Jul. 25th, 2010

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First off, fixed the toner issue on the new printer. *sigh* Shouldn't these things just work right out of the box, is that too much to ask? For those who missed my psychic cursing, the silly thing was printing black lines along the entirety of the page. Seems there was a bit of black toner on the wire. Fine. Cleaned it, working good, still pretty happy with the purchase. I've got it set up in the living room as I've not yet decided what to do with the old HP 4Plus Laserjet (aka Death Star). Running out of closets to stick it in.

Given my new work schedule, I now have Sundays free. Hubby and I drove down Island to join the Whidbey Island Unitarian Universalists for their Summer Children's Program. Lovely, met some great folks. Service included the book Enemy Pie, lots of singing in the round and a game of Cat's Cradle. Husband has not only never attended UU, but never played Cat's Cradle. I grew up sitting on stoops and playing Cat's Cradle with friends using a Chinese Jump rope. For those who've never had the pleasure - you used to find them in general stores and toy shops. It's a flexible, rubber, string-wrapped length - nowadays you sometimes see them at the grocery store tacked up along the aisles, sold as a band to hold a liner or garbage bag to your garbage bin. Worked great. The UU was using cheap synthetic yarn, really just about the worst thing to use as it's so abrasive and tightens up while playing.

After that, we headed back north up the Island to Greenbank Farms to enjoy the Loganberry Festival. Had a marvelous time walking about, bought ourselves new straw hats for sun protection and even met a great dog up for adoption. (Yes, Ruth, I know I'm nuts) Brought home some Loganberry jam, too!

Now we're settled in at home, Josh and Kevin are out in the motorcycle shed working on pulling apart the engine. They're looking for which O-ring (there are several types) blew so they can replace it. Figures it wouldn't be one of the easy ones. Nope, seems to be the ones near the bottom of the engine under the headers. *snort* Speaking of which, Scarlett is having a marvelous time now that she's retired from egg laying. So far today, she's done a successful "Death from Above" maneuver on a poor innocent Sandy (Buff Cochin hen), jumped up on the front porch to screech at me to bring her cat food treat and even sat on my knee while we watched the boys work on the bike.

And joy of joys, blew out the butt seam on my 2nd favorite pair of jeans. Poor old thing just couldn't take another day. I'm thinking braided denim rug, I'm fairly sure I have a few more pairs for the cause.

Meanwhile, I'm reading The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. On page 36 and I still have no idea what the book is about or who the main characters are, but I'm engrossed.


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