Dec. 24th, 2009

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Kevin and Boo are over, making it a very full house for a 4 day weekend. I borrowed a friend's Wii for the holiday, so we've been having Wii parties practically every night. I'm particularly fond of the Resort game(s), especially 100 pin bowling (current champ) and table tennis (tied for 2nd). Dear Gods if they had air hockey, you'd likely rarely hear from me again. I'm rather afraid to try the Fencing game, as it would bring out the worst in me!

Gracie is a bit alarmed by this recent surge in living room antics. She massively disapproves of us jumping about, swining our arms and yelling. Especially when there's three of us doing it. Poor Grace. This world is just too uncivilized for the likes of her. Speaking of uncivilized, I really need to catch up on the housework soonest.

There was apparently some confusion earlier. The boys were to go out and buy us a Wii, instead they brought back an XBox360. Perhaps I stuttered. This will be taken care of once the stores replenish their after-holiday stock. Should they come out with a FarmVille, yadda-yadda-yadda.

All is well. Hope you can say the same. *zen hugs*


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