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It only took about a year of unsuccessful stalking of the CL Free section, but I did manage to find a beautiful free desk AND nab it. Free desks are tough, especially nice ones, but nabbing them is even harder. This weekend I managed to do both:


The guys are picking it up. I'm thrilled at this first step in re-doing my home office. I still need to find a large organizer for the wall opposite the windows, which I may end getting from IKEA. But this is a great find! :D

I'll take my old desk over to Delightfully Deviant's studio. I'm sure they have a sewing machine or similar equipment that needs a new desk. Maybe even a little corner one like that.
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While its delightful to be busy, last week was a bit too busy! So this week, Gods willing, we're hoping for some peace and quiet. There's several quiet projects on the agenda, like cleaning the house and fixing the incubator. We'll be hoping to get some Silkie eggs put in by middle of next week.

Tomorrow I need to hit the Commissary, as we're out of nearly everything. I also have a bit of baking to do, mini-meat pies for hubby's lunch for the week.

I have some organizing to do, left over from the fire when the cleaning crew disorganized our books by putting all the books back willy-nilly. There's also some incense making to be done and other Craft projects and organizing.


Apr. 16th, 2012 11:02 am
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Hubby was a busy guy this weekend, thankfully managing to get quite a few projects done in beautiful weather.

The back porch and walkway has been power washed and looks great. Its a temporary condition but for now its awesome. We re-arranged the furniture and removed a few things, to make room for the new fodder system. In cleaning out the hall closet, we'd found a cute string of outdoor lights and hung them on the poor, but it still needs some additional prettying. I'll be on the lookout for more things to brighten it up like seat cushions and windsocks. With the windstorms around here cute candles and the like are generally out of the picture, they'd be dashed to the ground but there may be some other things we can do.

Josh also used some PVC tubing to make a frame for the top of the rack so the tarping hangs better and doesn't gap and bind up. The better the fit, the better chance the seeds and roots grow. Speaking of which, the roots and shoots continue to grow, slowly now that the temperatures have dropped here. We'll be lucky if we can get up to 63F here today. I'm starting to wonder if a small heater might be a way to go.

Mingled in with all that as a dump run and a farm visit to buy hay from Erin. Poor Gracie was exhausted by then. She had a delightful time sniffing dogs at Home Depot and charming people and kids. Gracie is a bit concerned because we moved the young outdoor Silkies to the Rustic Roost - the wire bottom hutch was bothering Snow's feet, so we moved all four to keep them together. We'll keep an eye on them and hopefully, he'll get better soon.

Three doctor appointments this week, and we're still dogsitting BooBoo, so busy week. We'll also be bringing an East Wing pen online, as well. I need to find 3 coops or easily convertible items, so that's a huge time sink. *cross fingers*
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Gearing up for my Flame Keepers schedule and wanted to take inventory on what's going on vs what's been completed.

Silkie chicks - we have LOTS of Silkie chicks. Honestly, I've no idea how many, its roughly 35 or so. 24 I picked up last week, the 6 we hatched here (mostly Frizz), then the ones we purchased earlier. I will take an inventory! Update: 33 :D

Orpingtons - the waiting until they are old enough to breed has begun. Geesh. This will take until roughly July.

Ameraucanas - I'm THIS CLOSE, to pulling eggs out to have Silkies brood, since the Silkie mixes aren't laying anyway.

East Wing - Kevin dug the fence trenches, so we'll need to staple boards to the bottom of the fence and bury it, then back fill the trenches. From there, we need to finish the upper fencing (i.e. between the pens so they can't fly from one to another), connect the upper to the lower fencing (likely tightening the lower fencing in the process), then hang the gates (after purchasing them, budget ouch) and procure 2 additional coops. I'm thinking a minimum of 2 more work days here. *cross fingers*

Flash's ears - poor guy, he's had yeast infections on and off all winter. We've finally found a natural herbal product that seems to be working. He's not thrilled by the process, but he's definitely finally on the mend. Hopefully, this time the treatment will last awhile. The prescription stuff never seemed to last long.

Denim bench pad: I still want to decorate it with a few stars, but otherwise its holding up well. Proud of it and its likely to get a few matching pillows at some point.

Wormery: Josh is finishing up as I type by drilling holes (in fact, doubling the number) in the other two Sterlite containers for air circulation. Lori is coming by to see them around noon. I'm tapped out budget-wise, so the rest of the worm purchasing is on her.

