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Our two farmhands started today, a young couple just moved to Whidbey and trying to get set up here. They are hoping to get full time positions, but in the meanwhile, they are working odd jobs to pay for the residential motel where they staying. They did a nice job, a bit slow, but that's normal for learning the ropes. The animals like them and that's a good recommendation.

I checked on Ebony, our black Silkie broody hen. Still no chicks. She has three eggs and I've very hopeful we'll get chicks soon. I also opened up the blue shed coop to give the young Ameraucanas, Cochins and EEs an opportunity to come out if they want to. I doubt they will, they are, if you'll forgive the pun - chicken. LOL Shady had 6 hours to play in her outdoor pen yesterday, she's pooped today and happy to be in her cage in the foyer.

I'm still a bit sore from my couple of hours working outside yesterday, so I'm sticking to inside chores. I'm so crazy fond of my Method handsoap bottles, so I've been re-purposing them for shampoo, lotion, etc. bottles. Even took a scouring sponge to one to give it a texture. Spent about a half hour re-organizing my bathroom cupboards. A needful thing. Doodle, the love Buggy, kept me company just in case anything edible was revealed. Ever the hopeful Basset. I need to make up a batch of Shy Rose Toner. I've a few other projects I need to get back to. Ta-ta.
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Its a slow weekend here at the house. Yesterday, Josh yanked everything out from under the sink and put down vinyl shelf paper, doing the same for the glass cupboards. He's going to do the baking cupboard, possibly during the week. Then he'll do the dishes and cooking cupboard.

Deanna came over last night to learn to make the Neely Family fried chicken recipe. We ended up on an incense making spree, which was great - she made Bast incense. I'm still screwing around with a Samhain recipe for the site. Not particularly fond of most of the recipes I'm finding, which seem to be fumitory in nature. *shudder* I have found one that's nice, but it needs tweaking, which I'm currently working on.

Woke up with a fever. I take this as a good thing, as my immune system is finally taking on this stupid sinus thing head on. I'm sneezing like crazy and still feverish. Hoping this means the end of the cold is near.

Meanwhile, Martha is hanging on. Her digestive system is working again. This is a good sign, though she's still not moving much. We're feeding and watering her by hand. We'll see how she's doing tomorrow, see what the vet says, etc.
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Instead of waking up with my hands numb and tingling, it managed to hold off until almost noon. To celebrate, I did a bunch of chores, caught up on a bit of organizing back in my home office (re-organizing the herbs, resins, incense mixing desk, etc.) and what has becoming a truly bizarrely large collection of canning jars. In fact, I'm likely going to have to consider either using them for selling or get an under the bed organizer for them.

In fact, I'm starting to believe there is a secret underground economy in canning jars. And I am a major player in it but my email system is eating the memos.

Next up, redesign the Triple Pillars label and order bags. Have I mentioned I suck at designing? Why yes, I do.
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I picked up Kevin from the airport shuttle at 1:30am, even brought Doodle along for the ride through the pea soup fog and suicidal deer. By the time I got home, sometime around 3am, I fell into bed and slept through to almost noon.

The boys are out riding, while I'm essentially going through the motions of the morning hours. Flash is still moping at me, having howled (according to Josh) for an hour after Doodle and I left to pick up Kevin. He really is the *most* spoiled Basset. Speaking of, my mother sent him a double Basset Hound roll pillow for Josh's birthday, it arrived today (several weeks early). Its rather cute, a velvet back with hooked yarn. The company thoughtfully sent us the catalog so we know precisely how much it cost. *eye roll*

Marc came by and picked up his rooster, thankfully, we've been cocksitting for so long, we've forgotten how long. We'd agreed that if he didn't pick the roo up by Monday we'd take him to the livestock auction, but it wasn't a threat or anything. Marc said he just needed an incentive to make a decision either way.

I'm going to try for pictures today, as the sun has shown up!
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Much needed cleaning was done, as guests are expected much of the weekend. Josh managed the floors and back porch. I did the dusting and kitchen cleaning before heading into town to pickup our first visitor.

Had a lovely day yesterday with [ profile] alfrecht, who is always an easy guest and gentleman. The dogs adore him and Hobo, the Ambassador, had a wonderful petting session on his lap. While we watched True Blood episodes, I managed to get caught up on laundry.

