Mar. 21st, 2010

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The bane of the Bookstore's existence, the idiot chef/partner of the Bay City Bistro, is gone. His restaurant has closed, which is a shame on many levels but we'll not miss him blocking our parking and coming in to scream at us about how important he was. *sigh* Given his behavior, we never recommended him to our customers and had warned him that his horrible reputation was going to bite him in the ass and it finally has. Deliberately harassing your neighbors who have been here for over 4 decades is pretty much a prescription for failure in a small town. Once the Little Old Lady Mafia goes to work and starts spreading rumors that your kitchen was shut down the Board of Health, your death sentence has been handed down.

Every Sunday I come to work, I see more stores boarded up - all with the infamous sign "Two Way is the Only Way for Pioneer Way!" in the windows. The Oak Harbor Town Council, run entirely by folks beholden to the developers, has screwed the independent business owners downtown by voting against the overwhelming protests of town residents and the Downtown Merchants Association. When construction begins is anybody's guess, but it's obvious that by the time it begins downtown Oak Harbor will be a ghost town. Some owners have relocated elsewhere in town, others have moved to independent business-friendly towns down south like Coupeville and Langley (both with thriving pedestrian traffic and local events).

We all have our suspicions, I tend to think there's a dozen corporate entities waiting to swoop down and buy up these old ramshackle buildings, then raze them and put up their box stores all over the place. While a Trader Joe's would be very welcome around here, the cost is far too high.


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