West Wing: Up and running, all we need is warmer weather to paint the coops! I'm pretty thrilled to have it good to go. We'll be moving around some chickens (an eternal process) but its great.
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At 8:30, Tiger called and asked if I could come over and pick her up off the floor. She'd fallen sometime after 6am and couldn't get up. And of course, she didn't want to bother me. *teeth gritting* So of course, this is when the cleaning crew pulls up, needing to get into the house. So I told Josh that Tiger had fallen again and to get back in the car, then I left the house open for the crew and we left. We zoomed over (she's around the corner from our house) and picked her up in a reverse firemen carry. She likely tore a ligament in her shoulder, she wanted to wait until her hubby got home before she went to the ER and I couldn't see anything wrong with her so I texted him from the bathroom, then stayed at her house for 6 hours to keep an eye on her while Josh was stuck at the house alone.

Possibly for the best on some levels. The specialty cleaning products these folks are using are absolutely horrifying my allergies. I'm doubling up on my antihistamines (with doctor's permission)

Thank God Josh was coming home to supervise today's work, because Tiger is taller than I am and very frail. I'm 5'7" and she's 6 feet tall. So even while she's on the floor, that's a lot of hauling. I can pick up her weight, I'm not worried about that. What I was worried about was hurting her in the process, there's a point where levering someone up on your own yanks the other person when their torso is so much taller than your own.

The cleaning crew is returning on Monday to finish the last few rooms. Dang are they thorough. The ducts and vents have been professionally cleaned by a specialty contractor and filters put in place to catch particulates. The heater company came this evening and installed the new heater, which works great. We'll need to build a ventilated cabinet front of some sort to hide it in the laundry room, but otherwise we're nearly good to go now.

This whole week has been exhausting.
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Saturday morning


Wednesday morning


Rain is on the weather report for the next 9 days.
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Woke up to a Winter Wonderland. Doodle did a bit of a slip and slide maneuver down the dogs slide and has been indoors napping ever since.


These are the gorgeous trees the electric company wanted to chop down but we wouldn't let them.


Update: Sold the two mottled Bantam Cochins. :D

Down below

Jan. 6th, 2012 10:09 am
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I'm waiting on the flooring rep, who very kindly called this morning to let me know what time she expects to be here within the rather large window we reserved. She sounds like a nicely take charge sort, which is good as I'm rather indecisive about renovations. I'm horrid when it comes to decorating, I haven't the "eye" for such so I tend to stick to basics. Part of my problem is that while visually I appreciate many artistic forms, at the end of it, I prefer simplicity with just a tiny bit of folk whimsy. Which is very difficult, I find, to plan for. It sort of happens organically. Budgets suffer due to impatience on that, sadly.

Update: $3000. Ugh. That's $1000 more than I expected. SHIT!

I'm watching Billy Connolly's "Journey to the Edge of the World: White Pass, Alaska". At some point, I just need to buy the entire BBC series, I've only seen this Alaska series and I'm hooked. I so adore Connolly, he spends more time laughing at himself than at anything else. He reminds me of my older Irish relatives, so charming, so honest, so warm. I'm endlessly charmed by him. He has this fascination for life I treasure, especially in how he relates to people. There doesn't seem to be anyone who doesn't fall for him in some fashion and he for them. Its a pleasure to watch someone so in love with everything he discovers, be it music, people, food or places. This is what I consider true purity of spirit!

The Days

Aug. 18th, 2011 08:40 pm
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I spent about an hour today re-arranging things for the Mamma hens. I removed the brooder box from Salt's hutch so the chicks can reach food and water. Which was good timing, as I was there to see one of the Silkie eggs hatch as I was replacing the shavings. She's still wet, so we'll hold off taking pictures until tomorrow. So who wants a chick namesake?

Mamma Wendy continues to do well, I moved her and her eggs into a brooder box and filled up her feed bowl. I'm hoping I'm here for the hatch, as I'd hate to hear about it secondhand. I know Lori will take excellent care of the chicks, but still. My chicks!

Fortunately, T.C. (Patrick's teen) came over to hang out and play with the dogs. He helped out by carrying back the three bags of poultry feed from the driveway to the coop. I have to laugh at these kids - they think 50 pounds is heavy and are shocked to hear I do this every week at my advanced age of 39. *snort* At their age (living in Arizona) I used to throw hay around, carry saddles around the stable and yes, carry feed bags. At 120+ degrees. No one used a wagon, you'd have been laughed off the stable for it.

I went to Home Depot this evening and spent way too much money on paint and supplies because Jeremiah is coming tomorrow late afternoon to paint pretty much the front of the house! The ceilings in the living room, kitchen, dining room and foyer. Likely part of the hallway, as well. I cannot wait!