Neighbors dropped in with a refugee chicken from the other side of the neighborhood. *eye roll* Apparently, someone in the neighborhood is missing a Buff Orpington. The little girls brought it by Thursday afternoon, then bought a dozen eggs (always a bonus!). This is, you may recall, how we ended up with the Pot Belly Pig, Spike. So now we have Honey. I've checked with the folks in the neighborhood who have chickens that we have contact information for. I've also told the community office! We're discussing the need for a chicken club and possibly a database of breeds for the neighborhood.

Karen asked that I switch days so I could spend the day with her bookkeeper tomorrow, so I unexpectedly have today off. I'm finishing up on a few household chores (cleaned off the front porch, dog nose art on the front windows, etc) and trying to get things ready for the weekend. Lisa's sister is in town, helping her get ready for her upcoming move, so they'll be over to see the critters. Knowing our place, we'll have a few folks by to meet Honey. *eye roll*

Meanwhile, its time to go visit/check on/help with Tiger. See you on the flipside.
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I'm sitting around waiting for the day to begin, like usual. Lori has a prolapsed hen, who may have reversed itself overnight. I love that I get these calls at night, btw. They explain what's going on, I tell them what it most likely is and we decide if its an emergency or if its a first thing in the morning scenario. Rural Poultry Medicine on the Island. :D Update: Lori has rainchecked me (and not a cloud in the sky). I'll likely hear from her later today about her hen, meanwhile she was able to get her mother in for an eye appointment at the last minute. Much, much more important.

In a few minutes, I'm leaving to pick up a dozen Coturnix (aka Japanese) Quail. Bob has decided he's done with them, so I'm picking up "around" 12. Hopefully, more female than male. I'm having to crunch study on them. Quail are great fliers, so I'm trying to sort out how we're going to keep them here, how to properly maintain them and how to set them up for breeding purposes! And eggs! That should be a fun project for me. Those freebie rabbit cages we picked up a few months back should make for good quail cages, I'll hopefully have something ready to "go and show" later today.

This afternoon, I'm heading over to talk to the new owner of the Wind & Tide Bookstore. She wants me to come work for her! So that's marvelous. I've already set up Delightfully Deviant/Pandora with a photoshoot there yesterday, so I'm networking like crazy!
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I found even more Black Oil Sunflower Seeds (apparently there were some in the cupboard), so I'm soaking another set for fodder - they take 48 hours before they are ready for pressing. The Farro seeds only needed 24 hours to swell and begin rooting, so the seeds are out on the rack pressing for another 24 hours. I've updated my post on BYC, but I need to add pictures tomorrow. Which reminds me, I need to buy more seeds!

In chicken news, we've moved Salt and her chick (needs a name STAT) to the Chickenheim pen #6. Immediately, Salt and Wendy started sparring. Ugh. Hopefully those two ladies will simmer down and things will be peaceful from here on out. Salt's chick and Wendy's chicks are about the same age, but Salt's as a standard sized one is roughly 4x the size!
Must get pictures tomorrow if the weather holds, tonight the rain started up so I wasn't going to take my camera out in it, sorry!


Apr. 16th, 2012 11:02 am
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Hubby was a busy guy this weekend, thankfully managing to get quite a few projects done in beautiful weather.

The back porch and walkway has been power washed and looks great. Its a temporary condition but for now its awesome. We re-arranged the furniture and removed a few things, to make room for the new fodder system. In cleaning out the hall closet, we'd found a cute string of outdoor lights and hung them on the poor, but it still needs some additional prettying. I'll be on the lookout for more things to brighten it up like seat cushions and windsocks. With the windstorms around here cute candles and the like are generally out of the picture, they'd be dashed to the ground but there may be some other things we can do.

Josh also used some PVC tubing to make a frame for the top of the rack so the tarping hangs better and doesn't gap and bind up. The better the fit, the better chance the seeds and roots grow. Speaking of which, the roots and shoots continue to grow, slowly now that the temperatures have dropped here. We'll be lucky if we can get up to 63F here today. I'm starting to wonder if a small heater might be a way to go.

Mingled in with all that as a dump run and a farm visit to buy hay from Erin. Poor Gracie was exhausted by then. She had a delightful time sniffing dogs at Home Depot and charming people and kids. Gracie is a bit concerned because we moved the young outdoor Silkies to the Rustic Roost - the wire bottom hutch was bothering Snow's feet, so we moved all four to keep them together. We'll keep an eye on them and hopefully, he'll get better soon.

