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It looks at this point like we're going to need to bring Martha in to a vet to be humanely put down. We'd hoped, as you do, that she'd pass quietly in the night but while her body seems to be rallying, her brain has not.

I think she's had a stroke or similar neurological episode - one of her pupils is huge and she's blind, she doesn't respond to light or movement. She doesn't appear to be closing her eyes. She will eat when food is put in front of her, drink when an eye dropper is put in front of her. She cannot move to walk around and can barely move on her own violation. She has been soiling herself and I've been cleaning her roughly 4x a day, with a bath at least once a day. She jerks and over-reacts when touched as if she's being attacked. Only after speaking to her for some time and calmly rubbing her does she slowly relax. I'm not sure if she can hear (no response to snapping), though she does respond to vibrations. I'm not sure why, but she insists on lying on her right side, I've tried to turn her on to her left and she seems to have some kind of reflex panic, flopping around until I resettle her. She cannot rest on her belly. She does appear to rest comfortably and I am keeping her temperature constant by the temporary use of a heating pad on mild (it cycles on and off), which I move on and off her, with a towel as a buffer.

Today is Joshua's birthday. *sigh* And of course, this is one of his favorite rabbits. We'll see about getting her in tomorrow.
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Rachel, our farmhand, came by to do the regular farm chores and yard work. I'm thrilled by both, frankly. The yard was a complete mess what with the fir cones, branches, etc. down all over the place! She tried to do some weed whacking but was stung by a wasp and had to head home, so I sent hubby out to find and destroy the nest. Which hopefully, he's managed to do. (Update: No) Ugh. So the weed whacking is half done and poor Rachel managed to back up over the glow-in-the dark turtles (not a loss, honestly) that marked the side of our driveway.

Folks may recall that the turtles are part of Josh and my epic battle to out-tacky each other. On that note, I *must* post a pic of the new decorative cocks he bought me. Yes, decorative cocks. For my decorative cock collection. :D

I'm scouring the DIY sites via Pinterest to find cheap ideas for lights to line our driveway with something fun and easily replaced, since so many of our friends seem to run over things in our driveway. You know who you are. Yes, you do!

Lisa came by to drop off empty soda bottles so I can make some mosquito traps tonight and help out with the chickens. She and her baby ended up staying for dinner, which thankfully hubby was able to enjoy some of as his belly is almost back to normal (on meds).

From the feathered corner, Salt (our speckled Cochin) is still desperate to have more chicks and Big Blue still seems remarkably uninterested in her. I'll be tucking her in with Napoleon, our Frizzled rooster. Frizzled Cochins sound like fun.

Also, on that note, I managed to sell 126 eggs today (7 packs of 18s)! And I still have more eggs! Gah! Local folks, come by and buy eggs, you know you need some. I have a new trick to try out for boiling fresh eggs to remove the shells neatly and I will be trying that out tonight and reporting back!

Tomorrow is the Rheumatologist appointment, I have the lab tests from the NHOH (FOOKING FINALLY) after an epic battle. I'm nearly out of Vicodin from the original ER visit, so I'm most grateful! My body reacts so oddly to narcotics, with Vicodin - it either knocks me out, covers the pain or doesn't seem to help at all. I can't figure it out, honestly. I need more commitment and stability from my painkiller of choice.
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The Filipino BBQ was a huge success. We will definitely being doing that, again.

Josh thoroughly vacuumed the entire house, which really helped. I'll be washing the carpets this week in the bedrooms, I'd be hoping to do it today but Tiger ran out of dogfood and needs me to run her to the mainland. Again. With no warning. *eye roll*

We picked up a nice shoe rack/entry bench at one of the garage sales in the neighborhood. Its almost exactly what I wanted and it looks great in the foyer. Just a simple IKEA-type white shoe organizer with a pad on top, I'd have preferred a taller one with more storage. There may be an add on so I'll check the website for that. I folded a thick wool blanket around the seating pad until I can find a indoor/outdoor fabric to cover it. Its now become Libby's favorite place to hang out. Making our little huntress happy is always a good idea. We'll be hanging some of the Navy propaganda framed prints in the foyer, which should make the room look inviting and colorful without mucking it up with too much stuff.

