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Now that the Coupeville quarterback scandal (you heard it here first) is dying down, the local news has gone back to it's former weirdo levels.

Headline: Wine goes to teen's head.
Police are on the lookout for a teenager with a bottle-shaped injury, who broke into a garage and was startled by a wine bottle wielding homeowner.

A Dodge Caravan attacks the local BBQ Joint sign, sliding into it on it's side.

A small black goat was found in Midvale, owner sought.

50% of local elections run unopposed. Community cries out at lack of information on unopposed candidates.

Oak Harbor's Homecoming was interrupted by a fire alarm, no one heard it over the music until the fire department showed up.

Rocky, the local karaoke guru, will be performing at the Red Sky Lounge.

Three (different) goats were found in Rolling Hills (my neighborhood), owner sought.

A man called to report a hunter cleaning a deer on his property. At 2 am.

Dentures found at Lagoon Point. Toothless fisherman sought.

A caller reports a cow in the middle of Monroe Landing Road.

A Ridgeview resident reported an abandoned boat on his property.

A Bayville woman called to report a peacock on the hood of her car and wouldn't let her approach. (FWIW, I know who owns that peacock!)

A Highway 20 resident reported a large black turkey in his yard. After inspection, the turkey was found to be a local, wild variety. A Sheriff was called to 'deal' with the turkey, justice has been served (and so will the turkey).

Kineth Point Road resident reported that a neighbor just landed a helicopter in the yard. The caller wants to know if that is acceptable. (This guy has been fixing that helicopter in his front yard for almost a decade, glad to know it's flying)
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While running errands on Tuesday, we found ourselves in The Main in Coupeville. The Main is an interesting business, a shared historical home converted into multiple businesses. So you can grab a sandwich & latte, then go have a massage without leaving the building. Which is a great idea, given how rainy it gets here.

According to the cashier at The Main (whose hubby is the Assistant Coach at Coupeville High), the quarterback was kicked off the football team for showing up drunk to the Homecoming Dance. We gave the appropriate responses, then headed back to Oak Harbor to hit Dave's Barber Shop so Josh could get a trim. Dave's is one of those old, dusty barber shops that harken back to the 50s with all the old classic accouterments. We let him know what happened and he responded with more gossip - seems the quarterback is the coach's son!

Given that I'm hosting the new Grange's founders meeting, I had to pick up the community center's keys. Wendy, the office gal, filled me in with the community gossip. Wowsa, I've missed a lot not going to the monthly meetings. Seems that we managed to keep the harvesting under the radar, thankfully. I'll attend the November one just to get the temperature.
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The Puget Sound experienced a fairly low level (4.5) earthquake this morning, apparently just enough to freak out the critters and wake me up. And whether it's related or not, the transformer in front of the house blew up. Great big wacking blew up. So they had to turn off our power at around 9am, which scared the daylights out of me so I ran out into the street in my bathrobe to ask the gentleman in the PSE truck what was going on and he explained about the transformer and that it would be a few hours.

So around 2:30pm I called PSE to see what the new ETA was and that's when things get fun:
"Ma'm, there is no reported outage in your area!"
"Ma'm, I have no trucks or personnel out there!"
"Ma'm, check your breakers, it's not on PSE's side."

Now, mind you, I'm staring out my kitchen window at three PSE trucks each running loud diesel engines: a line truck, a cherry picker and an accessory truck out front. There are two gentlemen up in the picker running new line, two guys are barking orders from the road. Repeatedly explaining that to the woman on the phone made me finally remark "could I email you a picture of this, or maybe send it to your cell phone?" Finally, she found a canceled work order that "might" be this. Oy.

Ninjas be fixing my power, folks. You heard it here first.


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