Three doctor appointments this week, and we're still dogsitting BooBoo, so busy week. We'll also be bringing an East Wing pen online, as well. I need to find 3 coops or easily convertible items, so that's a huge time sink. *cross fingers*
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Sunday, with Heather, I picked up some felting (the pre-sticky kind) to affix to various things to protect the new flooring. The most serious of which is my little project sofa table in the living room, where I pay bills, write cards, goof around on the internet (like now) and occasionally do serious stuff when I don't need more table space. We bought chair buttons, as well, but didn't manage to get those tapped on to the dining room chairs unfortunately.

Kevin bought us a lovely area rug for the living room, a bright geometric pattern which Josh wants to use as a sort of runner. I'm not sure I can stand to have it out and about like that, the OCD-effect is occurring. I want it tucked in neatly around the sofas and table. A plain runner would be better instead of this bright one. Plus, this one is too big.

Reading the last book in the Hunger Games Trilogy, Mocking Jay. Trying to read it slowly (i.e. in less than 6 hours). What marvelous movies these will be! I cannot wait. I caught up with the Stephanie Plum books by Janet Evanovich and am now reading the Diesel crossovers (slowly), which aren't as good as the original series but still good for laughs. I do hope Mooner will make his appearance, he's one of my favorite characters, along with Grandma. You get those two together and chaos reigns.

In other news, I still haven't any appetite to speak of. I've been trying to eat sushi because its the only thing I really enjoy. Otherwise, everything else is meh. Can allergies to cleaning chemicals do this? Lack of taste because of said allergies? Dunno. Either way, its been a struggle to eat enough to cover my insulin dosage. Even at the grocery noting inspired my appetite.
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We're hard at work in the almost pounding rain. Derek is working his ass off burying boards with the fencing stapled to it in the hopes this will secure the bottom so the chickens cannot escape the breeding pens. Chickendom shall rise! But maybe not this weekend from the looks of it.

I started a roast this morning figuring a hot solid meal would do the boys well, though at this rate they haven't yet started working and its nearly 3. They've been running errands. *eye roll* Update: And they just pulled up!

Meanwhile, I've cleaned out the Lavender Orpington portion of the Blue Shed coop, re-organized the chicken supplies, cleaned and sanitized the feeders and waterers (yuck), done two loads of laundry, cleaned and tidied the front of the house, made Derek and I sandwiches for lunch, cleaned up the laundry room, and checked the expiration dates on all the condiments (yuck x 10).
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I finally managed to get myself organized enough to get an appointment to see my new doctor on Friday morning. I'm almost out of syringes, am out of BC, need a new migraine script and need my insulin refill put in the system. *sigh* How on earth do we actually get to the point where we manage my health when we are so busy managing these prescriptions instead??? As annoying as it is for me, it must be frustrating as all hell for medical practitioners.

I'm saddened to hear that Harry Morgan has passed. He was a constant presence in my childhood and for a time in my childhood, I confused my grandfather with Colonel Potter, I knew my grandfather had been in the Army so I thought Col. Potter was based on him - they looked and acted very much alike - both were short, commanding, humorous and gentle in turn. Both were efficient, respected and adored by those who knew them. Even after I understood that they weren't the same man, watching MASH was like watching my grandfather at work. Thankfully, Grandfather was charmed by this and drove me up to Zane Grey's cabin, bought me his books, and watched MASH with me, I still adore Zane Grey's books. The Dude Ranger is my all time favorite, though Under the Tonto Rim is a favorite, as well.

Happy Trails, Mr. Morgan, you will be greatly missed. We will not see your grace and goodness again, I fear.
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Another windstorm is expected tonight, so we've been prepping for the blow. All the waterers are filled, the coops ready. Fudge and Hobo are napping in the master bedroom, they seem to know something is coming. Libby is out courting danger, as usual. She's having the hardest time acclimating to Hobo's presence. His good manners are making her own look miserable in comparison.

Doodle is nervous and sticking as close to Josh as possible, around 14 hours of near-constant attendance. Gracie doesn't seem as concerned and Flash is his regular Basset-ness. They're very low key today after being worn out yesterday at the dog park, so its been pretty calm around here.

Josh has made a cheery fire to warm up the house and we're expecting Kevin over this afternoon with Boo. I'm catching up on chores today.
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Janiece, our new farmhand, is here clearing out the coops. Thank Gods. Unfortunately, I've been fighting off a migraine and I've taken a Vicodin in hopes it will both cover the pain and still allow me to function.

