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I've been thinking of ideas for Ostara for our little magical group; something a little fun, a little interesting and very much on the cheap. I'm not worried about how much time this will take, as I'm overburdened with massive amounts of time at the present. I picked up two packages of little plastic easter eggs at the local drugstore with the idea of placing little items inside: mini scrolls with snippets of craft poetry, songs and chants, sigils and runes, mini tarot cards, tiny semi-precious stones, little jewelry charm, maybe a bell or 'tiny' crystal ball (i.e. solid color marble), little packets of incense or incense cone, etc.

The idea was to fill each egg, collect them in a large cauldron, then inside ritual circle have folks keep picking eggs out until they are all gone. Each item inside the eggs should offer an opportunity for divination, meditation or meet some other magical purpose though the overall goal is to receive a blessing, then figure out its role in your life. I want enough of a diversity of items so that everyone can share their knowledge and impressions with each other, and I'll have rune and tarot books handy for reference purposes.

I'm still tweaking the idea and the list of things to put inside the eggs, but the idea which first seemed a little cheesy is really growing on me.

Any fun suggestion for egg innards? Or even commentary and criticism on the idea, itself?
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Color me flabergasted. I'll set the scene:

I'm slowly moving about the house getting it ready for the dedication ritual later tonight. I'm not stressing because my dear friend Ruth gave me great advice about not getting all OCD over the state of the house (which can clearly be summed up as being somewhere between "dear Gods don't let my mother drop by unannounced" and "the govenor has called out the state guard"). I'd just lit our ambiance candles, otherwise known around here as "element candles for dummies", and set the CD player to play "The Hunt for Red October" soundtrack softly in the background and returned to the living room.

Danielle stares. Josh stares. They stare some more. Finally she speaks: "You should wear stuff like that more often". I look down confused. I'm wearing a brick red GE golf shirt I got from my mother, a pair of jeans I've snatched from the hubby's closet severely belted because they are too big and my Yule mocassins. "You mean preppy shit like golf shirts?" I ask. She nods, hubby nods, I'm confused. "Why?"

"They make you look yummy" was the unanimous response. Realization creeps up on me with all the subtlety of a Friday night hookup. Oh dear Gods - I'm the Preppy Priestess.



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