Josh bought the pieces necessary to hang the gate in front of Buhalla/Duckgard. I'm hoping he'll have time during the week to do so. For anyone wondering, I went on strike and refused to go in there until he fixed that damn gate as I'm tired of screwing up my knee climbing over it. So the boys, who were shouldering all the work feeding and caring for the critters, finally prioritized the gate. Buhawahahahahaaaa. They also screwed the wood "bars" across the front of the pens to keep the fencing from snagging and giving me somewhere to hold on when I have to step into the pens. I'm thrilled! We're going to hang another set of lights out there, those soft squishy holiday rope lights that work so well.

I'm still trying to organize the back porch for a comfortable Winter hang out. I'd love a chimnea, but its not in the budget right now though I'm combing Craigslist and Freecycle for one. We'll be moving one or both of the chairs and table sets from out front to the porch, because now that the rain is setting in no one wants to hang out in it!

I've started Halloween decorating, though as always I'm stymied by the lack of flat places for the decorations. I'm still looking for some cute lights for the porch roofing. Josh and Kevin have a brand new idea for a new yard menorah this year, so I'm already dreading that.

Two Weeks

Oct. 1st, 2011 11:12 am
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The Navy command did us a good one - Josh has been assigned to the MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) for two weeks on TAD (Temporarily Assigned Duty) for the next two weeks for training. Which means, he retains his accrued leave.

It also means that instead of working on projects for two weeks as we had been counting on, he's going to be very busy on his days off. Weekends are all we'll have to get the house and yard winterized. He's getting a slow start this morning, we'd sat down last night and gone over the list of things he needs to do before colder weather sets in. I'm hopeful we can get a few things done today. And by we, I mean him and Kevin. I need to go to the market today.

Sunday is football day, so I'm preparing a Filipino feast of grilled chicken skewers and lumpia. Cross your fingers for me, this is my first time making the chicken from scratch. Not even going to try to do that for the lumpia.

So tired

Sep. 20th, 2011 01:59 pm
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The doggy napbomb has gone off, so the dogs are napping in the chilly house. This sunshine isn't very useful at present, though we're expecting more sunshine this afternoon. For hubby's sake, as he needs a stress-relieving ride, I hope so.

Likely just another bout of allergy sinus issues, likely from hanging out at Kevin's on Sundays. I slept until almost noon and I'm barely staying awake as it is. Definitely going to be a quiet day, though I'll get started on chores soon. I'm thinking chicken enchiladas for dinner, another easy-peasy mid-week meal.

I'm still trying to get a decent picture of our new bantam chicks, but given they are mostly black and insist on jumping around constantly, its been a real trial. I'm going to try again this afternoon. After a nap.


Thump Day

Sep. 8th, 2011 08:56 pm
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Had to leave the house early this morning, grab Tiger and head to the Naval Hospital for my fasting blood tests. Wowsa - after the 5th vial, I started wondering what all I was being tested for?? I've already had my annual exam, with all the attendant cholesterol, etc. tests last Spring. Geesh. I left feeling like I'd donated blood. And I didn't even get an OJ or a cookie.

Thankfully, we immediately headed to Sakura on the Mainland for sushi. I allowed myself the great indulgence of having two sushi rolls, figuring I could use the extra food in my system after that huge blood draw.

Given the amount of books I've been mailing via PBS, I had to run into a post office so we did so in Burlington. There was a nutter out front with a picture of Obama in a Hitler mustache. Listen, you may not like Obama. You may even think he's a Socialist or secret Muslim, but you do NOT align him with the leader of the Holocaust. If Tiger hadn't been sitting in the car, I'd have gone off on this guy. Turns out he's a Larouche supporter (whatever that is) and wants to "Invoke the 24th Amendment". Jackass.

We saw the movie "The Help", which is going to rake in the awards this Academy season. Very good stuff. After three shops, we finally found butane canisters, geesh. This after trying six shops on Whidbey. Apparently payday weekend wipes out the local butane supply. Which is curious to me. Is this now used by the drug seeking crowd? I'm so out of date. I merely wanted to refill our fireplace lighter and candle lighter before the Full Moon and Autumnal Equinox.

Managed to make it home around 7pm, having spent most of the day sitting on my tush driving which wears me out completely. I'm in awe of folks who can drive forever, as I used to be one but now it just makes me need to nap immediately after.

I've another dozen books to get prepped, so I need to get wrapping. *slump*

Big happy news to announce tomorrow. :D

The Wall

May. 10th, 2011 01:44 pm
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The contractor, unsurprisingly, showed up an hour late to finish texturizing the wall between the living room and dining room. It took roughly all morning to do and its now hardening, with the help of a space heater and fan. If its dry by evening, he'll be able to return and give it a final sanding. After that, it will take a few days to completely dry so by this weekend I'll be able to put on the protective base coat. That'll need a day or two to dry, which should leave it in plenty of time to be painted by James.

