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Jun. 6th, 2012 09:06 pm
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Taking it easy is boring the shit out of me. Friends are kindly dropping by and trying to amuse me or at least, distract me for a few hours.

Tomorrow I'll be working on setting up the Etsy shop, re-organize the products and set up scenes, Thursday Pandora is coming over to do principle photography on the sales items and finish setting up policies. Friday will be tweaking and more organization.

I'm hoping we'll be good to go live by Friday. *cross fingers*

Yes, this is my idea of taking it easy.
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We've had a rather sudden influx of large orders recently, which had me calling on favors to help grind and mix. This afternoon Alicia and I made more than a dozen individual incenses - including everyone's horror to make The Altar of Eleven Spices. Our hands are still sticky from the Galbanum and Balsam.

I've been experimenting with new Imbolc & Candlemas incense recipes this year as the traditional ones haven't been popular. I'll be featuring Brighid incense, of course, which is absolutely delightful and one of our more popular incenses.

This month we'll be offering additional Sampler Packs (a Divine Sampler #2 & #3) which necessitates additional God incenses. Suggestions welcome. After long last, we'll also be offering bulk herbs!

Also coming in this quarter, we'll be offering additional products via affiliations with Azure Green and likely Peter Stone Jewelry (we have already partnered with Amazon). As well as a very exciting development I'll wait to fill folks in on!

Now I just need, you know, to actually do all that stuff. Whee!
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After exhaustive efforts, the new Research page is finally up and running.

Designed as a "Things You Need To Know", this hopefully will clear up a lot of those fun little confusions and arguments (Onycha, Cinnamon, Calamus) that come up from time to time.

I will be updating this page with further research, as necessary.
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I've spent the last few hours dickering with several spelling and format errors on the website. After tidying up, I also added a hyperlink to our Book Recommendations page from most of the How To Guides.

And to celebrate my continued web designer development, I've added a whole new How To Guide: Names & Substitutions.

Go forth and learn yourself!
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Internet connection here is so incredibly spotty, we'll be offline for hours then pop back for 15 minutes or so, then back offline again. Needless to say, our ISP has been useless and has schedule an appointment on January 9th to fix the problem. Ugh.

However, being forced offline has been very productive for the website. I've a few formatting issues in the tables which I shall endeavor to correct but otherwise I'm quite pleased with the results.

Without further ado:
Tree of Life correspondences -

Zodiac, Planetary and Elemental blend recipes -

Translation Errors (a work in progress) -

These are all linked from the "How To" Page and should prove very useful. I've another page in development, outlining Research on various incense ingredients that's likely going to take me another week to complete.

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A few design issues, but otherwise the Store is up and running again! All hail Rainbear for helping me sort out the nightmare of osCommerce updates! In other exclamation-worthy news I've finally learned to make tables, will wonders never cease!

Using this technique, I've made a few of the How To pages a bit more readable:

And added additional recipes to our Simple Incenses page:

The Herbal has been moved to the How To page, which seemed a more usable location for it. At some point I'll likely work on the readability factor of the Herbal, but that's for another chapter in the HTML workbook.

Things to Come-
I'm currently working on adding a KBLH/Tree of Life section, which likely won't be ready until the end of the weekend at the earliest. I'll also be adding using the Alephbet as spirit guides, which should tie in nicely to the Archangel section I'm tweaking, as well.

As always, any recommendations?
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Still housebound, but working diligently on our simple website. Granted, I wish I were capable of more complex pages, but for now this is good. Once I manage to figure out columns and tables, I expect the site will read a bit better.

I've now added "How To" pages:
Basic Ingredients
Simple Incenses

I'm also testing a new idea, a Guestbook. Incredibly ugly graphic linking to same on the Triple Pillar's Homepage.

Still brainstorming new ideas for content, please let me know if you have any recommendations.
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Migration has occurred and there are hiccups. But much glory.

What's going right:
All email accounts are functional.
The website has been updated with new pages (see Updates below)

What's going wrong:
The shopping cart/store is fairly screwed up, the categories do not work however all products are available via New Products. This we are working on post haste!

How To's - Book Recommendations (a'la Amazon), Getting Started, Making Incense Cones, Safety and Tools & Equipment.

Grimoires - We now have an Herbal available, there is a strange coding error on the Herbs M page (most of the descriptions are entirely in bold). We are working on this, slowly.

