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Josh and I had a wonderful time heading over to Erin's farm yesterday afternoon to pick up our hay order. We took Gracie, who had a tough time figuring out whether she wanted her head on my lap or his. I think she's still getting used to being in the front seat, though she access to the back seat whenever she likes.

Gracie was made for farm life. Once we gave her the command, she jumped out and did a circuit, sniffing the ground before coming to report. We said hello to the Nubian goats, which she adores even though they aren't particularly fond of her - the kept charging the pen bars and generally acting annoyed. Josh adored the goats at the Fair and has been driving me bonkers trying to talk me into getting a goat to take care of the blackberry bushes. We haven't a secured pen that can hold a goat and those things will eat the house without proper penning. They also eat trees! Argh. Next property, Josh, when we have a proper pen and more land for grazing. Meanwhile, he can do homework because I know absolutely nothing about goat care.

Speaking of Josh, we had a funny interchange this morning when he was heading out to work. He's one of those annoyingly chipper folks in the morning. I'm a zombie, zoned out on sleeping meds. Worse yet, I'd woken up with a fever, which I do roughly a few times a month. He'd been particularly peppy this morning after letting the chickens out, so I decided to get even with him.

Me: Hey, look Josh, it's a spider! (Josh is afraid of spiders, I like them)

Josh: Hey, look Tris, its a big dead rat that Libby left outside the den this morning that I cleaned up before waking you up.

Me: Yeah, you win. *shudder*
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In my typical way, I've been brooding about the living room situation. With only a loveseat and an armchair, there's not really enough room for socializing. Not a huge problem, as we prefer to go out but with Jason coming - OCD flare.

And then, I gave up. Can't afford to buy three-seater, can't afford the time and energy worrying about that fact either. Too much on my plate, let someone else make plans and sort it out. Whatthefuckever. I surrender.

And once I did - a three-seater dropped out of the sky and into our living room. Comfy, free and tattered enough that I won't worry the dogs will ruin it being dogs. Febreezed to hell and back. Sofa cover is a must (and I won't sit on it until then) and will be purchased first thing tomorrow morning, but still not too bad.

Powers-that-be, thank you! I'm learning, slowly but surely, I'm learning. Drop a few more "just what I need right now freebies" on me and maybe it will sink in at last!
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Josh and I have committed ourselves to hosting a Chinese student between June 30th and July 25th. This is, in some respects, a trial for Josh and I towards fostering. And at least for me, a continuation of our family tradition of hosting foreign exchange students.

Our student is 16 year old Yang Yu, who goes by Jason. He wants to be an officer when he grows up. He's active in sports, swimming, loves comic books, history and pop. His sister is also in the program, but will be staying with another family. We'll get him a one month pass to the town pool and get our bikes in to have them checked out, locate a few sporting good items, etc. for him. And deck out the den for him, as well.

I've signed up to be of help in driving, as my car seats 6. I need to brush up on my Chinese manners and certainly a few ideas for food, since one of the biggest problems I had in Germany was handling the very rich food. I'd like Jason to have options that are familiar to his tummy, so he can enjoy the adventure of being here without being sick.

Any references, resources, advice - hell, even a swift kick to the head, are welcome.


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