I'm likely overly excited about all this, but this stupid project has dragged on for over two years now. I'm going to put down Textured Walls as a deal breaker for buying a house going forward. Grrr.

The dogs were locked out all morning and into the afternoon, so after whining and working very hard to look cute on the back porch, they are now exhausted and napping everywhere. Doodle had a Mexican stand off between his stuffed Dino toy over a carrot earlier, which had me cracking up for an hour afterward. You never know what kind of wacko thing these dogs are going to do to have an adventure. Next time, I'm going to sneak a carrot UNDER the Dino and see how that goes over with Doodle. Knowing him, he'll likely pout and beg Dino to give him some.

I'm having a wonderful time reading the "After the King: Stories In Honor of J.R.R. Tolkien" anthology, edited by Martin H. Greenberg. I almost never read anthologies in order, I basically just open up the book and begin reading the closest story. Emma Bull's "Silver or Gold" is my favorite, so far. I'm going to try to find a few more books by the author at the library. I'm still wondering what the hell any of these stories really have to do with Tolkein, however.


Apr. 8th, 2011 01:00 pm
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Ever notice that the last day of a cold is somehow worse? I'm at that wretched stage of trying to get the rest of the crap out of my system. Yuck!

It appears somewhat official - the military pay system is showing us as receiving a half paycheck next week. Looks like DFAS/MyPal has reversed this. Thankfully, as ironic as that sounds, Navy Federal Credit Union is going to spot every military family their entire paycheck April 15th.

The rest of their offerings seem a bit cynical - overdraft protection, personal loans at certificate +2%, expediting credit line increases, etc. So basically, they are offering their regular credit products quicker. Phbbllllttt! Oh and if you have loans with NFCU, as we do, you need to call your branch to discuss. Gee, thanks - just freezing those loans would have been the very best thing they could do for military families instead of forcing each and every military family to call and grovel. *eye roll* I expect massive delays trying to get through to the branches.

The Commissaries will be closing, but the Exchanges will remain open. So no groceries, but you can still get porn, alcohol and cigarettes. Gee, thanks. I expect the spousal abuse rates in the military, already higher than the civilian world, to skyrocket.

I am completely disgusted with the Republican Congressmen who are trying to use the budget process to overthrow federal & state laws, and the decision the Supreme Court so they can deny the right of a woman to chose her own reproductive legacy. Its not going to work, its entirely political grandstanding. Stop playing politics with our paychecks, assholes!
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Ice and snow storms really take it out of me. The extra work is my choice, as I chose to have animals and be responsible for their well being. And well being takes a work. Lots of it. And resources. Can't forget those. Its tiring and I will whine about it, but I am grateful to be able to do it. I won't always.

I have somehow stupidly managed to get sunburned. In February. During a snow storm. I will be treating the sunburn and wearing sunscreen until the snow is gone.

Kevin texted me around 3pm today and asked me to drive him to Mount Vernon, on the mainland. Which basically translates to "Drive me to the Harley". So I popped in the shower, scrambled to get around and then ran around taking care of the outdoor critters. Which took longer than I thought. But we made it to the mainland in plenty of time, handed the dealership the check and walked out with the owners paperwork for his new bike.

Given that I'm absolutely not ready for that kind of ride (1 hour, highways, ice on the road, darkness when riding home) and that Kevin does not yet have his endorsement (I have smacked him up the proverbial head for not yet signing himself up for his FREE class), we're having the bike delivered to his home Thursday afternoon. At this point, I'm just praying the ice and snow is gone so he can start zooming around and getting accustomed to the bike. Unfortunately, he lives in absolutely the wrong neighborhood for this. Lots of blind hills, blind curves, kids, dogs, no sidewalks and irregular roads.

As I write this, its 22F. I need to do another round of waterings before bed. The dogs are ready to go to bed and I'm soon to follow.
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I wish I had something truly interesting and exciting to report, but its pretty much business as usual around here. Flash, the most beautiful Basset in the world, had a great day at work. New friends brought in their 5 week old baby to take pictures with Flash. They are going to send me a pic and I'll post it as soon as I get it. After work, we dropped in at the feedstore where the employees now know us by name(s) and Flash received treats at each of the stations - register, gas pumps and loading. I finally had to start pocketing the treats before he noticed them.

