Jan. 6th, 2012

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Jan. 6th, 2012 10:09 am
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I'm waiting on the flooring rep, who very kindly called this morning to let me know what time she expects to be here within the rather large window we reserved. She sounds like a nicely take charge sort, which is good as I'm rather indecisive about renovations. I'm horrid when it comes to decorating, I haven't the "eye" for such so I tend to stick to basics. Part of my problem is that while visually I appreciate many artistic forms, at the end of it, I prefer simplicity with just a tiny bit of folk whimsy. Which is very difficult, I find, to plan for. It sort of happens organically. Budgets suffer due to impatience on that, sadly.

Update: $3000. Ugh. That's $1000 more than I expected. SHIT!

I'm watching Billy Connolly's "Journey to the Edge of the World: White Pass, Alaska". At some point, I just need to buy the entire BBC series, I've only seen this Alaska series and I'm hooked. I so adore Connolly, he spends more time laughing at himself than at anything else. He reminds me of my older Irish relatives, so charming, so honest, so warm. I'm endlessly charmed by him. He has this fascination for life I treasure, especially in how he relates to people. There doesn't seem to be anyone who doesn't fall for him in some fashion and he for them. Its a pleasure to watch someone so in love with everything he discovers, be it music, people, food or places. This is what I consider true purity of spirit!


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