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Josh and I ended up spending the day together, after all. We spent about 2 hours at the rifle range, I rented a snub-nosed S&W revolver (358) to try out. I've decided on a revolver vs a pistol, but I'm still working on the details of exactly what I want. Something with a larger grip than the Smith & Wesson I borrowed, that's for sure, and likely a 4 inch barrel. Nice action, though. I will, at some point, write an entire post about Greene's. It deserves full attention, but I'll go back with a camera to share the fun.

We also had a chance to see Pixar's Up. Run, do not walk, to your local theatre and see this. It's hysterical, absolutely hysterical! We're thinking of renaming Doodle for Doug. I laughed so hard everyone else was cracking up at me.

Today, Josh & Kevin are doing the Sunday chores: dump run, dog park visit, etc. Right now they are off on one of their epic 2 hour mocha runs. *eyeroll*


Jun. 17th, 2009 02:40 pm
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Joshua brought a friend over last night from the boat, a very nice guy named Dominic whom I was thrilled to meet and have dinner in my home with. Try not faint, folks. Dominic just completed the mandatory motorcycle course at NAS Whidbey, where you have the option of using their motorcycles or your own. And when I meant just, I mean 1 hour before I served him dinner. I had some questions, so we all hung out in the driveway with the motorcycles chatting.

He looked over at Josh's bike and frowned, "listen, I really don't mean any offense here, but that's too much bike to learn to ride on. He's got all sorts of after-factory add ons that won't be covered in the class. You need a simpler, smaller bike, cc-wise." He went over a few more specifics, in a very thoughtful manner about Josh's bike then brought me over to his (much smaller profile, lower cc, etc.) had me get on and went over it all, again.

To say I was impressed with him is a gross understatement. This is the kind of guy I wish we had in the local occult community. Intelligent, interested, great manners, lovely voice, good sense of humor and very perceptive. A great student and a great teacher, both.
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Yesterday Josh did something Josh almost never does. No no, not that. He washed the dishes. Now I don't know what exactly came over the man, its an absolute wonder he did so. Typically I have to stand over his shoulder with a frying pan aimed at his head before he'll voluntarily do dishes. Which, arguably, makes it more like voluntold.

His unfamiliarity with washing dishes, however, managed to wreak a little bit of havoc upon him. Fortunately this havoc could be temporarily bandaged with papertowels and a lot of packing tape until after the dedication ritual. And so yes, we ended up taking him to the ER. Where everyone we met, from check in to waiting room to trauma area, laughed with us.

A good night, three stitches included.


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