Its a chilly, rainy evening here, having dropped under 40F about 20 minutes ago. The chickens are tucked away in their coops, warming up under the infrared heat lamps. The ladies are singing their worry song, which prompted me to check the weather report for storms. We could be getting snow soon, but then the forecast was for snow all weekend and we had nothing but sunshine and mild weather.

Our very own Hay Lady, Erin, told us to take an extra bale in our monthly subscription. She's still working off of Autumn's hay harvest and needs to get things cleared out for first Spring cut. Once home, I took the shortest bale of the bunch and wrestled it in the bantie pen. Bonaparte, our Sizzle cockerel, jumped up on top once one of the ladies showed him what hay was good for. Since then, they've been having a blast picking through the hay bale looking for bugs and seeds. Bonaparte has decided the top of the hay bale makes the greatest place to crow ever.

The bunnies are doing well, though we continue to have Houdini events. We really need to get the new fencing purchased and installed soonest. Naughty bunnies. Four years ago I would have despaired of their little escape maneuvers, nowadays I have more faith that they will return in good time, hale and hole.

I'm hopeful for a break in the rain tomorrow to try out the camera on the new Blackberry. I'm dreadfully behind on furkid pic posts.
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Spent part of the morning helping Synapsepi bring a bureau home for her son. Josh had a plan to change the oil and tune up both vehicles, which never happened, because we came home for a panini lunch and promptly both passed out for several hours worth of napping. Accidentally.

Josh has been working in his motorcycle shed, re-organizing and tidying up. I've been doing the same in the front of the coop. To review, the shed coop is divided into three sections: the far back and middle are for the chickens. The front third is for feed, poultry first aid kit and whatever other little bits and bobs I need to take care of the poultry. That said, the chicken coop fencing between the front and middle needed replacing as the ladies had pushed it to the side and have been pooping everywhere! Granted, its still dusty as all get out. Perhaps tomorrow.

Laundry has been caught up with and done. Recycling organized and put out. A burner fixed on the stove. Little gifts of time and attention that will be missed.

Tomorrow promises to be a day of football and movies. I'm going to bring a few books and a project, perhaps. I'm really not fond of football. *eyeroll*
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Had a bit of a larky day that began with Josh's PT appointment for his back injury. I did my best to stay awake on the sofa in the hallway of the Naval Hospital, but given that I had his coat and mine, it was tremendously tempting to stretch out and nap. We got a bit of the storm that hit Seattle, 60+mph winds, rain, etc. Nothing too serious that I've heard of.

Managed to get the market shopping done, even remembered to buy shavings for the coops (which I've somehow managed to forget that last three times I've gone to the feedstore). Which was a very good thing, as Noah showed up today prepared for battle to make the coops as tidy as humanly possible for the in-laws. Speaking of coops, after a bit of excitement, our two new chickens have settled in nicely. We've even managed to name them both - Cagney (the Ameraucana) and Lacey (the Silver Laced Wyandotte. Both are doing quite well after a few initial confrontations with the Rhodies and Big Blue, who is sporting a bit of comb wounding as is Lacey. They are both happy to get pettins and be held, with only a minimum of grousing. I'm hoping for good pics tomorrow. The two large chicks are now firmly tucked away in the Bantie barn. Bonaparte is having a magnificent time intimidating the crap out of them. Pipsqueak is still in the brooder, I'm hoping having it to himself with encourage him to eat more and grow. At this point, over a month since hatching, he hasn't grown any since his first week. Chances are, sadly, that he won't make it. We'll take care of him until then, as a brooder chick.

Josh used the uber-chemicals to clean each bathroom & stove, so they are ready to go. I've vacuumed the back end of the house, will do the front half tomorrow. There's something in the pulling action of vacuuming that really aggravates my abdomen pain, so after doing so I had to take a few Alleve and lay down for an hour. I still need to do a bit of cleaning in the kitchen, but otherwise we're pretty good to go. Oh, and I need to buy a few pairs of jeans tomorrow. *eye roll* Then home for a bit of baking.
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Summer has finally arrived in Western Washington and Whidbey Island is bathed in sunshine. To celebrate this, I took advantage by finishing the painting job on the front porch and getting the first coat of paint on the exterior side of the front door. I'm hoping to get another coat of paint on the front and get the other side painted today, as well. Might even try my hand at painting the backdoor, too!