He's also going to paint That Damn Wall, as we are now referring to it. And the foyer and kitchen walls and if there's time permitting, the hallway, too. Should brighten up the front of the entire house. Which means I'll be spending much of tomorrow moving furniture, books and if Kevin can't help me move it, we'll cover what's left.

Brittany is coming over to do the exterior painting (tunnel, ramp, gates, doors, etc.) in exchange for using our WiFi. If there's time, she'll also touch up the exterior paint.
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I have new glasses and a new purple witch hat (a weakness of mine, I don't even look that great in purple). The latter is due to a trip to Pier One, as I'm looking for bistro cushions for the back porch. I'm hoping for something bright and folk-arty. I only need two, but its not been easy because it sets the tone for the rest of the porch. I may try Target again, but its so late in the season now.

The back porch received its second coat of paint this afternoon. Now we're just waiting for it to dry.

The rest of the week, at a glance:

Wednesday: Michael is coming first thing to get the dog tunnel installed. Which means I'm going to have to cancel on the poultry 4-H folks tomorrow, much to my friends' relief, I'm sure. Back goes the knee brace that didn't fit right. I'll keep the poultry net, which will come in handy here as I'm tired of stooping it back and forth between the chicken coops and the duck pens. I'm desperate to get the back gates painted, so I'll likely do that tomorrow. I should be okay in the open air. I have a face mask, gloves and overalls.

Thursday: Paint must be chosen and purchased: new kitchen color, new foyer color and more dining room paint. And another gallon or two of ceiling paint for the front of the house.

Friday: Jeremiah is coming over to PAINT THAT DAMN WALL! I don't care if I have to borrow money from my mother for the wedding in Colorado. I cannot take another week of looking at that f*cking wall. I admit I'm shallow, over-reacting and freaking out. Screw it. That wall is getting painted this week. Likely once I'm done groveling in gratitude, he'll finish up by painting the foyer, dining room, kitchen and ceilings in the front of the house.

Friends have offered to help Josh yank out the carpet and replace it with Pergo. So that's waiting until September.

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Given all the delays this morning, I was insanely relieved when the exchange students down the street (Karen and Cindy) showed up to ask if Caroline could come over to play games. Caroline was very concerned that she should stay and help out, but I sent her off with some yogurt and a gentle push. Frankly, any help I need, a 90lb teenager isn't likely to be much help with - she cannot lift a 50 pound sack of feed, but then most adults I know can't either! Nor can she lift a garbage can of similar weight. So go have fun! Who the heck wants to haul garbage, anyway? I sure don't!

Still waiting on the hutch builder, I had a feeling they'd flake out this morning after they flaked out yesterday afternoon. *eye roll* Update: they came by this afternoon and we managed to hammer out some plans. Now I need to get to Home Depot and buy the wood, hardware, etc.

Thankfully, Michael has been by to finish up a few measurements. He's off to the lumber mill to buy wood for the back porch gates. He's thinking he'll get at least one finished today. I'm hoping for both. Once they are in place, we'll be able to get started renovating the back porch, which includes: removing the various items on the porch, power washing it, sealing it and re-arranging the cafe table, etc. I'm thinking I'll tap Kevin for this, I'm going broke paying for contractors. :(

I'm hoping Michael remembers that we need a channel for the dogs to go outside and a ramp to walk down to get off the porch and into the backyard. *cross fingers*

Meanwhile, we really need to do a dump run. We were supposed to go this morning before everything else started, but Jim never showed up. So now he's coming at some point this afternoon. Sounds like we're darting out while Tiger is having her hair done.

I will definitely have earned my sushi dinner tonight!
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Slowly working to get things done, it may be bright but it is also very chilly. I was hoping to get the brooder chicks outside for a bit today, then move them out to the blue shed pen tomorrow. It needs to happen, but its hard to commit. I love having them in the house, even though they are messy (dust everywhere) and noisy. I need to check that the pen is still secure before I do so. Not a fun thing, its actually very messy so I'm saving it until later in the day.

Today is chore day, getting things done around the house and getting myself ready. I'm slowly getting the chores done today, especially laundry. Flash isn't safe to leave unsupervised around laundry, so I need to get this done before I go. Plus that whole "need clothes on the trip" thing.

Wednesday is errand day, plenty of those to do. Since I'm going to Diabetes Bootcamp tomorrow, I figure I may as well pick up scripts while I'm at the Naval Hospital. And since I'm driving back through town, I may as well do the feed run, too. Maybe even a few errands to find a few gifts.

I'm a little concerned that I may not have left enough time to take the shuttle, get checked in, go through security and get to the gate with time to spare. Will be working on that dreadful math soonest.