I've sold both Mischief Makers (the mottled bantam Cochin cockerels) and an older Blue Swede to our favorite restauranteur. I've managed to catch the two chickens, but not the duck so once Janiece is done with the coops, we'll nab her. (Update: caught) We'll be delivering them this evening.

That creates a slight breeding snag - I could use those for breeding Frizzles (Cochins, specifically) but I'm counting rather heavily on at least one of the smooth or regular-feathered adolescents to be a cockerel. *cross fingers*

We had an awesome weekend. Josh was able to fix the roofing on the West Wing that was blown off during our last windstorm and shampoo the meditation room carpet. I'm thrilled with that progress. Speaking of which, Hobo and Fudge are making friends, though slowly. Hobo has learned the great advantage of sleeping with the Bassets for heat. Though there is some wariness once I grab the camera.

I'll be taking pictures of the bantam chicks hatched this summer and posting them this afternoon.
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Josh and I attended services with the fine folks of the Living Circle. We've been clued in to the calendar, so now our schedule is full of lively events - bookshops, two Solstice events, etc. I'm hopeful we can attend services next Sunday with them.

Fortunately, the Usui Reiki workshop and attunements have been scheduled for the 1st weekend of December. If you are local or willing to be so (we can put you up sleeping-bag and sofa style), there are slots available. Westley is offering these as a love gift due to the economy with the gaes that you heal those who need it, so no charge for the training. Potluck both days.

This afternoon I'm off to help Saint Lori with her poor little bantam cochin who has leg mites. Then to Tiger's to loan her our guest bedroom for her Turkey Day visitors.


Nov. 7th, 2011 01:07 pm
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Hobo had a marvelous night, curled up with me and the Bassets. He even spent a few moments grooming Flash, so it looks like he's going to work out around here.

I'm having bizarre issues getting Windows 7 (64-bit) to backup to an external drive. I've switched out the cords, tried it with a different USB jack (monitor and tower), even tried out the external drive on another computer. I've re-formatted the external drive and am now moving the files over manually, until I can figure out why Windows 7 Backup won't backup. Everything seems to be working out, though it seems to have issue recognizing the available space on the external drive. Ugh. Oh, and that not actually backing anything up issue via the program. Once I'm done with the manual backup, I'll test it and we'll go from there. All help and suggestions welcome.

Josh's motorcycle class was canceled due to rain, so he's home cutting wood for the woodstove fire. Its an incredibly chilly day here and of course, the heater died again. *eye roll* We'll be heading out in a few hours to take Hobo to his drain removal and post-neuter checkup. I'm really looking forward to getting that horrid thing out, it gives me the heebie-geebies. I imagine its not terribly pleasant for Hobo, either, though I know its helped him tremendously.
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I'm feeling a bit sorry for Josh, he's been hard at work to winterize the house all weekend. Given the football game yesterday, a big chunk of the day was missing but he still managed to get quite a bit done and have time to take the dogs to the dogpark for over an hour.

The laundry room exterior door knob has been replaced. I'm not quite sure how he does it, but whenever Kevin touches a doorknob it breaks. His have been broken for years, literally. Last month's housesitting turned up a suspiciously broken doorknob at our home, so we're blaming him.

The water heater tank has been drained for preventative maintenance. And while he hasn't had a chance, caulk for the windows has been purchased and the faucet caps are ready to go.

We also managed to clean out the hall coat closet. I removed everything from it, got rid of a heck of a lot of stuff that had been collecting in there and then we went through the coats. I figure we likely got rid of half of them, which I'll be dropping off at the thrift shop tomorrow. Josh has been collecting cruise jackets for a long time and looks like most of them are staying, unfortunately. I'm likely as bad with all my fleece jackets and vests. *eye roll* The closet is now beautifully organized and has room in it - I can even see the floor!

I'm getting antsy about replacing the flooring. I'm now vacuuming three times a week with the shop vac and dusting as often. Needless to say, sinuses are not happy with me and the ones on the left side of my cheek/jaw are swollen and very tender. Grr.
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Its a bit odd getting used to white walls. They look sort of unfinished to me. But beautifully bright and cheery. Perhaps I just need to finish it out so it doesn't look quite so incomplete? Hard to say. But I'm very glad to have those bright bits of dark red to give points of interest.