I bought a sofa cover for the 3-seater, which is apparently somewhat undersized. The cover is about 1/3 too big and settles in soft wrinkles that look very Basset-like. There weren't any smaller three-seater covers so I'm considering doing some very intensive work to make it fit. There's likely some short cuts I can take in the meanwhile to give it a face lift, per se. Much to think about and possibly some Googling to be done.

Had a no show chicken buyer today, which is fine, we'll just sell the gals to someone else. We have more appointments scheduled for Friday and Saturday.

We're going to have to spend tomorrow cleaning the front 1/2 of the house in preparation of Jason's arrival. Dusting, vacuuming, scrubbing - it's exhausting just to think about it.
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Woke up at o'dark thirty with the guys, managed to get Josh off on his way to pick up his records from the USS Abraham Lincoln before falling back asleep for 45 minutes. At that point, Kevin woke me up to drop him off at the NAS Whidbey Air Terminal. Then I'd hoped to get back to bed but didn't manage to fall asleep again.

Josh is bringing Dom's bike home for me to use at the motorcycle training course Wednesday and Thursday. Thinking of my big guy riding Dom's much smaller bike is giving me giggle fits. What can I say, I'm easily amused. I'm very grateful to Dom for offering the bike, since Josh's handlebars are considerably wider than I can handle. Especially, as I'm still healing from the ligament pull on my right hand (the clutch hand, naturally).

I've been experimenting with wearing a regular shoe on my right foot for a short periods of time to test things. So far, so good. Fortunately, my motorcycle boots are very firm and have a similar effect to the surgical bootie, i.e. they keep me from bending my foot beyond a minimal angle. My hope is that since we'll spend several hours each day in the classroom, the few hours on the bike in the afternoon will cause minimal problems. Today's test ride should tell me what to expect.

Wish me luck!
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All work is done and completed for the Counseling Process class. I still have a 8 page paper to write for Thursday's Ethics class, then I'm done with this session. One week off, then back to the old bump and grind.

Meanwhile, I've finally had a chance to walk outside without hurting my foot worse. The pullets were very thankful to be let free of their pen, the ducks and Spike were happy to be fed. And all the while soft rain fell from the most verdant bright green new growth on nearly everything in the yard. I'm always caught surprised by how such a simple thing changes everything: the smell, the shape of the bushes and trees, etc. Amazing stuff and I might have missed it today.

So what might you have missed if you didn't take the time and effort to look around?
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This morning's shower felt wonderful and Josh did a decent job re-taping my toes afterward. FYI: Makeup removal pads are a suitable replacement for gauze in a pinch.

Josh decided to shave his head this morning with the new trimmer I bought him. He's been threatening to do so for some time, so we weren't surprised. Not thrilled about it, but it's his head.

The guys are out hitting yard sales in the new pickup, I'm trying not to dread whatever they bring back. These little outings can go either way. Gracie's having her first ride in the truck, hopefully the size and noise won't startle her. More than anything, Josh would love to have a truck dog to ride alongside him.

Today's schedule for me includes finishing a take home final for Tuesday's class and if there's time, a few more papers. Though I'll be satisfied just to get the final done.

Tomorrow is the much anticipated Ortho consult. I'm a bit nervous, as I really don't have the time what with final classes this week to have a rod inserted, so I'm hoping it doesn't require it to heal properly.
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It's the week before finals and I'm absolutely buried under the workload of two graduate classes: one take home final, three thought papers, three essays and 1 journal entry. That's not even counting the in class final a week from Thursday. I've already registered for the next two classes: Advanced Psychopathology & Sexual Dysfunctions and Treatments. Oh joy. Now, I just need to order the books - $300 worth.

I'm co-teaching a class tonight on chickens with our local Chicken Expert, a guy named Stinger. Mostly he's building confidence, so my being there is just a backup. I'll bring Scarlett, Opal and probably the Hamburg (who still doesn't have a name!) as well as books and magazines for folks to look through.

Spike was neutered yesterday, much to his dismay. That's a once in a lifetime kind of experience, according to Josh & Kevin who were stuck assisting the vet in the procedure. Josh and I have made the difficult decision not to keep Spike. We're very fond of him but he's not happy without other pigs to be with. This unhappiness takes the form of destructive boredom and periodic aggression toward our dogs. We've managed to find him a great home in Gig Harbor with two female pigs, thankfully. We're still working out the details so I don't have specifics just yet. More to come on this.


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