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Pomegranate is doing it right, folks. Please support this vital publisher with your time and attention, your wallet if you can.

In catalog order, my recommendations for you:

The Evil Garden by Edward Gorey. I'll recommend anything by Gorey and there's a lot on offer (over two dozen books from the look of it) at the moment via Pomegranate. I single out The Evil Garden, which describes a family outting to a botanical garden featuring deadly plants, insects, snakes, etc. and in that charmingly vicious Gorey way - they all come to a poetic end. Of course!

Crow Mother and the Dog God by Meinrad Craighead, featuring essays by Rosemary Davies. Craighead is a Benedicine nun who left the order to go to America's Southwest where she learned Native American beliefs and sought to combine her belief in the Madonna with the Crow Mother. The art is really quite engrossing - worth a look and a read.

The Addams Family: An Evilution by H. Kevin Miserocchi. Based on the iconic cartoons, this book presents 200+ never before seen cartoons by artist Charles Addams. The book traces the origins and history of the cartoon, outlining in great detail each character. A MUST for most of my friends.

Taking Tea with Mackintosh: The Story of Miss Cranston's Tea Rooms by Perilla Kinchin. A delightful true story featuring Kate Cranston's support of budding architect, Charles Renne Mackintosh, who in 1896 began designing tea rooms for both men AND women - shocking in that day and age. This book includes each of the tea rooms designs, from architecture to the design of the uniforms of the waitstaff, including whatever remnates remain of the actual tearooms. Also includes recipes for "traditional tea room cakes, breads and pastries". Ruth, I'm thinking you'd love this!

Special Note: Also on offer, Charles Rennie Mackintosh: Textile Designs by Roger Billcilffe. If you haven't seen these, you are missing out. Combining art, geometry and 'architexture' these designs are mesmerizing. I couldn't live with them, but I'm looking forward to looking at them.

Art Quilts: Playing with a Full Deck by Sue Pierce and Verna Suit. I can't speak highly enough of this one - just knowing it exists makes me chuckle with delight! Pierce came up with the highly original idea to ask fellow art quilters to design a unique quilt based on each card in the playing card deck, including the two jokers. From the pics offered, these are awesome, inspiring works. I would highly recommend this to any tarot fan.

Manglo-Saxon: Marvelously Mangled Meanings fo Well-Worn Words by R.S. Young. A completely new lexicon in which "words mean what the sound like and look like. Examples given: "Equator: Exclamation of finding something unexpected in restaurant food. 'Equator! There's a spider in my soup!'" & "Limpet: A sedated domestic animal. 'A simple pill turns a hysterical schnauzer into a wobbling limpet". Erynn and Alfrecht, I'm thinking these might be worth a good conversation over dinner.

Sorry for the typos, I'm trying to catch them all. I cannot type on an Apple keyboard, mea culpa!
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The first thing that strikes me as I flip through the catalog is
who are these people?
I consider myself a fairly well read occultist, yet with few exceptions, I'm unfamiliar with the authors. Granted, there will always be authors involved in Paths I'm unfamiliar with, but I gather we're dealing with some newer folks on the Llewellyn scene.

I can sum up this catalog simply: Mighty thin beer.

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Will definitely buy whatever 3 disk, deluxe director's cut/collector's edition is available when it hits the shelves. And the soundtrack.


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