I'm running a bit behind in chores, due to Josh's homecoming. So I spent an hour on my knees scrubbing the bathroom. *eye roll* But now its done, all I need to do is organize the cupboards in there to call it a productive day. I've already cleaned and organized a few kitchen drawers, which felt great. :D

Noah is running late, nearly two hours at the moment. I need to get those hutches/brooders cleaned out as I'm selling/trading off the cockerels. Don't want to do so with yucky hutches.

Please cross your fingers for our little guys to find forever homes. Those that don't will end up being someone's dinner.
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Woke up with the rain at 3am and its still coming down. The weather reports have hastily revised themselves - we were expecting high 70s, now we're expecting rain until 1pm. Frankly, its so chilly I'm likely going to have to build a fire.

Given the rain and cooler temps, I've canceled the painter today. There's no opportunity for the paint to dry before evening and I do not want wet paint in the house all night. We'll try again when I get back from Colorado. We'll try to get the gates painted, as the rain will hopefully taper off as it warms up this afternoon. Not sure we can get the ramp done at all today. Likely I'll get stuck doing that this weekend.

I'd called our new farm hand at 7am to cancel, having sent her an email last night without response. There's no point in trying to re-fence in the rain. Hopefully she gets these messages, I'd have to have to send her away after she drove here though I suppose I can have her bury the duck pen fencing and call it a day.

In hatching news, we're now at 3 chicks! Joining Ruth are two beautiful little Silkie chicks, both very light in color, with beautiful top knots. Picy goodness to come!

Sick. Meh.

Jul. 31st, 2011 09:56 am
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Lughnassadh was a small gathering, we didn't make it into the base announcement this time and we had a lot of last minute cancellations and a few no shows. Par for the course, I suppose. Those who showed up had a lovely time chatting, learning about the various holidays and mythos of the holiday, from our resident expert, [ profile] alfrecht.

The back fences are done and installed. They both need to be painted and it looks like one of them was badly scratched by the dogs, so I need to go at them with some wood putty and a sander to fix it.

Stayed up most of the night with horrible wrenching coughs. Running a fever today and achy as all get out. Took me almost an hour to get all the critters fed and watered. A few of the Blue Swedes who had escaped managed to get back inside their pen and I made a half-hearted attempt to shore up the fencing where they'd been getting out. Poor Bernie is back in the pens, but the wrong one and I haven't the energy at present to chase him down and pop him back in the right pen.

While I was climbing over the brass gate, which is to replaced with a real one in Stage 5, I dinged up my bad left knee pretty badly. It barely bled and now its swelling but likely not serious.

Unfortunately, due to the craziness yesterday morning, Kevin and I had to put off the hay run until today. Must be done, as we need hay. And as long as you're going to get hay, perhaps seeing Cowboys and Aliens might be a good idea to distract me from the ick.

So we'll see.


Jul. 26th, 2011 11:56 am
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I still have no idea what this stupid congestion is from, but my ear problems have cleared up. Now I'm just tired and achy with no time for such. Rough night with lots of abdominal pain, thankfully Flash is a great heating pad and loves that duty. After an hour of curling up around him, the pain subsided and I managed to fall asleep.

I'm watching Tiger's dogs today, which is basically just driving around the block and doing things for them - in, feeding, watering, etc. Sound familiar?

The multiple clutches of ducklings and chicks are doing well. The basics are pretty simple - water and food. Food once a day, water twice, check on them multiple times a day. The duckling who was hatching yesterday afternoon didn't survive the night, sadly. So we're at 11, I think. Its a bit hard to get numbers when you have a hissing mother and scrambling ducklings every time you look.

Hoping to be feeling better by tomorrow because I absolutely have to get those pens ready and the ducks separated. I have orders for two ducks: a mix female and a Rouen drake. Pickup this weekend. Its a start, but a very slow one. I need to through some juju behind my marketing and get that selling energy moving. I have several Philippinos who are looking for meat birds, so once I can identify the drakes, we'll likely be selling off as many as possible for freezer camp.

We moved my recumbent bike over to Tiger's so she can work on her physical therapy at home. This is a bonus for me, as well, given I don't really have room for the damn thing here and I can do my time on it while I'm hanging out keeping an eye on Tiger. She's quite bossy and willing to nag me up on the bike for 45 minutes a day minimum.

And now I think I'll take a little nap.


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