combination of layering to remain warm & toasty on the back of the motorcycle. In April. In the Pacific Northwest. During the late afternoon.

This involves:
Halter with built in bra (underwires + armor = ow, Ow, OWIE!)
Polar undershirt
Long johns
Thick jeans
100% cotton or wool sweater
Fleece or down vest
Polar gloves
Armored riding jacket
Ear muffs
Helmet (now sporting spiffy new Valkyrie/Bald Eagle wings)
Fleece hiking socks
Leather boots
1/2 face ski mask (I feel like a bank robber in it, though)

And no, I'm not particularly flexible in all that nor am I quick to suit up. But I am warm & toasty, which is the absolute priority. Those and tunes, since I'm not driving. Speaking of priorities, I've finally ordered a bunch of stickers and patches for my get up. Picy goodness to come once the aforementioned is assembled.


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