What's coming up later this month -
Hopefully a fixed shopping cart/store.
Bulk herbs.
More Grimoire and How To's.
Photographs! Tell your friends!
Via our Associate Program: censers, mortars & pestles and the like.

So here's your talk back section - what content would you like to see on the website? More How To's? An Archangel Grimoire? More herbal information? More magical essays, articles, etc.?

I mean it, people, don't make me upload a midi on there!
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We were offline for a day on Sunday but things seem to be going smoother now. I'm hoping we can get the migration finished, so I can get back to the fun stuff of adding additional products and new grimoire pages.

I'm a nervous wreck during this, so apologies galore for not being in touch with folks lately. I'm really hoping the new email system works without all the complications and constant breakdowns.

Once again, sorry for the delays!
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I had scheduled today to work on the various webhosting issues with Triple Pillars. There's no way I can continue to use our current host, they never fix anything permanently so everything they fix is absolutely guaranteed to break again. I'm still not getting notifications of orders, which they insist nothing is wrong on their end. Good bye, Lypha!

Hello, Nightowl!

The order process and email system will likely be down during the migration, so if you're having problems please email or instant message me.

Unfortunately, I've been called into work today because the boss is sick and I'm the weekend closer. No worries, just not what I was planning to do today.
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There's a few pages we're still linking to, but otherwise its just a minor tweak here and there.

Please take a look at the new Triple Pillars! We'll be adding a few more pages over the weekend and expect to add a large How To section and Incense Grimoire by next weekend.

For those who graciously offered to test my new Ganymede incense, I realized when packing them that the incense wasn't completely dehydrated and that must be done before I can pack them for shipment.

My apologies for the delay!
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When I'm not rescuing rabbits or other strays (kid, too) I tend to treat myself to lovely warm baths, clay treatment mask and a good book while listening to the BCC.

Needless to say, having already done that tonight, I'm at a bit of loose ends while I choose additional material to add to the Triple Pillars Grimoire. I've got a couple friends trying to fix the site and they've essentially told me to stop messing things up while they fix it. *grin*
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Finally managed to get some wonderful Sweetgrass. Not a lot of it, mind you, but at least I have a good (and expensive) source.

Tonight's incense making included a quadruple batch of High Altar. High Altar is one of my favorite incenses because not only does it smell wonderful, its also a lovely incense since I hand crumble the dry rose petals and only lightly grind the juniper berries. A feast for the senses, indeed! High Altar is a fairly simple recipe, yet produces one of the more favorite of our incenses. A perennial favorite, after Kyphi its the most often requested incense for birthdays, etc.

Probably the prettiest incense, by far, is our Dreamers Incense with lovely large lavender buds, poppy seeds and rosemary needles. I've planted another three lavender plants, to expand our lavender varieties grown here at the Tryst Inn. Cannot wait to see how they smell!

Coming up: We'll need to make more Kyphi before too long.
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One of my favorite things about making incense is the research and testing involved. I've been working to translate the Torah's recipe for the Altar of Incense recipe. Breaking it down into manageable quantities, I then have to figure out what the modern names for a few ingredients are and if necessary, provide replacements when necessary.

Tonight's experiment, Altar of Incense (aka 11 Spices) in tablespoons:

Cloves 2
Cinnamon .25
Cassia .5
Frankincense 2
Spikenard .5
Saffon .5
Ginger .4
Cedar .1
Galbanum 2
Balsam 2

Sadly, I'm completely out of Galbanum & Spikenard, the latter much to my befuddlement. How the hell did I run out of Spikenard? I rarely use it. Even without these two ingredients, its quite wonderful. They've been ordered, so in a few weeks I'll be able to finish the experiment and see what we've got.

Along that note, I've made an Exodus (30) Anointing Oil, we'll see how it sets up. For those curious, equal parts: Frankincense, Myrrh, Galbanum, Cinnamon, Cassia, Calamus & Styrax. So far, so good!

I'm also experimenting with the idea of offering bulk herbs, woods & resins, some powdered, on Triple Pillars. Not quite sure how I'd work that, but its something to consider.
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I'm still tweaking the write ups, but I've managed to get quite a few of the Egyptian Traditional Oils up on the site. Ruth & Jay's comments have been included in those write ups, if anyone was interested. I've limited this first batch to those I purchased for my own use, though I will be adding additional products in the coming weeks. Pardon the horrid graphics, I'm still waiting on the importer's photography.