Apr. 18th, 2011 10:04 pm
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Just about knocked myself unconscious this afternoon, when the decrepit old rabbit hutch lid came down and knocked me in the side of the head. I had to sit down for about 5 minutes until my head cleared. I knew the thing was a piece of shit. I didn't know it was getting deadly. The left side of my face, ear, neck and head is covered in scratches and bruises. I've been making do with the damn thing because I can't fix the pens by myself.

I need help, local folks. This Saturday at 10am, I'm asking local friends to come by with their family and friends to help me re-fence Bunhalla. I'll be baking and cooking egg-related goodness, as well as ordering pizza. I'm asking that folks bring their own sodas, juices, etc. since I have no idea what folks drink these days. We'll be serving hot coffee, tea and our sweet well water.

The weather report is calling for clear and mild, in the fifties.

Wear galoshes - its muddy out there!
Wear a sunhat and/or sunscreen
Wear gloves and make sure you have your tetanus up to date!
Sturdy clothes that can get dirty
Extra staple guns - I have two
Extra shovels or spades, we need to bury the fencing 6 inches underground

Hope to see you here!
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Sadly, the heater refused to send up heat this morning. Gods, I hate that thing. Plenty of air, but cold air. Texted Kevin and settled in to organize the recycling since it was overwhelming the recycling area in the kitchen. I'm hoping to set up a recycling area in the side shed. Given that I was now having a Monday on a Sunday, I went ahead and cleaned the kitchen. Even yanked everything out of the fridge and cleaned it, then re-organized the contents. Which basically showed me that we are desperately in need of a Commissary run. Which sadly, won't take place until Tuesday. *eye roll*

Kevin arrived this afternoon to kick and curse at the heater until it started spouting forth hot air, again. At this rate, I'm not sure we can limp that sucker until April.

So to date, here's the list known as THINGS I CANNOT GET FIXED:
the roof (where's my tax refund?)
the dining room/living room 1/2 wall (2 years now, where's my contractor?)
Bunhalla/Duckgard (where's my warm weather?)

Which basically, is now depressing me to no end. So I decided to spend a little time on one of my favorite blogs printing recipes of things I'll likely never cook but like to think I will. I'll spend some time this evening pasting them into my cookbook binder.
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To expand on the FB post:

I woke up in full adrenaline mode to a horrendous screeching noise. After some investigation, it turned out to be the heater. I went ahead and turned it off, thinking if I left it running it would likely blow. Got up at a reasonable hour, turned it back on - more screeching. I turned it off, started cursing, then got around to take care of the critters while I texted Kevin for help. Made coffee, built a fire and started warming up my very best Ye Olde Curse.

Called Dad, who used to run an HVAC company, he instructed me to unplug the unit (no off switch, since its electric), then run the blade in both directions. Plug back in, run it and see what's what. So far, so good. Kevin dropped by with Boo, did about the same thing I did, called it good and headed home, leaving BooBoo with me. All I can think, is that there was some sort of particle stuck in the fan and we dislodged it. Either that, or it had become loose and turning it tightened it up.

Possibly, also the heater was afraid I'd get some tools and start whacking on it. Percussive maintenance has always been my forte.
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Headed back to the stores this afternoon to pick up a new shower curtain liner, Master Bedroom bedspread, pillow cases to match and a bedskirt. Struck out horribly on the bedskirt (may just have to order one online) but otherwise managed to get the rest of our list. Meanwhile, despite having her help me move furniture all afternoon, Alicia still loves me and we're still having a wonderful time. Making her dinner tonight may have helped: Chicken breasts sprinkled with Rosemary, marinated in White Balsamic Vinaigrette, chopped up in Alfredo (farfale) pasta and topped with Bacon, Asiago, Parmesan and Romano cheese. A little bowl full of Heaven. We did strike out completely on a new bedset for the guestroom. I'll keep an eye on the websites for something that will match a North Atlantic theme in there.

Gracie, our Border Collie is having the most wonderful time with her Alicia. Its been a non-stop hugfest between those two. As expected, Gracie has assigned herself as Alicia's guestdog. Of course, poor Doodle did try to add himself to the registry. But Alicia's heart belongs to Gracie, though she's had a marvelous time teasing Doodle and throwing his toys for him. He's danced the dance of Carrot Joy for her, much to her amusement. Its lovely to see the dogs like this and have folks who appreciate them.

And finally, the chicken report: the new ladies were safely tucked safe and sound in the coop tonight. All on their own. We are having a bit of an issue with Winona, the Blue Wyandotte, who has been climbing into Onyx's brooder box and pecking at her to get off the eggs. *eye roll* A Cochin vs a Wyandotte in a brood-off. We live in interesting times.

Thus is the excitement of our days here on the Island.
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I've always tried to take care of what I had, especially when I had very little. In my twenties, that usually meant lots of recycled materials and secondhand furniture. In some ways, that hasn't changed much because I still prefer an interesting piece from a secondhand shop to something new and formal. Me, I like cozy with a side of kooky. *grin*

Once in awhile the urge to pull a room apart gets the best of me. I yank out furniture, clean the spaces left behind, re-organize the furniture and clean like crazy. And that makes me sublimely joyous in a way that very few things do. Giddy, I get giddy, folks.

The living room is a tad crowded, but we'll be removing a few more things today which should balance it out better. My little room off the Master Bedroom has been re-arranged to look nice and airy. I need to do some touch up painting, which I truly hate (painting, that is) and the trim could really use some refreshing with a new paint job. I have a feeling 2011 will be the year of paint around here. I do wish, on some level, I could live in a house like Chez Larsson so I have one color to deal with - white. But honestly, I just couldn't do it. I adore saturated color. I might be willing to try her 3 white walls and 1 wall of color concept. Its something to think about, in any case.

Speaking of fixing rooms, our contractor has let us know that he's finally managed to get insurance to replace his tools after the school fire. Which means, he can finish the partial wall between our dining room and living room. It doesn't need much, just another coat or two of texture, then sealant and paint. But its taken forever to get to this point.

And speaking of taking forever, the sun is finally shining here in the Pacific Northwest. Its 39.7F with direct sunlight - a rarity here. Which means the poor dogs, who have been cooped up, get a dog park visit! Picy goodness to come, I know I owe everyone!
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Synapsepi and her son came over to play a bit today, so we were able to each make a biddy doll and attempt to make Brigid's crosses out of corn husks. Bad idea that. Messy idea, really. After trying several different sets of directions, I gave up. The biddy dolls, however, look great. They are drying on top of our woodstove for the night.

Doodle is now very much in love with Synapsepi's little boy, from whom he stole a banana. Poor Flash was broken hearted that he could not get some banana and basset guilt did ensue. Libby had a marvelous time stalking the little guy and is now passed on on top of the cable box. Gracie, not to be left out, herded him into the sofa. Thankfully he was a very good sport about it.

The chickens were a very big hit with the toddler, especially because we could let him run about in the bantam pen and touch the little chickens. Imp, gratefully, was on her best behavior and didn't peck anyone. Napoleon even allowed himself to be admired by Synapsepi. In the big coop, Big Blue was re-introduced to her, she hasn't seen him since before his sex change I don't think. The new ladies were introduced and I managed to confirm that Onyx, our black Cochin hen, is once again brooding. I may tuck a few Silkie eggs under her at some point. Decisions. Decisions.
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Day 15: for the incubating eggs. Lockdown begins this weekend. *woot-woot*

Managed to get the front of the house vacuumed, still need to clean the bathroom and dust. Plenty of time to do so before Synapsepi and son get here to make biddy dolls.
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Doodle woke up this morning, bright and early at 7:30am. Since no one was yet awake, he took on the solemn duty of jumping up and down on his Uncle Kevin until he woke up. We're not sure why Doodle has elected himself Waker Upper Extraordinaire, but he certainly has and he excels at it. There are very few things more effective at waking a man up than 45+ pounds of Basset Hound walking all over their crotch while licking their face.

Once Doodle is awake, it is extremely important that he go outside immediately. Doodle tends to forget about his bodily functions and often finds himself releasing his bladder while running around the house, wrestling with his brother Flash and just generally hanging about. Yes, Doodle is apparently that unaware. Uncle Kevin took him outside, fed the demanding ducks, let the chickens out and brought the ever-enthusiastic Doodle back inside. Instead of waking us, Doodle watched his Uncle Kevin make coffee, check email and get the fire started. By the time Gracie woke us, Doodle barely remembered we exist.

Through breakfast and even after the obligatory Christmas calls, Doodle shadowed his beloved Uncle Kevin. This is gift enough for Doodle. A quiet morning with someone to adore. Kevin left a few moments ago to drive downtown and see what's open, perhaps grab a mocha while he's at it. Only then did Doodle waddle over to say Good Morning to Josh and I, resting his crooked little elbows on the sofa cushion while we flipped his ears about. When he'd had sufficient attention, he went back to worshipping the napping BooBoo.

We should all be so content with our lives and take such obvious delight in those around us.


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