Oils included are:
Red Amber
Attar of Roses
Amber Kashmir
7 Chakras Oil (the above blended together)

As far as my own blended oils go, I've gotten three of them up and need to add distinctive photography, as well. I'm holding off on offering mine, as I still need to buy product bottles and allow the oils to finish seeping another month or so. I've decided to delay the Hyssop Oil, because while I realize its "traditional" via the grimoires in my possession to use mineral oil, its taking much longer to set up than the others in olive oil. To date, I've added:

Three (aka Three Kings, Three Wise Men, etc.) oil
Abramelin - Calamus Oil
Abramelin - Galangal Oil

Tonight I'm starting a batch of Fire of Azrael Oil (a'la Dion Fortune's novels), should be wonderful!
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The site is back up and functioning, though sadly not yet on the new webhosting service. I'll be adding additional pages this week, which hopefully folks will enjoy.

Egyptian oils - scheduled to arrive Wednesday. Sadly, the Ambergris did not ship with this order and is on indefinite hold in Giza, Egypt. They sent us additional Red Amber, instead, we're told. We're planning to put up the 7 Chakra oils first: lotus, jasmine, the two ambers, musk, sandalwood, attar of roses, etc. And we may have Lilac! We hope to offer imported hand blown bottles for those purchasing a fluid ounce.

Blended oils - things are setting up quite well with the two Abramelin oils. The Hyssop oil is coming along nicely and we should have a gorgeous Three (aka Three Wise Men, Three Kings, etc.) oil I expect will be a big hit for dressing oil (Myrrh, Frankincense & Sandalwood).
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Put up two batches of Abramelin Oil, one with Calamus and the other with Galangal. Galangal is the Samuels Mathers mistranslation, which Crowley worked with. Calamus is the original, the Jewish Ambramelin oil from the bible. I don't add enough cinnamon to overwhelm the senses. Cinnamon is perfectly nice, of course, but I can't see the point of filling the temple with it.

For those unfamiliar with these two ingredients - Galangal has a spicy scent, with a touch of ginger. Calamus has a floral sweetness with just a tinge of yeast. Quite a difference, that. I'm working with masticated ingredients in an Extra Virgin Olive Oil Base. I'll shake them weekly for about a month and see what we come up with.

Caveat: Calamus is toxic and so inedible. While safe on the skin, one must not sprinkle on cakes or the host and ingest.

For the curious: Exodus 30:22-33:
Take thou also unto thee principal spices, of pure myrrh five hundred [shekels], and of sweet cinnamon half so much, [even] two hundred and fifty [shekels], and of sweet calamus two hundred and fifty [shekels], And of cassia five hundred [shekels], after the shekel of the sanctuary, and of oil olive an hin: And thou shalt make it an oil of holy ointment, an ointment compounded after the art of the apothecary: it shall be an holy anointing oil.

Now, if I could just get the website transfered to the new domain host. Grrrr.
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Damn, this thing would be perfect for incense making!
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Took advantage of Deb's day off to do a complete inventory on the herbs, resins & woods among the various cabinets.

A few inventory thoughts:
1) Wowsa - I've got to stop ordering herbs because they 'seem' interesting and concentrate on herbs I actually *can use*.
2) I desperately have to find a source for Winter's Bark. Like yesterday. Oy.
3) I have 21 pounds of over 150 herbs, woods & resins.

Otherwise, inventory went pretty well - spreadsheets have been updated and orders are being planned.

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Q: How do I come up with the unique blends on Triple Pillars?
A: Lots of ways!

Let's take a recent creation "Three Graces" as an example. I've been wanting to make an incense to the Graces for some time, as well as incenses based on the Muses. While making a batch of "Memory Drops", a Classic Formulary recipe, I realized that the addition of an additional ingredient and the tweaking of a few quantities would make something truly wondrous (humble, eh?) So I took roughly half the batch of MD and experimented. What came out was a lovely, gracious incense that literally (Sadie: LOL) had people raising their eyebrows and exclaiming that they really liked it. For those who don't live nearby, I have a truly wretched habit of grabbing anyone who comes near my front door, shoving something under their nose and demanding "what do you think?" Fortunately, most folks have been very tolerant of this. I even come bearing a bag of samples when I go visit friends, and they've been incredibly tolerant of this, too. If even one person sniffs and responds with "feh", I won't put it up on the site without additional experimenting (usually adding additional ingredients) and another round of pestering folks.
Details )

Any other questions? :)


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